5 Most Exciting And Amazing Senior Friendly Treks in Europe
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Life Begins At 50: 5 Most Exciting And Amazing Senior Friendly Treks in Europe

May 23, 2019 | Travel | By Lisa Smith

Many treks exist in Europe that will take a trekker through a variety of different kinds of walks – right from the tough mountain peaks to a more leisurely walk through grasslands. Some even offer camping sites or wine tasting facilities. Even if you are 50, you can still head out for one. Here are the 5 most exciting and amazing senior friendly treks in Europe for you.

Cinque Terre in Sentiero Azzuro In Italy

Sentiero Azzurro means “Blue Path” in English. The trail joins the five main towns of Cinque Terre with jaw-dropping views of the sea. Genova and Pisa are the closest airports to Cinque Terre. However, if you are in Italy then you can use the train to reach Cinque Terre. This trek is through the rocky Ligurian coastline. Then meanders through vineyards. The area comes under a national park so you will have to pay a ticket to access to it. This trek need not be done in a hurry and you can take your breaks in between. Make sure that you don’t go on this trek after autumn because, after the rains, many parts close down.

West Highland Way in Scotland

This trail opened in 1980 and goes from Milngavie, just outside of Glasgow, to Fort William which is the foot of Ben Nevis. Fort William is better known as the ‘Adventure capital of Scotland’. The closest airport to Milngavieis the Glasgow Airport (30 minutes away). It is one of the most scenic walking routes in the world. It starts easy and then gets a little challenging in parts as you walk on. You will walk through the rocky peaks and then through the grassland of Glen Coe, the bogs of Rannoch Moor, and then climb the Devil’s Staircase. You will also cross Loch Lomond. Based on surface area, this is the largest freshwater lake in Great Britain. It is best if you do this trek in groups because if you are on your own then finding accommodation and getting luggage transferred won’t be easy otherwise. Make sure that you have your first aid kit in your bag pack, especially a medicine for blisters which can ruin your trip. Also, Scottish weather is often rainy – so make sure you have waterproof luggage and a raincoat as well. On the way you can spend a night in the villages where you can have the genuine Scottish haggis and the locally made single malt, Glengoyne.

Sólheimajökull in Iceland

Sólheimajökull means “home of the sun glacier”. It is an outlet glacier from the icecap, Mýrdalsjökull, which is located in southern Iceland. It is amongst the few places where you can actually walk on a glacier. Here you will also find some beautiful ice formations that will leave you spell bound. The glacier is hidden by a thin layer of black gravel which have come from the debris of Hekla’s volcanic eruptions. It can be reached via the Ring Road. From here the drive to the parking lot, at the beginning of the glacier, is approximately 4 km. Then it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to walk to the ice. This trek stretches for only about a couple of miles and takes around 3 hours to complete. This is an ideal trek for you because at this age, when you might not want to attempt something that is too strenuous, you will still be able to explore a glacier! Also, on this trek you will be able to experience what a shifting glacier’s landscape looks like. Make sure that you are carrying crampons, ice axe, and helmet because you will need it to prod into fissures. Also, you have to be very cautious during this journey so always pay heed to your expert guide. Two things that should make it to your ‘must carry’ list is a waterproof jacket and a pair of sturdy boots. If you are going to be doing this trek in winter then do wear ice grips as the path tends to get quite slippery.

Gleninchaquin in County Kerry in Ireland

It stretches for around 2-4 miles and is quite an easy trek. As you walk the valley of Gleninchaquin Park, it will open up the Irish countryside for you. This is actually a private park where you can see farms and sheep. From here there are some shorter hikes that you can do that will take you through open meadows, lakes, and waterfalls. But just don’t scamper away on your own without letting the official tour guide know about it lest you get lost or need some assistance and there is no one who knows about your whereabouts.

Rifugio Bonatti in Courmayeur in Italy

This trek is 7 miles long from Courmayeur till the destination point. The peaceful and serene Courmayeur is located at the foot of the 15,776 feet Mont Blanc. It has the second oldest mountain guide association in the world which began in 1850. This organization, called, the Societàdelle Guide di Courmayeur, even has a museum that tells the climbing history of this hamlet. This valley not only has one of the finest hut systems in the Alps but also offers stunning glacier views. The hike does have a good hight so take it a little slow or you can even get a ride up the valley and reduce the strenuousness of the hike.

Europe has umpteen numbers of hikes. These are the 5 best that even a beginner can attempt, not that an experienced hiker would not enjoy the beauty of the vista that these offers. So, get your hiking boots out, pack your bag and get ready for the walk – an entire continent awaits you.

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