Spice it up - Places Besides Her Lips she is dying to be kissed
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Spice it up – Places Besides Her Lips she is dying to be kissed

December 24, 2018 | Sex | By Amanda Johnson

There is no age bar to have a little fun and spicing it up your life. When we talk about intimacy, we consider how much women love kissing because it is an intense act of love, but they don’t say this out loud! Women are the most mystical yet beautiful creation on this planet, and they have their own myriad ways by which you can unlock their hidden secrets.

Men have to literally go for the hit or miss game to find their partner’s erotic hot spots where they feel the most sensation. It is not easy to satisfy a woman in bed, let alone maintaining a perfect balance between love and lust both!

And especially at the age of 50 where a lot of people let go of their sex life and just do regular boring stuff rather than enjoying their leisure time, remember that women are more sexually active than men and they have strong oestrogen levels in their body even at the age of 50! So, if you want to surprise your lady love, you still have a bright chance at doing so.

One little kiss on the hand is enough to send down chills her body but you must know the trick for that! So, here are few of the Places Besides Her Lips she is dying to be kissed and explore it all:

Nape of the Neck

The neck is a super sensitive area and women love to be touched there, it gives them a tingling sensation and make them curl up to their partners in seconds. Surprise your partner by kissing her at the nape of her neck while she is working or doing something, hold her waist and pull her real close.

Gently pull aside the hair on her neck, touch softly with your fingers and kiss her with minimal suction. Don’t pull back from using your tongue, just do it subtly and sensually.

Forehead and Cheeks

A loving kiss brimming with emotions is the one they crave for. You could be stupendously fantastic in bed but you might be missing on something so little yet essential that you won’t even realise it.

This is exactly the time of her life where she wants to be taken care of and protected like a queen. A simple act of love can change their whole day, caresses them when they come back home from a long tiring day or give them a kiss when you leave for work. Make it a habit that you do this every single day and she will definitely appreciate the efforts.

Back of the Ears

Her ears are full of sensitive areas because of the numerous nerve endings there and you need to make the most of it. Women are quite sensitive to auditory stimulation, make sure you tell her how amazing she is and what you love about her beautiful body by whispering in the ears.

Tell them what you will do to them once you are done nibbling their ears, touch them all over and slowly caress her breasts as you speak. In a matter of seconds, you will listen to her moans, waiting for you to just do it!

On her breasts

There is a love hormone known as “oxytocin” which releases when women feel aroused. Sucking on her nipples is the best and quickest way to make her wet down there. Don’t forget to kiss her breasts and leave a little hickie there.

Use your tongue around her nipples, lick them slowly and make sure you do it as a gentleman and not hurt her. Breasts often become tender and swollen when women are on their periods, before going wild on her breasts, ask them if they really want it or not.

Hurting them instead of satisfying could be the worst mistake of your sex life! So be aware and go mellow rather than the bondage style the young teenage might have loved.


Many people underestimate the power of playing with a woman’s hands, they feel it is plainly not necessary or effective for that matter. But you can start off gently and play with her fingers, then rub her hands and kiss them softly.

Use your hands to touch her down on her thighs and make her soft like a little puppy. Begin sucking at the tip of their fingers and gradually take them all in deep. This will transport her to a different universe all at once, delving in the sensual aura and living their best.


The neck area is ultra-sensitive, be it be the nape of the neck or the collarbone, it falls under the same neighbor hood. Do things differently this time, take an ice cube, rub it on her collarbone and lick the water that trickles down her body.

Massage her breasts while you kiss her at the bone, make sure that don’t rush and take your own good time to ease her.

The collarbone might be a tough spot to caress and make soft, but it is not impossible. Have patience and accommodate other things like touching her thighs, or holding her hands and pushing them hard.

Naked Back and Hips

A woman is a sculpted artwork of God, she is full of curves like the wild rivers and her body is a mountain valley one could get lost in. Explore her body like a traveler to a lost land, run your fingers up and down on her bare back, this will instantly send chills down her spine and give her shivers.

Start kissing from the top of the back, near the shoulders, pushing your lips against her skin and making it a little wet. Slowly go down to her hips and ask them if she wants you to go further, if yes, you know what to do next.

Inner Thighs

Thighs are the most soft and supple part of her body, start off by running your fingers and pacing back and forth with your lips to her vagina. If you are doing it right, you will feel her moist skin, linger around the thighs long enough and slowly make your way to her upper inner thighs. This is where you need to start the magic with your tongue and giver a nice time.


Oral sex is an art you need to master if you want to satisfy your girl in bed. Drive her crazy with your skills, use your tongue to its fullest and deepest it could possibly go, hold her breasts while you go down on her and play with her nipples.

Touch her all over her body but focus on her clitoris the most. If you have done your foreplay nicely, you are already halfway through! She is wet and sensitive as it is, all you need to do is just tingle her a bit and play with her little clitoris.

The clitoris has over 8000 nerve endings as compared to the 4000 in men, you can now imagine how amazing they feel when you touch them there. However, many men feel that a woman’s pleasure is optional, don’t be the guy they think of as a selfish and narcissist man. Rather, be the lover she would never want to lose.

A women’s body is a treasure you should cherish, go out of your way and put in extra efforts to make her feel happy and content. Happy relationships last when both the partners participate equally and give each other everything that they possibly can.

Give her unforgettable experiences with your amazing love making techniques, work your way out with kissing, touching and making her go crazy with mild things.

Also remember that no matter how phenomenal you are in sex, you need to keep on adding that little spice to your sex life to rekindle the spark time and again.

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