Slutty 60s - Dos And Don’ts
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Slutty 60s – Dos And Don’ts

December 24, 2018 | Sex | By Amanda Johnson

Once you reach a certain age, you tend to let yourself become comfortable, which is completely fine! But what if you wanted more? A sexier and more gorgeous version of you? You don’t have to be shy about it, now a days many older women are speaking out and knowing exactly what they want to be and how they want to dress and act. Life is all about having fun, after all you only live once, am I right? Lets take a look at the things you can do to become a slutty 60s and confident you and the things you should avoid doing:


Skincare Routine

You’ve heard it time and time again, and for a good reason too! A proper skincare routine is a must for glowing youthful skin. Find yourself a perfect face wash, mask and moisturiser that suites your needs and stick to your routine for picture perfect skin.

Make Up

Be bold and beautiful, go for the kind of make up that stands out, red lipstick is something I would recommend for that sexy look!


Your clothing is the first thing people will notice about you so give them something to notice! You don’t have to necessarily wear less clothing or anything but wear things that stand out and look classy at a same time. Mix and match! Go wild!

Ladies Night

The best thing for you to let out your inner slut would be to indulge in a few margaritas with your girls, go out once a week with your gang and have fun! Go dancing, have a few drinks and mingle around, the confidence boost is amazing!

Eye Contact

Believe it or not, your eyes are one of your most powerful tools that you have. Maintaining a powerful eye contact not only makes you sexier but also more powerful and bold, give it a shot!


Bad Fashion Choices

In your attempts to look slutty, you make opt for clothes you think look slutty but actually come across as trashy instead, be wary of what you are wearing.

Overdone Make Up

Bold and beautiful make up is perfect for that slutty look, but be careful you don’t go overboard! I’m talking about eyebrows that are over exaggeratedly drawn on or lip liners that go over your lips. You wan’t to portray sexiness not scariness!

Over Indulging

Its always fun drink and enjoy, but when you over-do it then it becomes a problem, no one likes a bad drunk. You could lose yourself and what you think is a sexy approach could rather be a trashy one.

The main thing is be confident with yourself and know who you are, once you have these things down the rest will come easy to you, stay sexy!

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