One Night Stand After 50 - How To Make It Wonderful
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One Night Stand After 50 – How To Make It Wonderful

December 19, 2018 | Romance & Relationship | By Amanda Johnson

I’m sure you have heard the phrase “you’re never too old to…” well, they’re right! Age is but a number. Sex after a certain age is often seen as a taboo or frowned upon, this certainly is a flawed way of looking at it, you’re never too old to have fun!

Perhaps you find yourself yearning for a quick steamy session, a fun way to enjoy yourself without the complications of a relationship. There’s nothing wrong with that! In fact it would definitely be recommended. Why? Well sex is an excellent way to let loose some of that stress you have been carrying, its benefits can be listed as mood elevating and exercise. The other benefits of sex include pain relief, lowering blood pressure and even induce better sleep, if that doesn’t want to make you ‘jump someones bones’ that I don’t know what is!

Now you may be wondering, how on earth do you go about finding someone willing to engage in a one night stand after 50, don’t worry, I have a few solutions for you.

Friends Of Friends

You may have a few friends who know of people who are looking for a same kind of sex situation as you, try and ask around but make it as casual as possible!

Bars / Clubs

Here you will find an array of interesting people, going and and mingling people can be daunting but also super rewarding, have fun!

Dating Apps

Don’t let the world of technology hold you back, there are plenty of dating apps out there that help you connect with people, if going out and mingling isn’t your thing then go for this option!

Now, lets take a look at how exactly to go about having a one night stand.

Be Direct

Let them know of your intentions beforehand, nothing is worse than the morning after when the other person has a different idea of whats happening and what is going to happen than you so be clear from the get go.

Be Casual – Not Creepy

Be calm, collected and casual. Let them know that you not desperately looking to have sex just because but instead you regard one night stands as a fun and casual thing.

Use Protection

Always be prepared, unplanned sex without a condom can lead to unwanted sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancies, I doubt that is what you had in mind when you picture a fun night!

Be Courteous

The next morning, don’t just rush out or kick the person out. Instead take it easy and be friendly while still maintaining that it was just a one night stand, mixed signals is never a good idea!

Now we can get into the nitty gritty details, admittedly sex is different for people over the age of 50, different but not impossible! Lets take a look at a few hurdles and solutions for both men and woman over the age of 50:


They say men are better in bed the older they are, they age like a good bottle of wine! Why? Because not only are they more experienced but they aim to please the woman as much as they want pleasure themselves. Thats the great part of it, where as younger men might finish earlier before their woman is barely pleased herself, an older man will spend a lot more time indulging in foreplay leading in immense pleasure for both parties.

You may find yourself facing erection issues, there is nothing to be embarrassed about, its completely normal for men at that age, the penis will rise more slowly and also be less firm than usual. The solution to this is more foreplay, spend more time getting aroused and, more physical stimulation is called for. If you find yourself really struggling then you can always indulge in medical solutions such as viagra.


People tend to think woman lose an interest in sex as they age, but this is not the case. Physically, it can be hard for woman in the bedroom. Woman experience hormonal changes while going through menopause, it effects a woman’s sexual response for low oestrogen levels lead to dryness in the vagina. Lubrication is your best friend when it comes to this, don’t be afraid to use as much as is needed to ease things up.

The best part that woman find themselves experiencing increased sexual pleasure after going through menopause including orgasming more and it being a lot more intense, doesn’t that sound amazing?

There you have it! Your perfect guide for a one night stand, now go out and have some fun!

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