15 Reasons Why Senior Men Should Date Senior Women
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15 Reasons Why Senior Men Should Date Senior Women

November 29, 2018 | Romance & Relationship | By Amanda Johnson

There are many studies that have been done which reveal that senior men prefer younger women. However, this is not always true. There are many men out there who are older and prefer dating women of their age. Here are 15 reasons why senior men should date senior women.

1. Stage Of Life Is Similar

Middle-aged men find that if they date younger women, often there arises a mismatch after a short period of time. This is because the stages of life don’t match – while he wants a more wasting and retired lifestyle, the younger one would be looking for more activity. Hence some men prefer older women, or rather, those who are at a similar age as theirs. He finds that bonding with such a lady while planning the retire future ahead is actually a lot of fun.

2. Fitness Levels Are Similar

A man does not like it if he can’t match up to the woman who he is with. A younger woman means he will have to partake is many activities that his body might not be too willing to accept. Think bungee jumping, dancing to loud music, running for long stretches on the beach. If he is unable to do this, his ego gets adversely affected. Hence he prefers to be with a woman of his age. In such a situation he fitness levels and the stamina is more or less the same. Since both people are in the same boat, the activities that happen are also happily doable. For instance playing golf, slow dances at home, or lazy laps at the pool.

3. You Can Match Your Sexual Prowess With Hers

A man of 50 does not have the energy or the muscle power of a man in his 20s or 30s. Hence if such a man is with a younger woman there is always the chance of not being able to match her wants and desires. However, if his partner is a woman of his age the understanding between the two will be much better. Both would be willing to compromise, find positions that don’t hurt, won’t overdo to avoid over exertion, use other means to pleasure the partner (example massages, foreplay, and oral sex). This will lead to greater sexual satisfaction.

4. Can See Your Life Together

A couple of the same age means that they have seen the same number of years and the years ahead together will also be more or less of the same tenure. The fact that one with not outlive the other and what the two of you thus have as a couple brings about a positive vibe. On the other hand, had it been a younger woman, she would have many more years ahead of her and hence after a point in time she might just get bored if being with an old person since youth is still on her side. This can lead to resentment and rifts.

4. Finds Her Independence Attractive

Younger woman who have just begun to see life can turn out to be clingy, dependent, and whiny. Hence, what looks interesting for an older man in the beginning, will become a source of irritation soon after. However, if he is with a woman of his age then what he finds most attractive is his partner’s level of maturity, self confidence, and independence. The fact that she is leading her life in her own terms and has a clear perspective of life is a big turn on for a man.

5. She Does Not Judge Basis Looks

A younger woman will always want to be with a man who looks good when they are together. So, even if she is attracted to you initially, soon she will find it embarrassing to be seen with a man who is so much older than her. But if you are with a woman of the same age then you will never be judged for your looks. She will be more attracted to you for your personality instead. However, if she finds that you are turning into a couch potato and leading an unhealthy life, you can expect her to definitely be after you to try and get into shape!

6. Share Similar Likes

Yes, even if the both of you belong to the same age category you might not have the exact same likes but you are still more likely to share quite a few interests that are similar. After all you have both grown up in the same era and so preferences for a certain type of music, film, book, art etc. is likely to be the same. This will open up a lot of avenues for conversation and make days ahead a fun one.

7. It Will Be An Equal Partnership

When it is a younger woman, it is possible that she will be depending on you to fulfill her financial needs. Soon, you might find that you are spending way more on her. On the other hand, a senior woman will be self sufficient and independent. She will have her own financial independence and not be counting on you to fulfill her needs. Settling down with such a lady means that the partnership will be an equal one, thus leading to greater support.

8. Both Of You Will Have A Family

A middle-aged woman is likely to have her own set of family members that might include grandkids as well. This is possibly a reflection of the kind of family that you have as well. Thus the two of you together will get time to be with other members of the family, bond and gel with them, and even play around with young kids. Dating a young woman will not allow this and it might also be that when she figures out that you have a family in tow she will get anxious and not feel comfortable in their presence.

9. It is Easier To Make Her A Part Of Your Social Circle

Since the both of you are of the same age you will find that she is able to help with your group of friends far more easily than a younger woman. Due to this you will be able to make more plans with your friend circle without feeling any pressure. This will help you to have a good time with your ladylove and your old buddies both at the same time.

10. Older Women Are Mentally Stronger

A middle-aged woman has seen a lot in life – right from awry relationships to challenges in her career and raising a family. Hence, by the time she is in her 50s she is mentally extremely strong. Having such a woman as your partner would mean that you can lean on her when tough times come knocking at your door. So dating a woman of your age would give you access to someone with a lot of inner strength and make your bond a strong one

11. She Will Not Stray From You

If you are with a young woman you might suffer from bouts of insecurity. This is because you might find her connecting with men of her age. A possibility of straying always exists with a young woman. However, a woman of your age would never do that. She has already had her share of relationships and if she is with you then that is after a lot of thinking. You can hence think of a long-term bond with her that will not break.

12. She Will Be Your Best Friend

A woman if your age will be with you through your hard days and your good ones. The bond that you will share with her will be a strong one. She will be with you without being judgmental and like you for who you are. So, you will find that while you can have your romance with her, she is also like your best friend with whom you share everything. After a certain age in life, it is this kind of a friendship that every man desires to have.

13. You Can Take Her Advice

If you are with a PYT you will find yourself shelling out advice to her. This can get a little bothersome and nagging at times. On the other hand, a woman who is in her 50s is more grounded, knowledgeable, and mature in her thoughts. So when you are faced with an issue you will know whom to turn to. Your partner, if she is of the same age as you, will be able to give you some of the most practical and genuine advice since she knows you the best.

14. Won’t Mind Being Silly With Her

If you are dating a younger woman you will have to be in your guard most of the times so as to maintain the correct image in front of her. If you were to want to do silly things together she just might find that weird since she will think that it does not suit your age. But, with a woman of your age you can be freer. Both of you can spend time doing all kinds of fun things together even if they look silly – like going paint balling – because you both understand each other so well.

15. Traditional Romance Will Exist

It is fun to go partying, pubbing, making out in odd places. But, at this age you will find that you want to treat your woman to a night of traditional romance. Right from candle light dinner, dancing to slow music, snuggling up in bed to deep kisses and then making love. An older woman would definitely appreciate this and so men in their 50s often want to be with a woman of his own age.

If you are a senior man, you now know full well why you should be dating a senior woman. She is the one who will be your source of strength, your best friend, and the most wonderful partner in bed as well.

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