Gym Fashion for Senior Women
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Gym Fashion for Senior Women

May 28, 2019 | Fashion & Beauty | By Amanda Johnson

Being in your 50s is the best time to look stylish outside or while visiting the gym. There are many brands in the market today that specifically cater to women over 50 and are designed keeping in mind the needs of support and comfort while keeping the fashion quotient high. So, if you are wondering what to wear to your next gym visit, then read on.


Women over 50 could experience sagging breasts and during exercise, it’s important to wear bras that come with adequate support. Choose bras that have a strong and a comfortable strap, are the right fit for you, and support your breasts well. Also, choose a fabric that is not only durable but also breathable. This is because during a workout you will be sweating a lot and hence the bra material should be one that soaks the perspiration well. One brand is Danskin which was initially developed for dancers. You can also choose from brands like Nike, Chantelle or Wacoal. If you are choosing tops with inbuilt bras then you might find that the top that is your size has a bra that is tight. So, ideally, choose a few sizes larger so that you can breathe properly.


A woman of any age would look good with skinny leggings that taper off towards the end. But if you are little on the heavier side then it would be better to wear a bottom that has a slight flare towards the end. Choose a bottom made of a synthetic fabric as they do a better job than cotton in keeping the legs cool. Also remember that if you are wearing pants in stretchy fabric then you must wear sheer and seamless underpants – as else it would look really ugly. You can choose bottoms from brands like Zella or Nike. These are designed for women of all ages but specially benefit your age. They are both contemporary in their design and have fits that are comfortable. If you are a little overweight then you should wear something that will not show off your bulges like yoga pants from Lululemon.


You should wear tops that are of breathable fabric. At your age wearing something body hugging might not look that good. However, that does not mean that you have to look matronly. Wear tops that are fitted but are not tight. Also, as you lose those kilos you will start to notice how the tops start to feel loose – that can be quite motivating. Keep a watch on the length of the top as well – at your age you would not want the top to ride up when you are doing your yoga poses. Choose from brighter tones. Science has shown that bright colours give energy. So choose from hues pink, purple, and orange. For example if you have belly fat then you could wear the t-shirts by Under Armour. On the other hand, if your age made you develop underarms that are flappy then choose longer sleeves like the Athleta Long Sleeve Wick it Work it T.


Jackets are a must have, especially when you are cooling off after a gym session. At your age you should give your body some time to get back to the normal temperature and so it is important to carry a cover up with you in your gym bag. You should choose a design that will not be too short and tight though. Lululemon’s Stride Jacket is one great option because not only will it protect you but it also has a modern look and is long enough to cover your butt. Other brands that you can explore are Adidas and Pantagonia .


If your feet begin to feel a little wobbly, you need to wear sneakers that are lightweight and yet provide a strong support to the feet. But they don’t need to look like orthopaedic shoes! Merrell shoes are a good choice as they come with extra comfort for those suffering from any foot issues and also for those who might have bunions or corns; not to forget that they have mesh inserts which prevent the feet from overheating and also come in a number of colours.  Reebok’s Easy Tone is another option as they are lightweight and fashionable, thus making your gym wear look stylish.

It is wonderful that you are thinking about your health and have begun to visit the gym. Now all that you need to do is to go shopping and get the right workout outfit for yourself as well. Please don’t wear those old, shabby clothes to the gym the next time!

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