15 wild and sexist ideas beyond the bed for 50+
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Best places to have sex: 15 wild and sexist ideas beyond the bed for 50+

November 29, 2018 | Sex | By Amanda Johnson

With age comes experience and new passions. Sex is one thing which you can never really get bored of, in fact, you discover new and exciting ways to impress your partner and satisfy your own lust with time. Sex is considered as one of the best stress busters, and especially for people who are above 50, it makes them more active and healthier. If you are someone who just turned 50 and are bored by the usual and mundane sex on the bed, then here are 15 wild and sexist ideas beyond the bed for 50+

1. In the Balcony

If you have a room with an attached balcony or maybe in the living room, you can go out when it is dark enough and make love to your partner under the moonlight. You can put a rug on the floor or sit on a chair while doing it. A glass of wine with the gleaming stars and your partner on your writhing body is the perfect combination to give you “the high”.

2. Public Transport

This is one of the best forbidden places to have sex in, having a ton of options, privacy but knowing the fact there are people around you, the sex can go on a tantalizing level. You can book a compartment in a train and a business class suite on an airplane to get some privacy, yet you will still have a tiny space to get caught keeping the fear quotient intact.

3. In A Lake

Untamed sex in the waters is considered extremely erotic. You can go skinny dipping with your lover in a lake, feel their body up making them more wet and do it in the water. If you can not go to a lake, do it in a swimming pool, that way you will have some privacy as well, but the fear of someone else watching definitely triggers a sensual point!

4. Inside A Tent

Plan for a road trip, go for camping with your friends and enjoy some barbeque in the hood of nature. Ask your partner if they want to do something crazy, if they say yes, play a game with them in your tent asking random questions. If they get the correct answers they will have to take your clothes off and if they get the wrong answers you will take their clothes off. It is a win-win game!

5. Sex in the mountains

Nature is the most enthralling places to have sex in, imagine you go for a hiking spree together on an early morning. It is cold out there so you cuddle up to your partner, one thing leads to another and before you know it you are having sex right there in the middle of nowhere!

6. In the Shower

If you have not done this till 50, what are you waiting for? Showers are the most tempting and seductive places to have sex in. Imagine the soapy foam in the bathtub or the running shower with some scented candles and soap bombs on the side. Light the place up like a mini valentine gift and invite your partner to join you in the shower.

7. In the Woods

Nature can take you on a wild crusade if you have it in you to go with your impulsive instincts. Chalk out some hiking and jungle exploration plans with your lover on a weekend. Once you are deep into the woods, make the most of it by having a quick and rough session amidst the forest and the green. It does not happen every day that you visit a jungle or go far from the urban rush of the city noise.

8. Sex in a Spa salon

Get things extra steamy and oily at a massage salon where you can book for a couple spa and enjoy some personal massage time together. Once the professional masseuse is done and leaves the room, you can put your hands on your lover’s back massaging them with your own hands. Feel their sensual body points and arouse them with your hands, things will get messy as you both will be oiled up, but it will be worth it! Just make sure you lock the room from inside, so that nobody catches you.

9. In a hot bathing tub

Hot bathes are the most relaxing and stress relieving experiences. Some scented candles, a glass of red wine and some steaming action in a hot bathing tub is a perfect combination. What could be more better to relieve your stress or enjoy a Sunday evening than with your partner in a hot tub. Soap bombs are the trending things you could use to make your bathes little extra soapy and more aromatic.

10. Sex in a night club

A nice and comfy night club would allow you to dance with your partner under the dark lights to soft music with some drinks on the side. You can take advantage of the dim lights and run your hands through their body, touch them on the inside and make them crave for you more. Slide out to the restroom and make the most of the night by having sex right there amidst the high music and sensual lights.

11. Sex in a tree house

Rent a tree house for a get away in a lusciously green forest. Here having sex in the thick of the nature is a great way to have fun. You both will be all by yourself, alone in the wilderness with absolutely no fear of getting caught. Make it count by experimenting new styles that you have always fantasies but never tried.

12. Sex at a golf club

Golf is a rich and experienced sport, take along your mistress with you for your morning golf routine. Get real close to her and teach her how to handle the club, before she even hits a shot you both will be engaging in some serious lovemaking goals! Just make sure you have no one around to watch you hit the ground hard, or resort to the nearby bathroom or enclosed areas.

13. In Front of a Mirror

According to a research, women and men, both felt more pleasured seeing themselves naked in mirrors while having sex. It also stated that doing it in front of a mirror gave more confidence and power to do it passionately. Try this one out if you have already exhausted your other options.

14. On the Beach

Yes, the sand will be bit messy if you do it on a beach, but it worth all the mess! Lie down on the beach soaking in the sun. Once you are all alone, you can begin with your bonding under a sheet to cover your bodies so that no one sees you.

These are the wild and sexist places to have sex beyond the bed, so go on and surprise your partner.

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