Exploring Consensually Non-Monogamous Relationship in Seniors
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Exploring Consensually Non-Monogamous Relationship in Seniors?

June 23, 2019 | Romance & Relationship | By Jason Reid

Classifying relationship types is as easy as calling them platonic or romantic. But is it always this simple? It’s fair to consider that some couples do things very differently. There are couples that have open relationships, sexual relationships, or are polyamorous. Furthermore, there are singles who have simply resolved to a non-committed lifestyle. While these can be referred in multiple ways but they predominantly fall into the consensually non-monogamous relationship category. The popular parallax this goes by is “Friends with Benefits”. Here we will explore the case of consensually non – monogamous relationship in seniors.

How Is It Relevant To Seniors?

Seniors are just as capable of creating this type of relationship as any other age group. Such relationships can have an expansive set of benefits or negatives which will play out depending on individual lifestyles, age and relationship history. We explore a few aspects that provide direction to explore if it is a good situation for you to try.

The Benefits

Consensually non-monogamous relationships or “Friends with Benefits,” is a practice that is not new. Why it works so well for seniors you say? Let’s explore

  1. No Health Responsibilities Beyond Self: There is no need to commit to taking care of anyone in order to have your sexual and personal needs met. It is fun getting to know someone and actually staying in that “fun” stage for the entire time you’re engaging.
  2. No Family Responsibilities: – There’s no getting to know the family and no holiday commitments. You aren’t forced to attend events and ceremonies you rather skip. Think about the freedom that comes from liberating yourself from obligations.
  3. You Choose Relationship Depth: – These relationships are also beneficial because they leave the door open for more serious or less serious relationships. In the event that you meet someone new but are hesitant about investing your time, you’re under no obligation to give them any more attention than you desire.
  4. No Awkwardness: – There’s no awkward break ups or heartbreaks as it’s an unnecessary interaction between two friends. Casual relationships allow both parties to participate freely for their own sexual desires while still maintaining a level of independence that is not widespread in most relationships.

The Negatives

  1. Unlucky With Other Gender:- While you may enjoy being non committed chances are you are alone as everyone else you come across is looking to be steadily committed. It’s just sheer luck you don’t get the right hits on-line or off-line.
  2. Reputation: – Sooner or later the reputation of being a casual hunter is going to catch up. You may see other steady goers keep their distance depriving you of a healthy relationship within your network.
  3. Risk of Disease: – Be it the lack of support when you fall ill or flings where you aren’t careful and develop STD s etc. it’s you alone to deal with them all. These problems at a senior age beyond 50 could be the disaster you wished to avoid. Partner hygiene, health history etc. are all unknown when going casual. It is a great practice to use protection appropriately but you could still be at risk.
  4. Risk of Being Mugged or Worse Forced: – You may be enjoying a life without commitment, however desist the time when an interesting individual turns out to be a thug.

Honesty is the key in any relationship. When two adults are able to share with each other their feelings and create an open line of communication, it changes the feelings attached. Complete transparency with consensual agreement is a great pairing. What could be awesome is a pair of consenting, healthy adults, however you can never be sure when it’s the partners first time together.

Sex should always be a safe and fun interaction. Without any commitment it takes away the obligation of sex and increases the freedom you have to explore your options. Whether it’s with a close friend or just an acquaintance or someone you find on-line, you are empowered to make an independent decision for yourself. You are no longer limiting yourself to a long term commitment. When you’re an independent individual who has already done the song and dance of being involved in twisted deep feelings, the freedom that comes from sharing yourself with someone else is truly liberating.

Remember that without commitment your responsibility to self emotionally will increase. The endeavor of re-living your younger years of casual relationship may make you feel youthful in all the right ways, however remain thoughtful of how the adventure will impact your daily life and is it worth chasing.

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