15 Best Nude Resorts In The World For Seniors
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15 Best Nude Resorts In The World For Seniors

May 9, 2019 | Travel | By Lisa Smith

Naturist resorts are fast becoming the trend of the day and are attracting tourists from across the globe. From those which are family friendly to those that are naughty, from camping sites to beach resorts – they are all out there. Here are the top 15 nude resorts across the world where you can drop your clothes and start having some fun.

Bali Au Natural at Bali in Indonesia

Singapore does not have any nude beaches but Bali next door has a resort where you can wear nothing. It is almost a 4 hours drive from the airport and there are hairpin curves along Kintamani that can get to you if you are not used to it. But the view en-route, followed by the beauty of the resort makes up for everything. This gay-owned resort is popular among nudists and offers excellent services right from canoe rides to a spa. While visiting the beach though you have to get your clothes back on.

Caliente Caribe at the Dominican Republic

The location of this resort is exotic as most rooms overlook the pristine Caribbean. The staffs are very attentive and provide you a luxury experience. The resort has an entire calendar of annual parties one can choose and attend. It is a secluded and definitely quiet. So, if you have been a regular naturist or it’s for the first time dropping your garments and give in to some solitude then this is the place for you.

Clover Spa and Resort at Birmingham in UK

Erdington, Birmingham was in the past a part of Warwickshire and is about 5 miles from central Birmingham. Though Birmingham isn’t an obvious thought for naturism considering weather, however the Clover Spa and Resort is considered as the first naturist resort in Britain. Built from private residences that it was started in the 1920’s. The usp’s from owner feedback for this resort are the sauna, hot tub lounging & bath, hot stone massages, and amongst the best de-stress spa therapies. After the experience, relax in nothing at all mode on chairs laid out on the deck. Rooms can be categorized as luxury, cosy and comfy and are based on room sizes.The Clover Spa consists of mixed nudity by gender and is also quite strict on visitor behaviour and etiquettes. Inappropriate sexual behaviour, voyeurism or acts of lear is strictly dealt with. Towels and robes are made available at the resort for guests to wear when they wish. A foot spa and a cold plunge pool are available for visitors to experience and relax in. Alcohol isn’t served as they don’t have a license but the guests can carry their own. Birmingham also has a vibrant nightlife for the ones looking for fun activities outside the resort.

Desire Resort at Riviera Maya in Mexico

The resort not only has an events calendar but also will organize one especially for your needs. Apart from the parties, breath taking beaches with white sands adorning lush palm trees await kindle romance. Natural sun basking besides the turquoise waves of the Caribbean is presented with a friendly atmosphere. The resort has a no children policy on premises. The beaches are clothing optional however restaurant visits require clothes so carry along to the beach if you plan to visit the restaurant right after. If you are looking to awaken your sensual side and provocative entertainment is your Desire Riviera Maya is your resort.

Hidden Beach Resort at Tulum in Mexico

Hidden Beach Resort has great sea views with 43 posh suites. The drive time from Cancun Airport to the resort on the Caribbean Sea is about an hour and a half. This resort offers various activities that you can participate in after you have had enough time soaking up the sun, naked, at the beach. They are strict about making sure their guests remain comfortable and prohibit all kinds of advances, staring and voyeurism etc. The resort also prohibits smoking within suites, restaurants and building areas. Activities are lined up through the week and their Karisma Gourmet inclusive experience makes a strong case.

Hotel Oz’Inn at Cap d’Agde in France

Looking for an entire village where you could hop around all natural? Cap d’Agde, on the French Mediterranean coast should be your choice. All activities for the day – including going shopping and visiting the bank can be done in your birthday suit. Clothing remains optional apart from the beach which you would have to visit naked. No wonder thus it is most often referred to as the world naturism capital. Over the years many resorts have mushroomed at this nudist hot spot, however Hotel Oz’Inn remains the most popular of them all. It’s a boutique resort having comforting rooms, a great bar, a restaurant and also provides therapies. Visiting it in the summer time may land you the experience of a fun filled party on the terrace!

Hylteberga Gard Naturist Bed and Breakfast at Skurup in Sweden

This farm is Scandinavia’s first ever nudist bed and breakfast. A relatively new setup it’s situated between the sea and the ridge on the south coast. It has the Malmo and Copenhagen airports in close vicinity for access. The farm setup is complete with a green house, flower and vegetable farming, hiking trails an outdoor shower and a panoramic view sauna etc. While here you can either laze away your time sunbathing in your birthday suit or go off to the beaches and lakes. There are four beaches that are within the distance of 15km to 48 km. The sauna is a must try for its beautiful views of the fields outside which help you in de-stressing yourself.

La Jenny at Gironde in France

Amongst the resorts where nudity is not mandatory, La Jenny is spread over 127 hectares. Guests can wear anything and remain comfortable in while at the spa or at the various fitness programs. The only time one has to be naked is while at the pool, playing golf and while on the beach of La Jenny. When visiting La Jenny a trip to see the Bordeaux wine country or the Bay of Arcachon is definitely recommended. The beach stays open from spring till autumn. Accommodation options include smaller chateaus to larger houses that can fit a family of 8. Yes, families are allowed here and if you are planning a naturist vacation with your kids you could consider La Jenny as an option.

La Reenert at Luxembourg

Located in the Ardennes forests, La Reenert offers the flexibility of getting your own caravan or renting a modern mobile home or luxurious chalets. This naturist resort has an indoor swimming pool inside a log cabin! If that’s not exciting enough then it also has badminton and football grounds, an adventure park and animation activities amongst others. It is open all year round, but you need to decide if you can bear the winter cold in your birthday suit.

Hedonism II at Negril Jamaica

Hedonism stands for pursuit of pleasure and where better to experience it than Hedonism II. Hedo is amongst the popular resorts in Jamaica and a leader in naturist vacation. Accommodation includes 280 luxury rooms along the Seven Mile Beach at Negril. The cleverly laid out resort and beach sections have segregation for clothing optional and all nude guests. Though both category guests are welcome on either side of the segregation, there are some areas which require you to be clothed. The sections are named “Prude and “Nude”. Hedo activity options include land based, water based, fitness, spa and an exclusive Kamasutra center. Everyone including seniors can learn positions, dance formats and tantric massage to add more spice to their lives after fifty. If you are looking for fun, party or swings and beyond, look no further than Hedonism II.

Cypress Cove Resort Kissimmee Florida

This is another one of the family operated and family friendly resorts in the USA offering packages suitable for singles and couples. Cypress Cove is spread across 300 acres including lake, wetlands and recreation areas. Guests can opt for the 84 villa rooms and apartments or the modern RV Park for accommodation. An annual calendar of activities is available for review and downloads though we recommend checking with the resort before choosing your dates. The large setting has a plethora of amenities for you to choose from for yourselves or your families. Cypress Cove is particular about traditional nudist values and offer discounts on nudist organization members. Unlike some of the other nudist resort they don’t promote swinging discussions and suggest public display of affection to be discreet and innocent. If you are looking for something in the heart of Florida, Cypress Cove is worth checking out. And if you fall in love with the place, you can opt to live in Cypress Cove as well.

The Natural Curacao

Within the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao), The Natural is the only naturist place on the island of Curacao and accommodates anyone who is 14 years and over. It’s centrally located on Curacao in the southern Caribbean. It’s amongst the most scenic resorts of the area and boasts of eco-friendly construction and upkeep. A cool, calm and serene location, The Natural promotes respect, legitimacy and care and will not come across as loud, party full or one promoting swinger and hedonism. If you happen to be a first timer who isn’t sure of nude vacation, The Natural allows day visitors for a fee with advance intimation. Trying out the idea while being clothed could help manage the inhibitions. As you see others over 50 being the way nature created us, it might just be your trigger for stepping in.

Sunland Holiday Village in Nora Creina in South Australia

It was the first Naturist resort which began in 1974 with 100 hectares of land with 1.3 km of beach-front. Thus was born the first Australian ocean beach nudist resorts. Sunland is particular about Naturism and follows the International Naturist Federation definition. If you happen to be new to naturism, you are given a day or two to acclimatize however guests are expected to participate when the weather permits. Clothing is optional for children only. The Sunland Holiday village accommodates pets and has caravans and camp sites as stay options! Facilities include a pool, a spa, golf, fishing, windsurfing and more. For a more leisurely time here you could spend your time at the library or play a card game.

Vritomartis Naturist Resort at Crete in Greece

Visit here and explore traditional Cretan architecture that belonged to the Douroundakis family and happened to be the first launched nudist resort in Greece. Its location is in southern Crete near the Cretan Sea in Vritomartis and it gets its name from the goddess of ancient Minoan. Majestic White Mountains form the backdrop rising to 2000 meters. Having an operational license from INF (International Naturist Federation) requires Vritomartis to strictly observe the guidelines thus issued. Indoors are specified as clothed zones and guests can be nude outside between sunrise and sunset times. Set with an environment exuding serenity, it comes with private sections that guests may desire. The pool remains the lounge capital of the resort and has a spread of twenty five meters. The private beach can be utilized by the guests for walks or cruises and all in their birthday suits! With pleasant weather between early spring and late autumn; it’s one that can take your breath away.

Friedrichsbad Roman-Irish Baths at Baden-Baden in Germany

The culture of Free Body was initiated in Germany as far back as the 1800s. Germans over the years have developed quite a few options for nudists to explore. The one that has held its top position for over a century is Baden-Baden which opened in 1877 and houses within it twelve mineral rich baths bubbling 800,000 liters of mineral water daily. Friedrichsbad was built at the end of belle époque as Europe’s summer capital. One can enjoy 17 distressing levels of bath with the final ones being soaked thermal baths. As the body and mind is re-energized with mineral baths you would indeed feel happy without clothes. Note the baths have clothed sections and nude sections. Also there’s a calendar for co-ed and same gender bath days. Minerals and schematic bath and massage plan work as magic on your overall self. The positive energy will be something worth remembering.

With so many options, you just might need an extra day to decide which gorgeous naturist resort you will be visiting. Note some require you to join with partner and some don’t, so do check before booking them. As Caroline Kennedy has said “Sharing the holiday with other people, and feeling that you’re giving of yourself, gets you past all the commercialism.” So, get your power boost and look forward to making an exciting trip soon.

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