Top 10 Tips For Seniors To Cope With Loneliness
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Top 10 Tips For Seniors To Cope With Loneliness

March 26, 2019 | Life | By Jason Reid

There are movies and serials that show how seniors stay happy by giving each other friendship and affection. While this is true for a few, there are many out there who are beyond their fifties and are quite lonely. If you are one of them, then these are the 10 tips for you to cope with loneliness.

1. Step Out More Often

Friendships develop with being visible to the outside world. If you are a member of a club then its the best place to find other like-minded individuals. If not, then start to attend more parties and social gatherings, visit restaurants, cafes, health clubs, hobby workshops and libraries etc. For eg, if you like photography then enroll yourself in such a club. It will be fun clicking photographs with friends.

2. Make A Friend

Just going out and then sitting in one corner with your eyes glued in your book, sketching, or writing won’t get you any friends. Not always will people come up to you to talk. People have their own circle and you are the one who is seeking companionship. So, you are the one who needs to go to people and talk. You will be surprised at how easily you can become one of them.

3. Stay In Touch

Life can sometimes keep us so busy that we forget to stay in touch with our old friends and with time, we slowly drift apart. That is when loneliness creeps in. So, you need to put in a conscious effort to be in touch with your old pals. In an age when emails, social media, and phone calls have become so easy; this should be easy for you. And if they live in the same city as yours then what’s keeping you from meeting them once in a while over a glass of wine, some shopping, or a game of football?

4. Keep A Pet

Shunning loneliness does not always mean human companionship. It could mean connecting with an animal as well. They might not be able to talk back to you, but they will make you feel happy for sure. So, if you are alone at home then it is time for you to keep a pet. They love unconditionally, accept apologies, and don’t criticize. Curious attention from children and their guardians is a bonus.

5. Make A Penpal

The art of letter writing is slowly dying. Nowadays emails have taken over. But the charm that letters have, emails will never have. If you are feeling depressed because you have no one to talk to or be with, go on and make a pen pal. Maybe that person you exchanged contacts with on your last holiday could be a starting point? Or even the old batch mate from school you meet at the last alumni meet? Write to him. Writing is a great way to express hidden emotions and you will also, in the process, start off a friendship.

6. Get Involved In Community Service

Being involved in community service or joining an NGO will give you a sense of purpose and direction in life. Choose the kind of service that you like – teaching kids, helping at animal shelters, joining a local singing club, helping to wrap gifts during festival time. Being a part of the community will also help you to meet new people who could turns into friends.

7. Exercise Regularly

A body that is dull and inactive causes stress, tiredness, and bad health. All this creates lethargy and depression. So, it is of vital importance that you exercise regularly. This could be at the gym, yoga at home, playing sports like golf, or even morning walks and jogs at the neighborhood park. When you feel fitter and rejuvenated, you will also feel happier with yourself and your surrounding.

8. Don’t Stay Away From The Doctor

Often seniors shy away from being in the public because of certain ailments. If anything is troubling you, you should visit the doctor so that with therapy and medication he can get you back on track. For example, if you are finding it tough to hear properly you don’t need to be at home. Just go to the ENT who will help you get the right hearing aids. If your vision is getting blurred, all you need is the right pair of glasses – you don’t need to lock yourself up at home.

9. Travel

If you are alone then travel is the cure. Instead of travelling on your own, it would be better for you to book yourself holidays where you can go with a group. When you visit new places and talk to new people – be it travel companions or the locals, you will no longer be lonely.

10. Start Dating Again

If you are alone then what is keeping you from the dating arena? Let the women know that you are ready to date by showing up in public places and parties. Once you come across someone who catches your attention, go on and start the dating game. It will take care of your loneliness and also will bring back love and a lot of fun sex-time back into your life.

The feeling of loneliness can easily be overcome. Life is too short to sit at home and fret or be sad. So put on your best attire and step out of that house today.


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