Are Seniors More Lonely If They Are Rich?
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Are Seniors More Lonely If They Are Rich?

July 4, 2019 | Life | By Lisa Smith

“Money can buy happiness” – this quote has always divided people into two separate groups. In recent times studies have shown that seniors who are rich spend more time being alone and lesser with family and on socializing. But does this mean feeling lonely?

Yes, Rich Means Lonely

Money Means More Work

As one ages, if he / she is one who has always wanted to earn more, they keeps climbing the corporate ladder or even keep expanding their business, with no interest in spending his time at home or even retiring from work. When this happens, they naturally have no time left to socialize with friends and family, and the little time that they have, exhaustion sets in. Hence, the more the earnings, the more alienated they become. This could ultimately lead to depression and loneliness.

Too Concentrated On Building Official Relationships

If one is rich, or is getting richer, it usually means a lot of time spent in building business contacts. When this happens, they barely have any quality time left for their loved ones. With colleagues as friends and official gatherings being means of social connect, loneliness realization sets in as age and growth progresses. As work front heats up they risk slowly losing touch with friends and family and then the “rich man / woman” is likely to suffer from depressive loneliness.

Others Become Jealous

Imagine this – you have had a circle of friends for a long time. But now, given all the years of hard work that you have put in, you begin reaping the benefits of it in terms of financial luxury. When this happens then these same set of people who were once your friends start to distance themselves from you. This could be because they are jealous and in such cases they might start unpleasant gossips about you. Or, maybe, suddenly, after all these years, they find you showing off and are unable to handle it. At your age, when you lose your social circle, you do feel lonely.

Rich Are Always Weary Of Others

You have the money and so you are always thinking that others want to be in touch with you because they want your money. With age, one tends to get more sceptical and have anxiety attacks hereby increasing the feeling of weariness. If you overdo it, then you are bound to be left alone.

No, Rich Doesn’t Means Lonely

Happy Buying And Being Alone

When a senior has a lot of money but no family around (maybe because the spouse has died and the children have grown up), he / she spends a lot of his time in giving themselves materialistic comforts. Due to this they lavishly overspend. This however, always doesn’t necessarily mean that he is lonely. Lonely means feeling sad when one is alone. After a lot of retail therapy or even expensive holidays, the “alone” senior will be happy in his rich comfort zone.

Spend The Wealth on Good Causes

All those who are rich are not lonely and neither are they alone. This is because age has taught them that there is no use hoarding the money. Hence, instead, they spend their money by participating in good causes like being a part of NGOs, hosting charity events etc. This not only brings them in touch with other like-minded individuals but also helps him to be surrounded by people, thus avoiding depression.

Have All The Comforts That Old Age Needs

Humans always wish to have luxuries and desires. With senior age, the person might enjoy slowing down and be at home more often, that is when the riches come in handy. They can buy all that they want and enjoy life. If they are able to do this then loneliness feel would be subdued.

So, if you are a rich senior and money isn’t important to help you lead a comfortable life; but, at this age if you don’t want to feel sad and lonely then you must remember that relationships and good deeds are also important in life. Hence, in order to stay happy, always try and maintain a balance between the two.

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