How Women Can Pleasure Herself After 50: 20 Tips For Your fingers To Follow The Right Path
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How Women Can Pleasure Herself After 50: 20 Tips For Your fingers To Follow The Right Path

December 19, 2018 | Sex | By Amanda Johnson

It could be that at 50 you are without a partner or one who does not give you sexual satisfaction. That, however, does not mean that you can’t get an earth-shattering orgasm! Here are 20 tips for you to pleasure yourself well.

1. Make It Special

Don’t try and do it just like that, out of the blue but instead make it a special one. It is a private time for you when you are one with yourself. So, just like you would prepare and look forward to a date, where the build up is as important as the act in itself, make this one like that too. Take your time and don’t be in a hurry.

2. Know When You Are Aroused

At this age, the body doesn’t feel aroused all the time. So, know when you feel the urge. While you might be feeling sleepy after a meal, you might be more energetic early morning after your first cup of tea. Experiment with different times of the day and assess your mood before you get into the act.

3. Keep Yourself Fit

At this age the body slows down when it comes to sex or masturbation. In order to improve your energy levels and also improve the blood flow to your genitals you need to stay healthy and fit.

4. Prepare For The Act

Keep everything that you might need during the act ready and near you – right from pillows to prop you in the position that you feel comfortable in, to lubricants, to a small towel for clean up in the end.

5. Choose A Lubricant

At this age, even if you are aroused you might find that you are not getting adequately wet. In such cases, masturbation will be painful especially if you are inserting your fingers or a toy into the vagina. Hence always keep a lubricant handy. These make the movement smoother and more pleasurable. Also keep it nearby so that you can easily reapply it as and when you need it. In case you have forgotten the lubricant, you can wet your fingers with your own spit and use it as a natural lubricant.

6. Like Your Body

If you stand in front of the mirror and cringe at the way that you look then it’s time to improve that. Get some exercise, visit a salon, and invest in better clothes. Fall in love with your body and improve on your self-confidence. Only then would you be able to enjoy the act.

7. Get The Right Toy

Don’t be shy to use a toy to pleasure yourself. At this age, sometimes you will find that it is difficult for you to do everything by yourself. So, for example, you can use a vibrator. Start slowly and then increase the speed as you proceed towards the orgasm. If you want you can also experiment with a variety of toys.

8. Do Some Fun Things

If a couple need to have fun together in order to make the sex enjoyable; then even when you are alone you need to have fun with yourself first. Maybe at your age not everything seems prim and proper, but once you are within closed doors, it is all allowed. So get your erotica and enjoy the read, watch mush on screen, write stimulating poetry, leaf through magazines, or maybe just write about your fantasies.

9. Try New Positions

After fifty you might not feel comfortable masturbating in all positions. So find one that makes you most comfortable. Maybe you will find it easier to do it while lying in a bathtub instead of doing it on the bed. You could also experiment with the movement. Instead of the routine back and forth movement, indulge in a circular motion around the clitoris and vary the intensity as you do so.

10. Massage The Tensed Muscles

All day you are the boss at work and maybe even running around doing chores to keep the house running. But once it is your time, you should only concentrate on yourself. Buy massage oil and massage your pressure points. You could also soak yourself in a bubble bath and play soft music and light aromatic candles while you do so.

11. Choose Sexy Lingerie

You don’t have to be in your tee and your capris to perform the act yourself. Choose a sexy lingerie and look at your reflection when you start touching yourself. If you think you are no longer in that age when you should, then think again. Feeling sexy is the first rule of having a good time with yourself. In fact keep your panties on – lesser mess will be created and the friction will give you more pleasure as well.

12. Don’t Think About The Orgasm

Concentrate on the erogenous zones and explore yourself. Maybe you haven’t been touched in a long time or maybe your partner doesn’t touch you the way you would like. Now is the time for you to do your foreplay the way you like it. Play around with your nipples or feather touch your inner thighs – women of your age like these two zones. Don’t worry about the orgasm. Let it take its time. Being in a hurry won’t excite you as much as if you let yourself free. Instead back off just before you are about to peak for greater intensity.

13. Give In To Fantasy

So what if you can’t do everything with your partner in reality? When it comes to self satisfaction, nothing is wrong. Think the dirtiest and kinkiest thought that you wish to and don’t hold back simply by thinking that you don’t belong to that age group anymore. Your brain will really help you to have a good time. So allow it to.

14. Use Both Your Hands

Don’t feel shy when it comes to pleasuring yourself. If one hand is playing with your clitoris, use the other effectively to touch other parts of your body. You are still desirable and you should believe that.

15. Find New Spots

Don’t always touch yourself at the sample places to turn yourself on. Find other areas in your body that give you pleasure. Stroke these points before you take you fingers to your clitoris.

16. Keep It To Fingering

You don’t always have to pleasure yourself by inserting your finger into your vagina. Instead try and give yourself an orgasm simply by pinching your nipples or by rubbing your clitoris.

17. Water Therapy

Get into the shower and feel the water touch your erogenous zones. Touch yourself right there in the shower and maybe even rub the shower handles against your body. If you are in a tub, then play with yourself amidst the bubble bath. Once you are turned on you can give yourself an orgasm right there in the bath.

18. Do It While Working

Want to add some spice to masturbation? Then you could try this at work but just see to it that no one catches you in the act. While you sit at your desk, you can spread your legs apart and finger yourself under the table till you feel yourself getting the much-needed orgasm.

19. Watch Porn

This is one of the easiest ways to give yourself a turn on and climax well. So, go on and choose the kind of porn that you want to watch and see it while you finger yourself and moan with excitement.

20. Maintain Good Hygiene

At your age it is very easy to catch onto to infections. So please always clean yourself up well. Take a long warm shower – it will not only clean you up but will also make you feel relaxed after the act.

With these 20 tips I am sure you can turn into to your own best lover. Masturbation will not only make you happy but will also give you a lot of confidence. So go on and enjoy yourself.

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