Tips For 50+ To Remember While Dating During Travel
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Tips For 50+ To Remember While Dating During Travel

December 24, 2018 | Travel | By Amanda Johnson

Human nature is such that it never wants to stop having fun in life; and why not. So, even if you are in your 50s and above, don’t think that you should stop enjoying. If you are single, this extends to having a fling during your travel also. We have some tips that will help you in this adventure.

Tips For 50+ To Remember While Dating During Travel

Who Can The Person Be

A Local

If you do find a local for a short fling it could be boon. He/she should be able to let you in for a good time as also be the local guide on language and culture. Enjoy the best haunts in town with your very personal tour guide! Are you wondering where you can find him/her? Try these places:

  • A popular coffee shop
  • At tourist locations
  • A couch surfing host
  • Drink a beer at a pub

Don’t think that finding a local to hook up with will be easy though. Some of the barriers that you could encounter while trying to date a local are:

  • The culture of the place could be such that the people are not open enough to date. Maybe they are extremely traditional and hooking up with a person from a foreign land is not something that is encouraged.
  • It is difficult to know the sexual preference of a person by simply looking at him/her. So, before you make a move you will need to know the person a little better so that you don’t goof up on this front.
  • At your age, you might keeping your guard up for safety is always a great idea.
    See that locals are looking up to you and showing respect and are not quite inclined to start dating you.

The rules of the country and the legalities might not permit dating. So, while dating might be easier in USA, and PDA is acceptable in Mexico, the dating scene is still quite conservative in India and many of the Islamic countries.

A Fellow Traveller

Are you travelling in a group? It could be that you strike a chord with someone from the group itself, which, in turn, can lead to something more meaningful during the course of the trip. If you are single, then it is best to find a group (while you are researching the package options) where those travelling are also single and mostly belong to your age group. This will increase your chances of having a fling. Having a fling with a fellow traveller will make your trip more fun since the both of you would not only be discovering a new place together but will also be sharing a lot of close romantic moments as well. But how do you start? All you need to do is to send off the right vibes in the group that says that you are easy going and can be talked to. Also, if you spot someone who you fancy then make the first move and go and speak to him/her. Discussing about the destination and all that you know about it would definitely be a good way to break the ice.

Where To Find The Person

Not all kinds of trips will throw up the option of a fling for you. Some have higher chances than the others. Those that you should opt for are:

  • Bag packers are almost always singles travelling together
  • Cruise ships that travels through different countries will have people from different cultures and almost always there will be people wanting to develop a bond with a fellow traveller
  • Don’t choose resorts that are meant for families and honeymooners.

Once you are at your destination, the places that you should hit so as to find your mate are:

  • Find a watering hole that is popular during daytime. Don’t wait for the evening crowd and blaring music. Instead go at day when it is less populated and if you find someone there it will be easier to strike a conversation and then ask him/her to show you the town
  • At a local library – you never know who you find while you are hunting for books that tell more about the city
  • Lounge by the pool with a book or sit at the beach. When people see you are relaxed and having fun on your own, another singleton might walk up to you for company
  • While in a group try and share a table with the one you fancy during the group meals. Also opt for the various day excursions that will allow you the opportunity to meet more people.

The Dating Rules To Follow

  • Live the present moment – If you like someone then take the plunge and put in the effort. Don’t start analyzing what will happen in the future. The trip is for a limited time and you should aim at enjoying the current moment
  • Both of you are important – Don’t take the other person for granted and take his/her wishes into consideration as well
  • Don’t over-promise – Don’t give in to the vulnerability of the moment and over-promise that which you won’t be able to live by when the time to say goodbye comes
  • Be honest – Be honest about yourself and also with what you are looking for from the fling. A travel fling will always start with a kind of friendship and a friendship deserves honesty.
  • Don’t put pressure on your partner – Don’t try to tie down someone. Travellers will never be tied down to a place just because you have hooked up together. They may be in for multiple flings. So, keep your charm and don’t put any pressure but rather enjoy the journey.
  • Explore the place – Just because you are having a fling don’t stay behind closed doors. Aim at discovering the place together because at the end of the day you will remember all these moments later on in the future
  • Don’t judge – Stop being judgmental because your partner is different from you. Rather, together, make the time a beautiful one
  • It is not love – Please stop confusing a holiday fling with love. Keep it simple and straightforward and avoid heartbreaks.

What Happens After The Trip

Sex can be fun but it can also become complicated as well. So, when you indulge in a fling during travel it is best to keep things clear with the partner that this is only for a short while. In this way expectations would stay intact and a heartbreak during the goodbye time would get avoided.

This said, it might happen that when the trip ends the both of you want to extend it a bit longer. If there is time at hand and the flexibility then go ahead and extend the stay! But if it must end then does it mean a goodbye or do the both of you keep in touch? This has to be a mutual decision and if the emotional bond is very strong then there is no harm if one stays in touch. If you belong to the same city then it becomes easier. But, if the cities or even countries are different then you need to find ways to stay connected long distance and keep making plans wherein you can meet again. There is no rule that says that a holiday romance can’t become something far more serious.

Life is a book and each chapter brings with it a new twist. A holiday fling is also one such chapter, which is important. When It ends don’t be sad, but end it with a smile because of the happiness that it brought into your life.

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