Cougar Sex: Myth or Reality (Lusty Seniors)
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Cougar Sex: Myth or Reality (Lusty Seniors)

June 20, 2019 | Sex | By Jason Reid

It has been said that men who have sex in their middle ages, often so with younger women, is because their minds have been programmed to find fertile wombs. Thus the question arises, that if men’s minds behave in this manner, then why not women’s? Here we have enlisted an enumeration of studies that reveal that cougar sex is a reality.

Studies Show That Women Have More Sex In Their Middle Years

An article written by psychologist David Buss from the University of Texas tried to find out why women have more sex in their middle years. This article was titled ‘Personality and Individual Differences’. He wrote this article with help from three graduate students – Judith Easton, Jaime Confer, and Cari Goetz.

In that study they found out that:

  • As women approach their middle ages, they become markedly more sexual than they were in their 20s
  • Women of this age were also more willing to have casual sex and one-night stands than their younger counterparts
  • Women of this age were also more likely to fantasize about a person other than their partner

The number of orgasms that men have peak in their teen years, then fall and settle around 3 per week. They usually remain sexually active till their 70s. On the, other hand, studies have shown that women’s sexual desire declines after menopause. Hence, the above study encourages women in their middle ages to be more sexually active.

Why Are Women More Sexually Active In Her Middle Years

For Procreation

In earlier times women found that many of her children often died due to different illnesses. This affected her psychologically and so she tried to get pregnant and bear as many kids as she could. However, with the advancement of science, she realized that she was able to have kids more easily in her 20s than in her middle years. Thus, she began to have sex more often so that the chances of pregnancy rose during her middle years.

More Comfortable With Their Bodies

A more modern thought that has emerged as ‘why women have more sex in her 40s and 50s’ is that by this age they become more comfortable with their bodies and desires. Hence, it is easier for them to open up and enjoy the act of sex. Often, in fact, they become open enough to even indulge in causal flings and hook-ups.

Do Older Women Really Want Younger Men

No They Don’t

A study done by the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff found that while men usually searched out younger and more attractive partners, women were still skewed towards men who were older and closer to their age and wealthy. This was headed by the psychologist, Dr Michael Dunn. He studied 22,000 men and women wherein their age preference for a partner was asked and analysed. He used on-line dating sites for this study that spanned across 14 countries.

Dunn feels that when it comes to a long term relationship, women chose men based on their wealth and status rather than on youth. Thus, the findings of this study does not believe that women get attracted towards younger men as has been popularized in many shows like ‘Cougar Town’ and ‘Sex and the City’.

Dunn said that often it was a misconception that women in their middle years, since they were finally independent, would target men younger to them. People incorrectly believe so because they feel that since women no longer has to depend on men for financial security, she gets attracted to a fitter and healthier body that is present in younger men.

Yes, They Do

There are women who do get attracted to younger men – Madonna and Demi Moore are such examples. This has resulted in the rise in the ‘toy-boy’ phenomena. This happens because:

  • The younger man is more open to experiment during sex
  • He has a fitter body and give her more satisfaction during sex
  • The younger man does not suffer from ailing health
  • He looks more desirable
  • He looks up to the woman and this gives the woman in her middle years a sense of power
  • The Younger one appreciates her more and even complements her more often
  • The woman have more fun time with a younger man like – visiting pubs and travelling rather than siting at home.

Milaine Alarie and Jason Carmichael, sociologists from the McGill University feels that with affluence, now women have more means to look younger. Now they have also been able to attract younger men. Hence, relationships between an older woman and a younger man, even if not as common but does exist. In fact, the survey carried out amongst women in the age group of 35 and 44 found that approximately 13 percent of them had had sex with a man who was at least five years younger to her. They also found that in this group 54 percent of the relationships between an older woman and a younger man lasted for at least two years and that 43 percent of the women were either married to or were co-habiting with this younger man.

Cougar sex does exist. However, unlike what the media has often portrayed, it is not linked to a midlife crisis. Rather these are well thought of decisions – be that a casual fling or a serious relationship that she enters into.

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