Keep Moving: 10 Best Physical Activities For Seniors
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Keep Moving: 10 Best Physical Activities For Seniors

March 7, 2019 | Health | By Jason Reid

Exercising, as many studies have shown, does a lot of good for the body – no matter what the age. This can come in the form of a lot of different activities and not necessarily just a routine at the gym. Here are the 10 best physical activities for seniors.

1. Walking

There is nothing better than walking in the park. Start with 15 minutes of brisk walking and keep adding time to it. When you start getting breathless then take a break. While you are walking, try back walking and toe walking as well. These will improve your levels of concentration and improve the sense of balance at your age. Once you see that you are able to brisk walk for more than half an hour without losing your breath, you can start your jogs as well. If the weather is cold outside and you are unable to go to the park or garden, then get yourself a treadmill to be used at home.

2. Swimming

Swimming is one of the best exercises to keep you fit and also to keep your muscles nicely toned and healthy. Summer is definitely the season when you should hit the pool to feel refreshed and energized but even at winter, you can still be in the water – all you need to do is to find a heated pool in the vicinity. Swimming has many styles – some like the butterfly need a lot of stamina but others like the freestyle is something that you can definitely start with. If you can find a water aerobics instructor then joining those classes will do you good. It will help your body to get fitter and also improve your balance.

3. Gardening

As you pull out the weeds, plough the soil plant the seeds, prune the leaves, and water the plants, you are doing a lot of bending and stretching. So, 30-40 minutes of gardening activity regularly will make you feel healthier for sure. Research has shown that gardening also helps the nerves to calm down and de-stresses the body.

4. Golfing

With the amount of walking that you need to complete an 18-hole golf course, you will be giving your body enough exercise that it requires at your age. With time you will be building up your stamina as well. Golfing, with all its swinging and putting making your arms strong and improving your levels of concentration. So, it is time for you to get to the greens with your golfing stick.

5. Dancing

Have a partner? You surely must go dancing then. The music will soothe you, the closeness will improve the bonding with your partner, you will get to learn some new steps, and most importantly you will be doing a much needed work out that your body has been craving for.

6. Cycling

Cycling is a good cardiovascular exercise and it also strengthens your feet. But when you start with cycling, always do some warm up exercise before. Also, if this is something that you are starting new then don’t suddenly aim to buy a mountain bike to go riding to the hills. Rather start on the plains and for short periods of time. As you progress and gain in stamina you can do longer distances and slowly head towards inclines planes as well. If cycling out in the open is not your cup of tea then a stationary cycle at home is good enough as well.

7. Gymming

If you plan to start gymming, then never do it on your own. At your age, it is always advisable to have an instructor who can tell you what exercises would suit you, give you the correct mix of it, keep a check on your improvement, and even advise you on the diet that you should follow. Exercises that will strengthen your muscles done 2-3 times a week is a good way to start.  For this you will be given some free hand warm up exercises and also some weight lifting ones. Never try to lift too much all of a sudden even if you think you can.

8. Painting

Painting de-stresses the mind and also improves the level of concentration. At your age, as your fingers and arms move trying to put colour to a large piece of canvas, you will also be working out your arm muscles as well. If standing up for too long gives your lower back a ache, then start with small pieces of canvas which you can do while sitting.

9. Getting The House Work Done

House chores like dusting, mopping, washing utensils, and ironing clothes involve a lot of moving around, lifting of weights, and bending. Hence these can help you burn a lot of calories and strengthen your muscles as well. Also, seeing your home neat and tidy is sure to make you feel happy.

10. Having Sex

Sex is extremely enjoyable and therapeutic and it also burns a lot of calories. So, choose your positions, switch off those phones, and spend some quality time with your spouse having sex. You will be doing your body, mind, heart, and hormones a lot of good.

At your age when the feet can get wobbly and ailments can affect you regularly, you must lead an active life so as to keep yourself feeling fit and healthy. These 10 ideas is sure to help you get there.

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