Sex After 50: Tips for Women For A Great Sex Life After Menopause
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Sex After 50: Tips for Women For A Great Sex Life After Menopause

March 12, 2019 | Sex | By Jason Reid

After menopause a woman’s body goes through a lot of hormonal changes. These affect not only her body but also her psyche. Often this take a toll on her sexual life as well. So, that if you are going through the menopausal phase in your life, you can continue to have a good sex life After Menopause with your husband, we have the exact tips that you need.

Eat Well And Exercise

Menopause can cause not only mood swings but also immense tiredness. Hence it is important for you to stay healthy so that you have enough energy in bed. For this not only should you have a well balanced diet and exercise regularly, but you should also take the right vitamins and supplements as prescribed by your doctor.

Stay Away From Addiction

Be is smoking, alcohol, or even caffeine – if you are addicted to any of these you should try and get over it. Your body is going through a lot of changes and consumption of these will not make you feel any better.

Reduce The Hot Flushes

Most women in the menopausal phase experience hot flushes. This causes a lack of sleep, irritation, and even a low sexual desire. Hence, this needs to be treated if you want to continue to enjoy good sex after menopause with your partner.

Vaginal Dryness Can Be Overcome

Menopause brings about hormonal changes that cause mood upheavals, hot flushes, and even fluctuations in the sexual mood. Sexual mood usually fluctuates due to falling libido and pain during intercourse due to vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness, however, can be overcome by:

  • Using various topical creams and gels
  • A lot of foreplay so that you get adequate time to get aroused
  • Use of toys and vibrators
  • A lot of snuggling and kissing
  • De-stress massages and hot baths with your partner

Experiment With New Positions

During menopause a woman’s vagina not only becomes dry but the shape also changes and the lining also thins. So, the sexual position that you might have enjoyed at one time might no longer give you that kind of pleasure. In fact, it could well be causing you pain and discomfort. Instead of bearing it and hating this time, speak to your partner and discover new positions that the both of you will enjoy.

Don’t Give Into Depression

When our body goes through such a big change it is but natural for you to feel as if your life is ending. When you find that you are alone and your kids are all grown up and flown the nest, you see your wrinkles and scars, you can start feeling depressed. This is the time for some pep talk. While you can, and should open up, to your spouse, your close friends and family, it is also the time when you should talk to yourself and believe that you are still just as good. It is your inner belief that will make you feel a lot better.

Pamper Yourself

Your body does want to be pampered during this time. Don’t always be so busy with social, work, and family commitments that you don’t have any time left for yourself. Use the free time to start on a hobby, to go for short vacations (alone also if you wish to), or just put your feet up and read a book. Such quiet times relaxes the mind and body and that is something that you need if you want to connect well with your partner when time for sex arrives.

Talk To Your Partner

When you go through menopause and low desire for sex, a kind of trust issue towards your partner will also build up slowly. You will start to think that he will be unfaithful to you, that he will not find you attractive anymore etc. You need to speak to your spouse about what is troubling you instead of bottling it all up. Also, what’s stopping you from some shopping so that you can also flaunt your new lingerie?

Stop Comparing Your Sex Life With Others

We women talk a lot with our friends and thus often land up comparing even that which should not be. One such, for instance, is the sex life. Each body is different. So you should not judge your sex life on the basis of what your friend has. While it is alright it discuss and find solutions, you should not get yourself down simply because a friend of yours has sex more often than you do. Rather focus on what your spouse and you want and have a good time together.

Use Protection During Sex

Don’t think that just because you have reached menopause and don’t have the risk of getting pregnant, you can avoid protection during sex. Even now you should do your partner to use a condom since during this phase your vaginal lining is thin, and thus even minor tears and abrasions will make you more susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases.

Stop Blaming Yourself

The change that you are experiencing is something that each woman goes through. So if you are feeling weak, tired, or even low on your sexual desire you should stop blaming yourself. You know, as does your partner, that you are not doing this on purpose. Rather, talk to your spouse so that he can get closer to you mentally. Sometimes, men don’t know what to do to comfort the woman. If you share you’re your partner what will make you feel better I am sure he will do so.

Assess Your Partner’s Sexual Status As Well

If you are in your 50s and in the menopausal phase, your partner, too, is going through changes (unless you are dating a young man). Men of your age is also likely to go through withdrawal symptoms when it comes to sex since they either are unable to get a hard on or suffer from premature ejaculation. If you expect him to understand that yours is a hormonal change that comes with age, you will have to understand him too and together you can work out other ways to have a good time in bed. This could be mutual masturbation, use of vibrators and toys, use of topical creams and gels, or even a long session of foreplay.

Keep Having Sex

Yes, you might not be in the physical state to jump into bed as often as you used to, but don’t give up on having sex completely. Choose a time when the both of you feel refreshed and energetic and make out during that time. If staying at the confines of your home makes you shy away from sex then pack your bags and go off for a vacation. Find means to stay connected physically and not excuses of drifting apart.

Don’t Shy Away From A Professional Help

Sometimes you need to visit a doctor to discuss your symptoms. Make sure that you ask your partner to accompany you. Not only will the doctor prescribe the right medicines for you but also your partner will also then understand that you are going through a big change in your life and will become more supportive towards you.

You must remember that menopause is not a disease; it is just a part of ones life that every lady goes through. With a positive mindset you will definitely be able to cope with the changes that it brings and yet continue to have a good time in bed with your partner.

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