Secrets of Love, Sex & Relationship: Keeping the Fun, Passion & Intimacy Alive for 60+ Men
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Secrets of Love, Sex & Relationship: Keeping the Fun, Passion & Intimacy Alive for 60+ Men

December 24, 2018 | Romance & Relationship | By Amanda Johnson

“Love happens at the most unpredictable times.” – Oh, did I sound a little cliché? Then what about this one- “Fun can happen anytime!”

Now, replace ‘Fun’ with ‘Sex’ and read it again-Yes, ‘Sex’ can happen anytime (Age is also no bar here). – “Love-full sex is always fun.”

However, what do you think of relationships?

Are they boring, OR, do you still cherish that? Have they been the driving force that made your entire life fun-full and blissful? – Am I taking you into the retrospect? – Then no need to reminisce that anymore!

At Let’s 50, we promise to bring the same fun & flavor back to your current life.

Enjoying all such flavors at this stage of your life is fine. Love is independent of age, looks and appearances, social group, and designations. These all factors cause no bars when you are in love. Similarly, age becomes just a number when you are in a relationship with someone. Love and romance are not just for teenagers and young couples, there are many examples of old age people who are enjoying their love life (with absolute intensity and tempting intimacy). Let us understand how you can restart all this!

Start Looking for a Partner Now!

Life is never boring when you are with someone you love from all your heart. No other happiness in this world can match the level that you get when you love and are being loved. When it comes to finding a partner, you have to fill patience and seriousness in you. Never just push the things too hard, always go with the flow. This will enable you find a partner with whom you can take that last sip of beverage while going to bed or can watch your favorite movies, plus, you can also find someone who can teach you the Grey Moves of 50+ Shades.

Online Dating can Help you in this & Spice Up your life!

Plenty of dating sites like tinder, Zoosk, e-harmony, etc can help you find the perfect match for you. Sometimes these sites do censor nudity and sexually open expressions. But don’t worry! -You can also find some dating portals where there are no restrictions on sexuality and fantasies. Such sites are liberating and primarily made for mature and open-minded people. They do offer a serious way of finding love and romance, as you can find the one who has the similar preferences when it comes to making love or spicing up the bedroom games.

Boring sex lives in which partners do not know the preferences of each other ultimately destroy the relationship. They may result in cheating, extramarital affairs, and breakups. Beyond the first face-to-face meeting, sex plays the key role. Sexual compatibilities of two people are decided by the sexual fantasies shared by both of them.

Fortunately, such sites also empower bisexual people, or LGBTs to explore new flavors of sexual closure.

So, in case you have been enjoying straight sexual flavors until now, but had some cravings to go bi, then this is the right time for you. Such portals make sure proper channelization of sexuality and sensuality issues.  You can explore physical attraction along with sexual compatibilities by exploring fantasies, preferences, and fetishes. You will be getting the partner who is going to be as adventurous as you are.

Just be clear here that thinking of sexual fantasies and going hardcore in those are also romantic.

Romance is always real and it is present in each period of life, at each age, for youngsters, and for the 60+ as well. Romance uncovers itself in the joys of sensuality, sexual play, courtship, nature and the expanded hand of relationship. At the pinnacle of playful romance is the association of two closely associated individuals (two-bodies-one-soul who wants to savor each other in whole). Around 60, when you are in a relationship, such kind of romance is of utmost significance to spice up your relations. Incredible romance demands chemistry and a couple of any age can achieve it. Chemistry can always be reactivated (at any age). You can do it by igniting the sexual desire and playfulness.

What Men can do to ignite passion after sixty?

In case you think that you and your partner are stuck in some sort of sexual rut then, even at this age, you can recapture the feeling of having just met. You can enjoy having the most amazing sex of your life. Following sex practices will let you both feel the ecstasy of screaming orgasms-

Include Foreplay

When sex is routine and lasts for few minutes, it is for sure mundane and boring. Good foreplay is going to spice up the things for you. For letting your sex to be passionate, high on intensity and last for the whole night, foreplays have to be included. You never directly jump straight to the act itself.
First, start exploring every contour and corner of your partner’s body. Licking sensitive zones and biting sensuous parts with slow and soft skills will just pump up the game for you. It will arouse your partner with the utmost intensity before the actual act. It craves the desire to be more intense, passionate and wild.  That will ultimately turn the climax awesome and highly tempting to experience the same flavor every time.

Continue Trying new Things

Trying new things will let sex be the best opportunity to please your partner. Just go uninhibited and start exploring all your intense, wild and crazy fantasies by embracing all your fetishes. Different things that you can try here-

  • Role-play
  • Dress up
  • Some light bondage
  • S&M activities (Sadomasochism)
  • Anal Play
  • Dominant/submissive roles

Sharing your hidden desires with your partner will just do magic in enhancing the sexual intimacy and ecstasy.

Try Different Sex Positions

Including different sex positions can have a hugely positive and seductive effect on your sex sessions.  Poses of the Kama Sutra can do wonders for you. Trying 69, opting for rim jobs or just adding some sort of novelty in your sex life will add some fun that will improve the cravings to continue exploring each other.

Explore Sadomasochism (S & M)

 To enhance sexual awesomeness, S & M is again going to be great fun. It demands great relation as well. For opting for this, you should discuss everything with your partner. Start it with some dirty talks and just go dirtier in way of teasing. Whisper in her ear about how she would feel if you do something taboo that you never did before. Stop her from doing any peculiar thing, say if she continues doing that, you will spank on her left butt, and squeeze the right butt cheek. Spice up the whole conversation. Her verbal responses will let you know how intense you can go.

Use Blindfold or/& Handcuffs and Learn the dynamics of Control

Dominance and submission are other techniques that take the dynamics of control to the next level. Let her be your boss one night and another night, just switch the role. It will let you both uncontrollably explore each other to satiate the intense desires. Including handcuffs in the process will take the dominance and submission towards more kinky stuff where rope ties can also make an entry. The submission and power with immense love and desire make the lovemaking intense, passionate, aesthetic, and so enticing that you both will continue craving to have such sessions repeatedly.

Explore the Pleasure of Pain-like Sensations

Pain turns to pleasure when you both are fully turned on. Light but well-timed spank can do the trick, or you can just go with a nibble on the nipple to spice up the whole make out. Pulling hair and penetrating deep will just recharge the sexual tension.

Never get embarrassed in your efforts and adventures that you think can give the wild, scintillating and screaming orgasms to your partner. She deserves it and you can do this every time by following aforestated techniques.

Actually, successful relationships of 60+ men revolve around friendship, compatibility, love, romance, intimacy and adventurous sex.

Moreover, great sex is directly proportional to the depth of connectedness you share with your partner. The intimacy needed to make your lovemaking adventurous, wild and kinky depends upon the open and free communication about the feelings, thoughts, desires, and fantasies that you both have.

Talking about your general life, sharing inner conflicts and discussing your negatives will establish the breathing space of romance and mutual exploration. This will empower you to gauge the mutual sexual interests and enable you to pay the due respect to each other’s carnal and psychological preferences.

All of these are the parts of intimacy needed to enjoy the highly satisfying, fun-full and blissful relationship after crossing 60.

Feel free to share your inner desires or conflicts concerning love, sex and relationship of 60+ men with us in comments below!

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