10 Best Nude Resorts in Europe For Seniors
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10 Best Nude Resorts in Europe For Seniors

November 28, 2018 | Travel | By Amanda Johnson

Within the hospitality industry, naturism is a steadily growing culture and it is not restricted to only the youth. In fact, those well into their 50s also look forward to such vacations. Here are the 10 best nude resorts in Europe – the continent with some of the world’s poshest naturist resorts.

1. Vritomartis Naturist Resort at Crete in Greece

Located in the southern part of Crete, the Vritomartis Naturist Resort with traditional Cretan architecture belonged to the Douroundakis family and was the first nudist resort in the country. It gets its name from the ancient Minoan goddess. This resort has a license from the INF (International Naturist Federation) and hence the rules are a little strict here. The indoor areas need the guests to be clothed and one can be nude only outside and that too from sunrise to sunset. It is near the Cretan Sea in Vritomartis. Set in a serene environment, it has private sections that offer the guests the space and the privacy that they need.

The 25-meter swimming pool within the resort is where most lounge all day. For the others, it also has its own beach where guests can go for walks or even avail cruise faculties – and all in their birthday suit! Boasting of its excellent weather right from early spring and up until late autumn, it is one of the most gorgeous nude beaches that must be visited.

2. The Solaris Naturist Resort in Croatia

Located on the beautiful peninsula of Lanterna this resort offers not only peaceful forest surrounding and beaches but also organizes volleyball matches. This one is an open-air resort for naturists and is situated close to the tourist town of Poreč. It offers camping, room, and apartment accommodation to its guests. It is near a beach that spans 2.5-kilometers. Known as the Blue Flag beach, it has both rocky portions and also grassy ones. Only those who come without swimsuits or clothes are allowed on this beach. Not only does it have a pool but other sports facilities like tennis, beach volleyball, and gymnastics. It has three restaurants, a bar pool, and even two supermarkets where you can get whatever you want. If you are looking for fun activities during this naturist trip then this should make it to your list.

3. Clover Spa and Resort at Birmingham in UK

It is located in Erdington, Birmingham in West Midlands in England. It was originally a private residence that was constructed in the 1920’s. This resort boasts of some of the best sauna, hot tub lounging, heated stone massages, and de-stress spa therapies. And after you’re done you could relax in a bare it all mode on the deck chairs. Based on the size of the rooms, they have 3 types – cosy, comfy, and luxurious. The Clover Spa has mixed gender nudity but it is very strict about the behavior etiquettes. It does not allow any kind of inappropriate sexual behavior, exhibitionism or voyeurism.

The resort provides towels and robes to its guests and they can wear it where they wish. It has a cold plunge pool for the adventurous and a foot spa for those with aching foot muscles. The resort does not have an alcohol license but guests can bring their own alcohol. Being close to Birmingham, one can enjoy a vibrant nightlife if one is looking for some fun activity outside the resort.

4. Hotel Oz’Inn at Cap d’Agde in France

Cap d’Agde, on the French Mediterranean coast, has a village where all roam around nude. In fact almost all activities – including shopping and banking – is done in the birthday suit. Clothing is optional though except for the beach where one has to go naked.  It is thus no wonder that it is also often called the naturism capital of the world. Of the many resorts mushrooming at this hot spot for nudists, the most well-known is Hotel Oz’Inn. It is a boutique resort with comfortable rooms, a bar, a restaurant and therapies. If you visit it during summer you might even experience a fun terrace party!

5. Rivendell Clothing Optional Resort at Wimborne Minster in UK

At this resort, while being nude is what is encouraged, if one is seen wearing clothes he will not be shunned. Hence this is the perfect destination for you if you don’t want to roam around naked all the time. This resort has four rooms and Safari and Bell Tents for the more adventurous ones. For them the owners even provide utensils so that all the cooking can be done amidst nature. It also has four rental campers for those wishing to have a more luxurious holiday in the forest. At this resort, both the pool and the jacuzzi have a retractable roof and so one can enjoy these two round the year. It has a sauna surrounded with glass so that the guests can enjoy nature while de-stressing himself.

6. Skinny Dippers at Mallorca in Spain

It is located amidst the Mallorcan farmhouse at Alqueria S’Ermita. Set in a rural surrounding and boasting of a lot of greenery, this secluded spot is much loved by the naturists. They have a sitting area in the garden where you can enjoy the flowers and watch the butterflies. It is the tranquility of this boutique property that attracts tourists the most. Not only can you enjoy a reflexology in the open while being totally open, but you can also lounge by the pool that remains open round the clock or even share a dinner table with a fellow nudist at night. The resort is located only half an hour away from the Palma Airport and takes a little over a couple of hours to drive to the Playa es Trenc beach from here. For retail therapy you can visit the market town of Campos.

7. Château Rieutort at Languedoc at Roussillon in France

This chateau is built on the banks of the River Hérault. It has some of France’s best vineyards. The Nivollet family makes one of the best chardonnay at the chateau which is stored in the cellar and which guests can taste. It is an old heritage building that was built in the 17th century. It used to be the summer residence of one of Napoleon’s generals. This place is known for those who come to get married here – that too naked. So why not visit it with your partner of decades and relive the experience. The chateau with its huge beds and expansive lawns also has two huge pools where all roam around stark naked – happily. But, if staying naked all the time gets to be too much then clothes can be worn without being banished from the resort.

8. Resort Grottamiranda, Puglia, Italy

This resort, located close to the airports of Bari and Brindisi, is set amongst olive groves that are almost hundred-year-old. The resort follows the rules of the International Naturist Federation. It was originally an old Masseria and now has had rooms introduced that are blond and have stone vaulted-ceilings. Although it is not a camping site, they welcome campers who can be put up in the property amidst their trees and flowers. Complete nudity is expected here. This resort is known not only for its yoga and various body treatments but also delicious pasta, mussels and sea bass. Added to that is the wine made from Puglian grapes that you can have wearing just about nothing. The property has a naturist beach, a heated swimming-pool and other facilities like cycling and cooking lessons.

9. Friedrichsbad Roman-Irish Baths at Baden-Baden in Germany

The Free Body Culture started in Germany way back in the 1800s. Now Germany has many places where nudists can be found. But most popular among them is the town of Baden-Baden and within it the bath of Friedrichsbad. Here one goes through 17 levels of de-stress which ends in soaking in thermal baths. As the minerals clear out all toxins from your body you would indeed be very happy to be unclothed. The positive energy will be something worth remembering.

10. Domaine de Belezy in France

This resort is located in the foothills of Mont Ventoux and guests can stay in bungalows made of wood or even camp in the open. This resort is meant for a nudist experience with the entire family. The great thing about it is that one can see all age groups of people here and yet respect for all is maintained. In order to increase the bonding amongst guests they arrange for innumerable activities like theater, sports, music etc.

The trend of going for naturist holidays has been gaining in popularity over the years. Initially what can sound to be embarrassing actually isn’t. It is an exhilarating feeling to be in a resort all-naked. Do give it a try and visit these resorts in Europe for both fun and luxury.

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