10 Best Sex Positions for Seniors Suffering From Arthritis
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10 Best Sex Positions for Seniors Suffering From Arthritis

November 28, 2018 | Health | By Amanda Johnson

Even though millions suffer from arthritis and it is a very common condition that comes with age, one can’t deny the fact that the pain and the stiffness that it causes can wreck your sex life. There is a ray of hope though – even if your favourite doggy style or having sex while standing up has to be done away with due to the pressure that it puts on the joints, with some positional changes you can still have a fully operational sex life. Here are the 10 best sex position if you are currently battling the arthritis pain.

1. The Traditional Missionary Style

Many often don’t want to have sex in the age-old missionary style because they feel that it is too staid and too normal. But the reality of it is that it can turn out to be quite hot because it allows you to look at each other a lot more. Added to this, the pain that you feel on your back will also be alleviated because you will be lying down. For more support you can even use pillows under your knees and hips. Keep a pillow under your butt as well. This will help your partner to penetrate you deeper. Once you are feeling comfortable not only are you bound to perform better but you enjoy yourself more as well.

2. Lie On Your Side

The spooning technique as it is called is a great position to have sex if the both of you suffer from arthritic pain. Lie on your side and use pillows to support you. You partner will lie behind you and enter you from behind. This position does not put pressure on the hips and the knees and so avoids discomfort.

3. The Woman On Top

If you are the man and suffering from arthritis then the best sexual position for you is  to allow your partner to be on top. While you give your back some rest and your lady takes charge of the speed and the movement, you can also enjoy a change in the usual position. It will definitely give you a good arousal. However, if your partner has a weak hip and suffers form pain then don’t indulge in this position.

4. Sit On The Chair

If your partner has stiffness and aches then make him sit on a chair. The backrest will give him support and reduce the discomfort. Next you sit on his lap facing him and take charge of the act. With you straddling him you not only take the pressure of his weak knees but you will also reach a better climax for sure.

5. Lie Down Facing Each Other

Unlike the spooning method, in this position even though the both of you are lying down, you do so while facing each other. You need to put on of your legs over your partner’s side so that he has an easy access to enter you. This sex position usually works when the both of you want it slow and romantic since it allows a lot of touching, fondling, and kissing as well. Added to that the arthritic pain is also adequately combated.

6. Do The 69

Sex is not always about penetration. There are other ways to pleasure the partner. Doing the 69 is one such method especially if both are battling arthritic pain. Lying helps to reduce the pain that arthritis can cause. So if both lie down in the 69 position and enjoy themselves with oral sex it will not only make the moment more comfortable physically but the newness of the act is sure enough going to give a wonderful orgasm to both.

7. Toys and More

If you, the man, is feeling really stiff and let on energy but your partner wants to have some fun, there is no need to spoil the mood. Start with a lot of hugging and kissing and then indulge in the use of toys so as to give her pleasure. Sex is not about just the penetration but the entire process before it and a feeling of closeness. Hence there is no reason why aches and pain should bring down your spirits and spoil the mood.

8. Sex In The Tub

Sex in a tub can be extremely erotic. Plus, if you can take a warm bath with Epsom salt it will take away a lot of pain from your knees, hips, and the back as well. While having sex in this position try and keep your legs as stretched as you can as this will reduce any pressure from the weak knees and help you feel more at ease.

9. Bend Down

Bad knees are very common in arthritis. If you want to enjoy sex and yet not suffer the pain then try the bending down position. In this you have to been down over the bed while your partner enters from the back while standing straight up. If the doggy style is what gives you enjoyment, but arthritis has been keeping you from it then this is the position that you should explore.

10. The Stand And Squat Team Work

If the above position, where you need to bend down is not something that you are able to manage then this one can be more of your kind of style. All you need to do is to stand straight and put your elbows against the wall for support. Since you will be standing straight your knees won’t pain. However, in this style your partner needs to squat while he goes inside from behind. For this, hence, he needs to have a body that is flexible enough to do so.

It is alright for your sex life to change with age. A change does not mean that it has worsened in any way though. In order to enjoy a good sex life even if you have arthritis is to use these 10 sex positions and to always keep the channels of communication open with your partner.

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