Nude Cruises: All Your Questions Answered
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Nude Cruises: All Your Questions Answered

May 14, 2019 | Travel | By Jason Reid

Helen Keller once said “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” Taking a vacation is step one. If you choose to take a cruise then you have covered the second step too. Now, onto the more exciting bit – nude cruises is what’s gaining popularity. The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) has said that the nude holiday industry is worth $440-million-per-year. It’s no wonder that many are now offering nude cruises to exotic destinations. If you want to know more these offerings we answer your questions right here.

How To Find A Cruise?

There are a number of nude cruises in the world today. When you are choosing one there are two things that you have to bear in mind:

  • Which Cruise – Usually third-party operators like Bare Necessities or Castaways Travel book ships for these cruises. There are other smaller boutique cruises as well. While you choose which cruise liner to go with, you also have to choose between staying naked just to symbolize letting go of social inhibitions or one with high sexuality quotient. After 50 you may have hesitation on taking a nude cruise and you may also find out the kind of people boarding the liner. If there are families or primarily honeymooning couples then you might want decide based on your travel group. On the other hand if you are planning a solo trip you may want to consider one which has similar age group traveling. This could help forge new friendships.
  • Which Destination – Which is the destination that you want to visit. This becomes important because even on nude cruise, guests are taken for shore excursions. So, you need to choose a voyage where you will get to see the places of your choice. Most of these cruises will take you to pleasant to warm-weather places.

Who Goes For Such Trips?

The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) says that usually those in the late twenties and college-aged take nude cruises. However, if you are an adult you can go for a nude cruise. The way the popularity of such cruises is rising, individuals & couples in their 50s looking at reconnecting back themselves or each other, are increasing in numbers.

It has been seen that usually the guests on board on such ships are repeat passengers. Bare Necessities has gone onto say that 70% of their guests are repeat customers. Probably this is because after such cruises a bond forms and repeat journeys are like a reunion.

Children are not allowed on such cruises.

Does One Have To Be Nude All The Time?

The answer to this question – no. You can wear as much or as less as you feel comfortable in. If this is your first time and you are hesitant, take your time to drop the layers off. Once you get soaked into the ambiance you will feel encouraged to drop inhibitions. Naturist couples claim the transition helps become less conscious and bring them closer to each other.

Does The Crew Roam Around Naked?

No, they don’t. The nudity is for the guests alone. Those who are a part of the staff on these ships are fully clothed.

Do The Voyages Have Rules?

Yes, nude cruises have a rule of conduct that needs to be adhered to. For instance:

  • One is expected to lay down a towel before sitting anywhere
  • Usually for formal parties, like the captain’s dinner, one needs to be in full attire.
  • Cruise liners with nightclubs strictly follow the no body touching rule. So, if you plan to get cosy with your partner then keep it for the room.
  • The guests are also expected to respect fellow passengers and aren’t allowed to take pictures without permission and should refrain from clicking snaps in no photography zones.
  • Guests are usually expected to not be promiscuous and not to show acts of sexuality in public.

So, Do These Cruises Have Activities On Board?

These cruises usually have a swimming pool, volleyball court etc. where one can enjoy themselves here during the day. However, if you feel that you are not up for so much of activity and would rather just sit quietly with your partner you are welcome to do that. Nights usually are characterized by parties which could be theme based in many cases. So, even as a senior, you can get down and have fun. For example, Bare Necessities organized parties like Mardi Gras or James Bond Nights while Castaways Travel has been organizing parties dedicated to the animal kingdom. Lets50 encourages you to participate and get creative at these parties. These ships also offer activities that go with the theme of nudity – for example body painting or art classes using nude models.

Do These Trips Have Excursions?

Many cruises arrange for shore or island excursions. Do remember that not all of these are nude excursions. Hence, when you are packing for the journey you should keep this in mind. Also do a check up on the kind of excursions within the trip plan. If your body does not allow ones that are too strenuous then avoid such cruises and opt for more laid back ones. Also, while disembarking it is best to find out if you will be hitting any spot like beaches or waterfall where nudity is permitted so that you can be prepared for it.

Are Clothes Mandatory On Certain Occasions?

These cruise liners usually have specialty restaurants where one has to be dressed or when they are hosting formal gala parties your clothes need to be on. You should always read the rulebook and clarify with the crew if you have any doubts. While visiting ports, if wearing clothes is mandatory then usually these announcements are made when the ship nears the port. At the fitness center and on jogging tracks, guests are more comfortable wearing clothes and we recommend you do too.

Are These Cruises About Sex?

Many have preconceived notions that nude cruises means a lot of sex. That, however, is not true. Social nudism does not mean a sexually charged atmosphere. In fact public display of sexuality is not even permitted in most of these cruises. For example, Bare Necessities does not allow guests wearing any kind of fetish wear or even an excessive display of genital jewelery.

What To Pack For Such Trips?

Even though it is a nude cruise there are certain items that you will need to carry. These are:

  • Formal attire for cocktail party
  • Clothes for shore excursions
  • Clothes for fitness areas
  • Slipons, flipflops, shoes for shore, excursion as well as parties
  • Towels to lay down while you sit
  • Sunscreen, caps, and sunglasses
  • If you need any attire for a theme party which you might be already aware
  • Body paint for those fun parties on board
  • Anything to wish to use between you and your partner

Kate Winslet’s painting scene in Titanic – that’s only the icing of the amount of fun one can have on a nude cruise. So, what are you waiting for? Get on board and enjoy a journey of a lifetime.

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