Top 10 Adventure Ideas For Thrill Seeking Seniors
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Top 10 Adventure Ideas For Thrill Seeking Seniors

August 15, 2019 | Travel | By Lisa Smith

You live only once and don’t we love our adventure and adrenaline rush. Live your best years yet with enjoyment and thrill of life on the edge. Here are the top 10 adventure ideas for thrill seeking seniors.

1. Trekking

If you have been trekking for many years now, you can attempt long and steep treks. But, if you are just beginning, then try the easier ones. It is advisable to start with an experienced group and a well versed instructor, carry the right gears, with thorough research on the kind of hiking adventure, route and obstacles en-route. Some treks that are popular among seniors include Route Burn Track in New Zealand. This is a 3-day long trail spread over 32 km and will take you through the scenery of South Island. Another option for you is the Shi Shi Beach in Olympic Peninsula In Washington. It is located 20 miles from Rialto Beach. This entails mainly walking on the beach and one can experience the many tide pools that one passes by during the trek.

2. Wildlife Watching

There are different kinds of trips that you can take when you are planning a wildlife holiday for yourself. For example you could go watch over 2,000 grizzlies at the Katmai National Park in Alaska, go for a Swap Tour in New Orleans where you can come face to face with water snakes, alligators, and even eagles. Cajun Encounters is one such organization that organizes such tours. Whale watching is yet another option. The Californian tour operator Oceanside Adventures specialize in whale watching cruises. Abercrombie & Kent is the one to reach out to if you seek the wildlife of Kenya and Tanzania while you fly by a private plane.

3. Water Adventure

This can involve fishing, rafting, canoeing, and even nude cruises for that matter. While sitting by a lake, fishing, and going on a cruise are more easily done, if you want to try out canoeing or rafting then do make sure that you have the fitness levels for it, wearing the right gear, and not attempting these without an expert guide. For example you can sign up with Row Adventure that will give you the chance to travel in long canoes down the Missouri River. An option like the Lewis and Clark River Expeditions , on the other hand, will help you experience white water rafting on the Snake River. What’s stopping you from attempting scuba diving? Not only Australia, but you can try this at one of the sites near North Carolina as well. One such site includes the wrecked tanker Papoose. The bigger cruises are there in which nude cruise options also exists. For the looking for other sites within USA, attempt a cruise down the Mississippi River like the one being offered by the American Queen Steamboat Co .

4. Zip Lining

An adrenaline rush and gorgeous views is what a zip lining adventure promises. But, after fifty, you need to be extremely careful so that no mishap happens while you are trying to have some adventure. While River Riders Family Adventure Resort in West Virginia offers an easier zip-line, you can get a more thrilling one with Classic Journeys in Costa Rica that will take you through a forest.

5. Air Adventures

If you like adventure then how can a ride on a hot air balloon is left behind? Take a ride with your partner and watch the sunrise or the sunset with her. For example, the Rainbow Ryders in Albuquerque from New Mexico organizes such tours. Sky Adventures from Michigan is another option and they will even give you champagne after your hour-long journey is over. You need more thrills in the skies? Skydiving is then you’re calling. But do this only if you think that you have the nerves and the fitness to do it. It is best to ask your doctor if you can attempt an adventure like this or not. For example Skydive Twin Cities Minneapolis will even give you the chance for a second round of diving for an extra cost!

6. Snow Adventure

Get your ski gear and head to the Rockies for an experience of a lifetime. If skiing is not for you but the snow tempts you then contact Gap Adventure and head to Finland to go dog-sledging and then cosy up inside a log cabin or even an igloo!

7. Exploring Adventures With Kids

If you are a grandparent then you could choose adventure trips that not only you will like but so will the little ones. For example you could visit the Mammoth Cave National Park at Kentucky. It is a huge network of caves that the kids would love to explore. You can even go digging for dinosaur fossils at Wyoming or go to Wisconsin to see the North woods. For the kids who are a little older, you can explore the Grand Canyon on a mule with North Rim and Grand Canyon Trail Rides or ride on a horseback to the Absaroka Mountains with Austin-Lehman Adventures . Need some more adventure? Nomadic Expeditions will organize a trip on the Lake Hövsgöl in Mongolia and then take you through the Gobi desert on a two-humped camel while Adventure Out will organize camping trips for you near the coast of California where not only will you be collecting sea food and edible plants but you will also learn how to survive in the wilderness.

8. Biking And Cycling

If you have been driving a bike then this is one other adventure option for you. For example Back Roads organizes bike journeys in the Rockies of Canada. Biking options in France, through the wineries of Bordeaux and seeing mediaeval castles is also a possibility and is organised by the travel company Butterfield & Robinson . If you are not so much of a biker as you are a cyclist then you could go with Back roads who will organise cultural cycling trips for you through the Golden Triangle in Thailand.

9. Train Rides

Journeying on a train as the sceneries pass you by can be a wonderful experience. If you can journey in one that is luxurious enough to have it’s own dining car, great food, tastefully decorated rooms then it adds a huge romance quotient to the trip as well. Kensington Tours will organize train journeys for you in Western Canada that will lead you to view the stunning geological formations of the Colombian ice fields in Jasper.

10. Good Deed Adventure

The thrill of doing something good is indeed a lot of adventure. You could team up with Journey Mexico , which is relatively a new travel company founded by an American couple to protect Mexico’s heritage, help to release the endangered sea turtles into the ocean near the coastline of Baja California, after they have been weighed and tagged.

Adventure is not always just about going wild. It is also about exploring the unknown, learning something new, letting go off inhibitions, and being hand on. So choose the kind of adventure that you always dreamt of having and get going.

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