Why Dating A Guy, After 50, Who Travels A Lot Is An Amazing Relationship Experience?
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Why Dating a Guy who Travels a Lot is an Amazing Relationship Experience?

March 28, 2019 | Travel | By Amanda Johnson

It doesn’t matter if you are in your 50s. If you are looking to date again, then you must. If you are still unsure of the kind of guy that you should date, one quality to look out for is that of being a traveler. Here are the reasons why dating a guy who travels a lot will be a good partner to choose.

Travelers Are Grateful

Yes, the more that one travels and sees the world, the more grateful he is for his existence. Prefer a partner who knows what gratitude means and does not take you for granted. So, if you find a traveler, don’t let him go travel along for the journey called life . He will never fail to show you affection, be humble, and will always teach you how much you have to be grateful to life for.

You Will Hear Unending Stories

It doesn’t matter if your partner is older or younger to you. If he likes to travel then he will be full of stories and anecdotes from across the world and your evenings won’t be boring anymore. So, till now, if you have just been knitting by the fireplace things are about to change when you find a traveler.

Money Doesn’t Attract Him

So, you have worked all your life and now you stay in a nice, big mansion. But you are alone and you need a partner. Maybe you are worried that those you date will want to be with you only for your money. In that case choose a guy who travels. A traveler will never be attracted to material wealth. Possessions don’t catch his attention, discovering new places do. So, if you can date a man like this, not only can you look forward to some exotic holidays with him and evenings spent in planning vacations, but also be sure that he does not eye your wealth.

You Will Travel Again

At your age it is possible that you feel a little weary to travel alone. But if you find a guy who does roam around the world then you open up your chances of seeing places once again. If the man is younger he might want to go on adventurous trips. Let him know of your comfort level and choose a destination that both will like. Maybe you could even explore fun options like naturist holidays or nude cruises.

He Will Keep Things In Order

One doesn’t just get up one fine morning and go off in a holiday. Traveling involves a lot of planning. So, guys who travel like order and detailing before things need attention. If you date a man like this you can be sure that your home won’t be converted into a place that has been hit by an earthquake! Rather you can sit back and enjoy some leisurely time as he takes the front seat and does the organizing. Time to plan a party, I guess!

You Don’t Have to Splurge On Him

If you want to date a guy younger to you then find one who likes to travel. A traveler can make do with the basics and usually does not want anything pompous or luxurious. So, dating a younger man might mean spending more to support him financially – however if you get a young chap who travels you will surely be saving. And if you are a bad cook then you don’t have to worry anymore – this chap will eat no matter what you cook and are low maintenance, as they say!

He Is Fine With Changes

Life is never stagnant – it is always changing. At this age of yours you will, for starters, be undergoing a lot of bodily changes. Some days you will be full of energy and some days tired, some days aches will get to you and some days you will want to go for a hike. If you date one who has been traveling for long, he would have imbibed being an adaptable person. You need a man like this – one who can accept changes and yet be caring towards you.

He Will Give You Good Advice

Someone who has seen the world and met different kinds of people knows a lot. It could be about culture, history, or even relationships. So, if you want a partner who will not only give you a good time in bed but be your advisor and confidante as well, then get a guy who travels.

He Can Take Quick Decisions

With age we get a little nervous and when faced with situations where quick decisions are needed, we tend to shy away. A guy who has traveled a lot would have faced many such situations in his life where he had to take calls on the spur of the moment. So, if you find such a man to date then keep him – he will help you take decisions when you are faltering. It will do you good to boost your self-confidence as well.

He Won’t Cling To You

Maybe you are dating but you still like your ‘me time’. It might happen that your partner turns out to be too clingy which you will begin to dislike soon. But a traveler-man won’t ever do that. He has so long enjoyed his independence and will continue to do so. Hence, while he will go along for parties with you, he will also leave you alone at times and be as happy in hanging out with his group.

You Can Take Him To Family

Those who travel are cheerful, easy to be with, and don’t feel shy in front of strangers. So, if your guy is a traveler you can be rest assured that your meet the family’s time won’t be an awkward one. He will help well easily and might even win them over with his ’round the globe’ stories.

You Won’t Be Stuck With A Dud

A traveler can’t travel around the world if he is not intelligent. Right from all the planning, to doing the rounds of new places on his own while staying safe, and even being financially careful – it all needs brains. So, if you are dating a traveler it means that you won’t have to cope with being with a dud. Your man will be a wise one and will surely gel well with your level of intellect. At your age, you definitely don’t need a stupid man to put up with. Intellect is the new sexy!

You Will Do New Things

If you are dating a traveler you will find that you are no longer bored. In fact you will find that you are doing a lot of new things that you never thought you would do. No, I don’t mean you have to risky a bungee jumping at this age simply because your guy tells you to, but you might explore new hobbies that you have never tried. A traveler has advertising tire in his genes and he will egg you on to go beyond your cocooned tiny world and see more.

Finding a traveling partner can be a wonderful experience for you. He will not only fill your life with excitement, but will also teach you to be happy and positive. At 50, these are virtues that you could definitely do with.

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