Finding Your Mr. Right After 50
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Finding Your Mr. Right After 50

November 29, 2018 | Romance & Relationship | By Amanda Johnson

We all have just one life to live and we all need that one companion to spend it with. So, if you are seeking Mr. Right, you are on the right track.

What You Should Be Careful Of

Not Everyone Is Good

In your search for the right man, you might come across many who will not treat you right. However, if some dates do not work out then don’t lose faith and don’t break down.

No Cheap Thrills

Men will be men hence don’t be surprised if a few want to seek your friendship merely to take you to bed. There could be moments when you feel vulnerable enough to give in to it, but don’t.

Look And Feel Good

You need to both look good and feel good because what you show to the world gets noticed. A man with style and class will notice only the woman who exudes confidence and is vibrant.

Don’t Rush

Relationships aren’t built in a day. So, once you begin dating, please don’t form opinions in a hurry. Give yourself and your partner time before you take decisions and think practically when you do.

Family Acceptance

Getting your family to accept Mr. Right will not be easy. The proposal calls for patience as a good soul will grow love and affection around him and your loved ones come around.

What Mr. Right Will Be Like

He Will Give You Space

At 50, you are the woman who has lived her life and has her circle of family and friends. If he is the right man for you, he will never try and pull you away from them. While he will make the moments that you spend with him wonderful ones, he will allow you to have your space as well.

He Will Respect You

Mr. Right will respect you and treat you well. For those who are out there only for sex, will give you the vibes. Having fun with a soul mate is one thing but don’t sell your soul for fun.

He Will Make You Feel Like A Woman

If the man makes you feel like a woman, both in and out of bed, then you could dream about a future with him. However, if he remembers that you are a woman only during sex and at other times he is busy either ignoring you or making fun of you, then let him go.

He Will Share His Insecurities

It is tough for a man to show his vulnerabilities to any one. However, if your man opens up about issues that trouble him and make him sad, then know that he trusts you completely. Quite possibly he is your the Mr. Right you have been looking for.

He Listens To What You Are Saying

Never be with a man who doesn’t have the time to listen to you. If he is always caught up on speaking about himself and never asks about you then it’s best to move away from such a man.

He Will Have Fun With You

He will find out what you like doing and then make it happen on a date. It could well be a candle light dinner at a quiet place or maybe even a cosy dinner at home. His idea of the perfect date, if he is Mr. Right, will revolve around your desire.

He Will Help You With Chores

If he is the right one for you, you will find that he is wanting to help you with various chores – maybe doing the grocery shopping for you or maybe even just inviting himself over just to help you cook dinner.

He Will Love Your Family

Have kids? Aging parents? Cousins? If he is the right guy he will try to make himself a part of your family. He will start by asking you to share stories about them and eventually will put in an effort to make them like him.

He Will Make You Laugh

After a certain age, enjoying the partner’s company becomes one of the most important factors of a successful relationship. So, if you have found yourself a man who can make you smile then keep him. Humour is a very rare quality and a smile is something that one needs in plenty through life.

He Will Want To Satisfy You In Bed

At fifty, even if the hormones are intact, the body might not be able to jump around as much as it could in the twenties. Even then, if you find that when you are in bed, your man is more concerned about your likes and dislikes and wants to make you happy then he surely is the gentleman you would want to be with.

He Will Be Willing To Change

Changes aren’t easy at 50 and definitely a person would not change at fifty. However, if your partner realises that there are certain things that he does which unnerves you, and he puts in an effort to change those, then he is Mr. Right for sure. Imagine you telling him not to smoke and he actually listens to you.

He Will Not Be Judgmental

You might like being at home with a book rather than partying. Maybe you snore. Maybe you have more men colleagues who you hang out with. If the man you are dating doesn’t judge you for who you are or even for your past but is one who encourages you and wipes away the hurt from the past, then he is the keeper you have been looking for.

Where Can You Find Mr. Right

If you are looking for a partner, you won’t find him by hibernating indoors. Here are some places where you might bump into him.

Coffee Shops

Visit cafes and restaurants. Often there are people who sit alone. If someone catches your eye you could always sit with him. If a conversation starts, the first ice is broken. Wish yourself luck and see where it leads.

Dating Sites

There are plenty of dating sites that you could visit. However, be careful because there are ample fake profiles out there. Don’t fall for the show for a lot of stalkers hide behind this virtual curtain.

Common Friends

Attend parties thrown by friends. You never know whom you discover there. Maybe you would find someone gorgeous dropping you back home once the party is over.


Take your grandkids to the park. There might be a handsome granddad playing with his bunch there. Go for morning jogs. The men who are busy taking care of their fitness could well fit your bill of the Mr. Right.


Join a hobby class like book reading, pottery, and painting. If you meet someone there you would at least know how to begin the conversation. One common passion might lead to the evolution of a lot of more passion in the days to come.

Now that you know the traits of a Mr. Right, you will surely be able to zoom in on him; and when you do find him, don’t let him go.

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