Why Dating, After 50, A Woman Who Travels A Lot Is An Amazing Relationship Experience?
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Why Dating, After 50, A Woman Who Travels A Lot Is An Amazing Relationship Experience?

April 23, 2019 | Travel | By Amanda Johnson

Pushing 50’s and looking for a woman in your life but wouldn’t just like to start dating anyone. Lets50 suggests pursuing the travelĀ  trait and why you should look for the traveller women for a happy relationship full of smile and experience through your life. Here’s our list for why dating a woman who travels a lot is an amazing relationship experience.

She Won’t Stick To You All The Time

She has seen the world on her own and done everything alone in life. Such women developed a sense of independence that they values a lot. So, if you want a woman who is your partner and yet does not want to stick to you all the while, then this is the kind of lady to look for. Neither will she hanker after your money and nor will she want to accompany you everywhere you go. You will enjoy your space while she will get hers.

She Will Be Fun Loving

Be it a young girl or an older woman, but if she is a traveller then she will be a fun loving person. Travelling makes one a cheerful person – someone who sees the brighter side of life. So, if at 50, you are recounting what you missed in life please find a travelling-lady soon and experience the misses yourself.

She Will Be Independent

When you are in a new place alone and having to fend for yourself then slowly the sense of self confidence and independence grows within. Dating such a girl will keep you clear or the daily nagging and dependence of the ones who aren’t independent.

She Is Intelligent

Travelling throws up a lot of challenges. One needs to think on the spot to wiggle out of situations. One also needs to keep in mind other things like finances, safety etc while travelling. If a lady has been doing this for long rest assured she knows how to deal with life and thus has explored the world alone.

Your Boredom Will Vanish

You have just been living your life at your workplace. Date a lady who likes to see the world and all your boredom and routine existence will fly out of the window. You will find yourself planning vacations and exploring new destinations instead. Especially when you have such an awesome woman as well to give you company.

She Will Make You More Active

Over 50, you might be feeling exhausted and lethargic. Maybe your tiredness gets to you and so you have stopped going for those morning jogs. Your time is flying away while being indoor. An enthusiastic traveller partner is bound to change all that. She will prefer excursion, hikes and travel as a way of life and will get you going too. So, get ready and look forward to a more active lifestyle.

You Can Continue Being Untidy

She has travelled the world and has not only seen all kinds of people and lifestyle but has probably also bagpacked herself as well. She understands that everything cannot be spic and span all the while. Finding a towel strewn on the bed or your smelly socks still waiting on wash rest assured she won’t break up with you. However, don’t get into the habit of overdoing the untidiness. Your lady love might be an adaptable person, but don’t push our luck as she is a human too.

She’s Unlikely To Demand Diamonds

She has visited different destinations and doing so means she incurred expenses. She’ll be able to plan well to avoid going broke and understands the value of money. Dating such a woman means no expensive diamonds and perfumes just love care and travelling together.

She Will Adapt To Situations

At 50 you might have a bad day at work and not be in a great mood. Or you might be recovering from an illness and so your performance in bed would have deteriorated. Or maybe you are just too tired and you don’t feel like going for the movie after all. If you have a woman who has seen the world then you should not worry about all this too much. She is one who has lived various situations and has adapted to a changing environment. This, if she has to deal with situations when it comes to a relationship she can do that as well. Don’t start taking her for granted though.

She Will Solve Your Problems

She has been to different places and has faced challenges that she has overcome with her brains and wit. Even when she has probably been scared, she has shown courage and solved problems. She is thus a keeper her for she will be your partner in “good and in bad times” and support you with her street smart approach.

She Is A Doerer

When one travels across the globe there are many things that one gets to know. Hence a woman who is a traveller won’t just be your arm candy but will be a doer. If she needs to work hard to get the house back in order she will. If she finds that cooking needs to be done she will be upbeat about it. So, don’t be surprised if you find that at 50, for the first time in your Iife, you are mowing the garden – yes that’s the kind of effect that she will have on you.

She Will Get Along With Your Pals

Don’t worry about what she will say about your buddies. A woman who has seen the world can adapt well and get along with just about anyone. Over the years she has overcome her shyness and stranger anxiety. She can now easily get along with people and have a good time. So, if you have weekend binges with your pals you can easily make her a part of it.

She Has Her Own Identity

Yes , she is your partner and your soul mate, but a woman who is a traveller prides herself in having an identity of her own. So, even if you have done extremely well in life, she will not get bogged down with that and neither will that attract her to you. She will like you for your persona just as you will like her. So, expect such a woman to be your partner in all ways – right from sharing household chores, to the finances, and of course the dominance in bed as well.

She Is Open Minded

She has seen so many kinds of people, their culture and lifestyle, that she doesn’t get shocked with anything and neither does she judge. So, don’t think that she will find things wierd about you. There is no need for you to hide any skeletons in your cupboard. Even if you are dating her, first she will be your best friend who you can share all with. Isn’t this something any man would want.

She Is Thoughtful

She will be thinking of you even when she is travelling. So you will find her making calls to you, emailing pictures, sending you postcards etc. While a part of you might want to stop her from her explorations, don’t hold her back. Allow her to travel for when she returns she will show you just how much she has missed you.

A woman who has been travelling for many years can bring in a lot of positive vibes in your life. So, if you want to date someone after 50, this is one kind you should never let go.

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