Nude Cruise: A First-Timer’s Seniors Guide
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Nude Cruise: A First-Timer’s Seniors Guide

June 11, 2019 | Travel | By Lisa Smith

So, okay you have decided to take that nude cruise. Maybe it was a decision because you wanted to experience something new in life. However, now that the day to board that cruise liner is approaching near, are you getting cold feet? There is nothing to be nervous about. This first – Timer’s seniors guide to nude cruise has all the tips that you need during this journey.

It Has To Be Mutual

If you are a couple then make sure that when you book for such a trip there is acceptance by the both of you. The idea could come from one, but if the other partner is not willing then it is best to stay away. Forcing someone on a holiday like this where he /she will spend more time feeling shy is not a good idea. And once the trip starts, if you find that your partner is taking some time to come out into the open then be with her and with gentle coaxing help him/her to get over the initial jitters.

There Is An Age Difference

If your partner and you have a huge age difference, then it could be that once you are nude, the younger one’s eyes will start wandering. It could be a totally new thing for him/her and he/she, in a state of over excitement, might begin to ‘look around’. It is because when he/she finds people who are more of his/her age then he/she might get attracted. At the end of the day you must realize that your body looks different from one who is in his youth. So, when you are planning this trip you need to discuss this with your partner so that you don’t face any embracement later on.

Don’t Be Scared To Reveal

Early man didn’t wear clothes. And he was never ashamed or embarrassed to roam around naked. It is only with time that our senses have so developed that we feel a little scared to strip and roam around nude in public. But, once you have done so, you will find that all is well with the world. If you think that people will snigger at all the bulges and wrinkles in your body then think again. Most of the time tight fitting clothes and ill fitted lingerie makes one look ungainly but in your birthday suit, and more so when all are like that, there is no reason for you to hide.

Please Be Clean

If you think that hair will protect you from showing off too much then think again. With so many around, nudists do not spend their time looking at each other’s private parts all the time. But if you will roam around hairy and uncouth then you will surely be attracting a lot of attention – and it won’t be for the right reason. So, before you start this trip make sure that you have booked an appointment for yourself at the salon and have got yourself shaved and looking clean.

Your Private Parts Are Safe

No, you are not on a journey where people will look at you in a sexual way. Everyone is naked! So don’t start feeling too self-conscious. If you are single, bonds could develop, but it will never be that someone stars you down making you feel uncomfortable. In fact, you might even find that such cruises don’t even have too many singles but rather couples that want to reignite their relationships. So, instead of feeling scared of who will approach you for the wrong reasons, just go ahead and friends with a couple. You might be a tad disappointed though, if you had boarded the liner with the hope that you might find someone.

Be Creative At Parties

So, you are on your cruise and you get to know that there is a get-together happening or a costume party has been arranged! You are sure to think what to wear on such occasions given that it is a cruise for nudists. This is when you need to get creative – wear an attractive headgear or try painting your body such that it looks like one fine ‘dress’.

Everyone Wants To Talk

When one wears clothes then one is judged. The brand tags, the fit, the entire appearance makes one human judge the other. But when people are roaming around naked then all are equal. Hence making conversations and breaking ice becomes easier. So, don’t be surprised if you find fellow colleagues making conversation with you. As for you, even you should go ahead and make new friends during the journey. Just because the two do you are together, don’t stay cocooned in your own tiny shell.

Return If You Are Uncomfortable

Always remember that this is supposed to be a fun and an exhilarating experience. It is not one that you have to endure. If you feel uncomfortable during the journey even after the first couple of days then keep your options open – disembark at the next point and fly back home. A holiday is meant for enjoyment and adventure and not one to feel constantly nervous about.

Know The Rules

There are cruise liners where one cannot body-touch at the nightclub or those where staring is not allowed. It is best that you know these rules from before. Also given that it is a different kind of trip it is best if the rules and regulations are followed to the T. This is a way of showing that you are respectable and that you respect your fellow passengers as well.

What To Pack

Even though you are on a naturist holiday, there are some things that you need to carry with you. For instance, there could be a formal gathering, like the captain’s cocktail party, and so you should keep one set of clothes for such a gathering for you cannot attend that in your birthday suit. You will also need clothes for the times when you disembark and go for excursions. Since you will be getting a lot of sun make sure that you put in your sunscreen, the hats, and our sunglasses. Packing a set of your own towels is also a good idea on trip such as these.

When you strip of all the layers you will feel vulnerable and exhilarated. It will be a feeling of immense independence. When everyone on a trip feels this way, the smiles exchanged and the bonhomie shared is huge. Hence do take this trip, as it will bring freedom and happiness back into your life.

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