Best Fall Prevention Ideas For Seniors
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Best Fall Prevention Ideas For Seniors

May 13, 2020 | Life | By Lisa Smith

Falls are a major cause of death and injury to seniors. It’s something that will be experienced by a majority of seniors at some point in their lives. Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do to avoid these falls. But in a lot of cases, advanced preparations and additional knowledge could have made the difference in preventing these accidents and avoiding its consequences. This is why we’ve taken our time to give you the best fall prevention ideas for seniors, hope you find them helpful.

1. Keeping Yourself Healthy

Taking time out to improve your overall health and keep yourself healthy will help lower the chances of you falling. Ways to keep yourself healthy to help prevent falls include

a.  Exercising and Balance Training:

Regular exercise and training that focus on strength and balance can help keep you fit and keep your muscles strong. This will help you most likely catch yourself when you stumble. Exercising will also help reduce the risk of bone diseases like osteoporosis.

b. Healthier Bones Healthier You:

You may not always be able to prevent falls but you can reduce the damage these falls can do by having healthy and strong bones. You can help keep your bones healthy by eating foods that contain enough calcium and vitamin D. Regular exercise as mentioned earlier can also help strengthen bones

c. Sleeping Well:

Not having enough sleep will make you less agile and less aware of your surroundings, making you prone to falls. It can also decrease your reflexes and response to time. Get enough sleep and reduce your chances of falling often

d. Judiciously Take Your Medicine:

medicines come with side effects such as dizziness, sleepiness, and weakness. Taking multiple meds or overdosing increases the chances of these side effects which can lead to falls. Be sure to take your meds judiciously and also ask your doctor or pharmacist about any side effects of the drugs you use.

2. Create A Senior Friendly Environment

Most falls are usually caused by unsafe environments. To prevent falls you must create a senior-friendly environment by making it safer. This can be done by:

a. Having a Senior-Friendly Sitting Room:

Be sure to get rid of hazardous objects that can cause accidents in your household. Objects that can be tripped on and furniture that is unstable should be avoided.

b. Having a Senior-Friendly Bathroom:

Bathrooms are a commonplace to fall because of their wet and slippery surfaces. Be sure to have non-slip bath mats in your bathroom. It is also important to install grab bars in the tubs, walls and next to the toilet.

c. Senior-Friendly Kitchen:

kitchens should be lit properly as insufficient lighting is very dangerous. Storage should be made more accessible to avoid stretching and climbing. The floors should always be dry as kitchen floors are very slippery when wet.

d. Use Caution on Wet and Icy Surfaces:

As we age we become more susceptible to slipping on ice. It’s advisable to wear sturdy footwear for a better grip and be sure not to carry too many items in your hand. If possible, stay at home during bad weather to avoid icy and wet surfaces.

3. Good Shoes

Wearing high heels, loose-fitting shoes, and slip-on backless shoes will put you at a higher risk of falling. As a senior, it’s best to avoid them and wear shoes that are non-skid, rubber-soled, and low heels.

4. Walking Cautiously

Be extra careful when walking and negotiating stairs. It is important not to drink alcohol and walk as it can impact your vision, hearing, balance, and awareness of your environment. It’s also important to make it a habit to stand up slowly and take e minute to get your bearing before you start walking. As an elder, you can use a cane or walker to help with balance and give you something to hold on to while working

Falls are very dangerous and seniors are at a very high risk of falling. It is important to make a strategic effort to prevent these falls or prevent severe damage after falls. I hope these fall prevention ideas will come in handy as you carry out your day to day activities.

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