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April 8, 2021 | Fashion & Beauty | By Dr. Anubha Walia

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes. When we talk about womanhood and her beauty, breasts play a significant role. Perky and firm breasts are not only a desire of every woman, but also is  seen as a confidence booster.

With age and especially after 50, skin on all parts of your body, including the breast’s skin loses its elasticity. It becomes less perky and starts to sag. The southern movement of a woman’s breasts with age is inevitable. This condition in medical terms is known as breast ptosis. These changes in a woman are very natural.

Talking about anatomy, something that still isn’t common knowledge that breasts have no muscles of their own. Yes, breasts are just held by elastic tissues and ligaments (Cooper’s ligaments) which hold the breasts and provide them a definitive shape. With the increase in age, these ligaments tend to stretch, typically due to gravity and hormonal changes which causes sagging of breasts.

Major causes of sagging breasts with growing age include gravity, high body mass index, rapid change of weight, multiple pregnancies and menopause. With this, it is time to debunk some myths related to sagging breasts.

Common Myths

  • Breastfeeding

Yes, breastfeeding has always been seen as a reason for breasts sagging as it increases elasticity of the breast skin. However, various scientific studies (A 2008 study in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal) have been done and this fact has been found untrue.

  • Not wearing a bra all the time

Though experts are split on the the majority remains that not wearing a bra for  long durations doesn’t impact breast elasticity.

Maintaining the perkiness of breasts is every woman’s concern and to do so, many women resort to plastic surgeries to prevent the southward movement of breasts.

The risks related to breast augmentation significantly outweigh the benefits. Expensive surgeries, need continuous iterations to maintain shape with age. This is necessitated from the natural structural changes that happen in the body resulting in the displacement of implants. Sometimes implants rupture due to many factors needing immediate attention without which serious breast infections could happen. Apart from these, breast augmentation surgeries could also cause

  • Breast pain
  • Nipple sensations
  • Scar the natural breast tissue
  • Connective tissue diseases
  • Breast cancer
  • Respiratory problems

So, what could be the natural way to take care of your breasts? Do exercises help?

Breasts have no muscles. Therefore, exercises to firm up the breast is somewhat of a myth, as there are no muscles to be targeted. However there still are actions that help prevent your breasts from sagging and help maintain their firmness. Activities that target chest muscles, specifically the pectoral which is a major muscle which is located underneath the breasts and could help your breasts maintain their perky looks.

5 Activities To Include In Your Daily Routine

  • Push-ups
  • Wall Push-ups
  • Tabletop chest press
  • Bridge chest fly on the floor
  • Butterfly chest squeeze

Regular 15 minutes breast massage with olive oil or jojoba oil could also help in firming up the breasts so they keep the tissues rejuvenated.

And the most valuable exercise that every woman must exercise is acceptance of her body. Saggy breast is not a disease but a natural course of life. One should not develop body insecurity for something so natural. Remember you are beautiful in every way.

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