5 Most Exciting And Amazing Senior Friendly Treks in America
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Life Begins At 50: 5 Most Exciting And Amazing Senior Friendly Treks in America

May 30, 2019 | Travel | By Lisa Smith

If you have been a trekker, or if you want to experience the thrill of trekking even when you are in your fifties, then this is the piece that you should read. The best senior friendly treks in America are listed here – and they will enrich your experience of adventure for sure.

National Parks Of America

A senior walking through the woods could be an enjoyable experience and doing so you would be able to visit some of America’s best national parks. Reaching out to the American Hiking Society could get you started in choosing the one trek that suits your requirements and abilities. The ones that you should include on your bucket list are provided here.

Grinnell Glacier Trail – Montana is filled with stunning backdrops and this trek is the best amongst all of them. It is not very difficult and is open only from July to September.

Hawksbill Loop Trail – Being just 3 miles of total distance, this could be amongst the first ones for you to try. It is located in the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. During this trek you can see wildlife and cross dense forests as well.

Greenstone Ridge Trail – The best part about this 40-mile-long trail at the Isle Royale National Park is that not many know about it. So, while it being a relatively easy trek, you should ideally be in a group – lest you need any help during the walk. The Isle Royal National Park is on a lonely island in the center of Lake Superior in Michigan. In order to reach here, you have to first take a ferry and don’t be surprised if you come face to face with a moose while trekking. This trek has 36 designated wilderness campgrounds.

Roanoke Trail – This is only 1.5 miles long (round trip) and is located in Nags Head Woods on the Outer Banks in North Carolina. This easy walk will give the chance to see last remnants of a dune forest ecosystem. The non-profit organization, Nature Conservancy, purchases and then preserves ecosystems that are sensitive. The dune forest still survival is owed to Nature Conservancy.

The Narrows – The Virgin River has carved many canyons over centuries. This trek will take you through one such canyon. The Narrows is located in Zion National Park and more than half of the hike is by wading and swimming through the waters. It can be covered in a day or you may even spend a night at one of the 12 campgrounds located within the park.

Kalalau Trail

This Hawaiian trek is 11 miles long and it will take you to a secluded beachThis walk crosses five valleys, forests, and even cliffs. It thus has the fame of being amongst the most beautiful and dangerous trails in the world. When the trek is over you can even camp on the Kalalau beach. If you want more adventure, then once you reach the beach you can walk down a dirt path that goes towards the inland. It will take you to an old agricultural terrace where there is a large number of fruit trees planted. Yes, you can help yourself to these fruits without fearing that you will get caught!

Shi Shi Beach in Olympic Peninsula In Washington

It is located 20 miles from Rialto Beach. This trek is mainly walking on the beach and you can experience the tide pools that come across the trek. As you trek up from Rialto Beach, you will pass the Norwegian Memorial. This was constructed in memory of the 18 men who died when the ship Prince Arthur wrecked here in 1903. Hence sun bathing and wind surfing is not allowed in this region. During this trek you will cross the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. Which shows up orange and purple stars, sea urchins when the tide is low.

Ewoldsen Trail

Located at the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, on this trek you will be able to see California’s miscellaneous landscape. You will walk along the McWay Creek and then through redwood groves. You could choose to walk up to mountain tops from where the coast looks picturesque. This trail is only around 5-miles and doable at your fifty plus age. In fact, it is considered as one of the best day hikes in Big Sur. You need to be aware of the poison oak as they are in plenty in this region.

North Vista Trail

It is 3 miles (round trip) located in Colorado. It is an easy trek that you can manage at your age. The best thing about this walk is that it gives some of the most gorgeous vertical views in the world. Once you are at the visitor center to look over a railing to see the sheer 1,800 drop right into the Black Canyon of the Gunnison river. This canyon is one of the deepest and steepest in the world. If you want some quieter spots, then you can walk down an easy path amidst junipers towards the Exclamation Point. Don’t forget to carry your binoculars while on this trip for there are many bluebirds and falcons to see. They are a treat to watch.

Yes, you could be fifty, but you can still trek. So, if trekking has been on your bucket list then you should visit these top 5 treks in America soon. As Dr. Seuss has said: “You’re off to great places, today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way.”

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