20 Tips To Talk Dirty To Your Man
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20 Tips To Talk Dirty To Your Man

November 29, 2018 | Sex | By Amanda Johnson

Maybe because you have never tried it before, because you get nervous, or maybe because you feel silly saying, “Do it to me!” you have stayed away from talking dirty to your man till now. But it is something that you should try for sure. Here are 20 tips to get you going.

1. Tell Him What You Want

When you are still cuddling around with your partner, and even before the foreplay has begun, tell him what you want. Share your fantasies, what gives you pleasure, and maybe even what you want to do to him.

2. Talk Of The Past

This is one situation where bringing up the past works. You could send him a text telling him how much you enjoyed yourself last night for instance or talk about the time when you had passionate sex with him on your last holiday together.

3. Get Descriptive

When you talk dirty with your partner during foreplay – get descriptive. Tell him in details what you want and what you wish he does to you. Don’t resort to moans and one-liners just yet. Get vocal, as it will encourage him to perform better when the time comes. So don’t just keep it to “I like that” but rather say “I like that because…” Or instead of the stale “I love having sex with you”, try the bolder “I love the way you look at me when you are inside me”.

4. Catch Him Off Guard

If you have never tried dirty talking to your man you should know that there is nothing more turning on for a man, for example, if he gets an unexpected dirty message from you while he’s at work. However, if you have already down this, then think of more innovative things to say to him. For instance often coded messages or those with suggestive innuendos work well with men.

5. Refer To All Sense Organs

You don’t have to restrict the talk to just what you see or touch. Move onto unexplored territory and talk of the tastes, the sounds, and the smells as well. Such talk does make it more erotic for the man. For example say, “I like the way you scream my name”, “I like the taste of you”, “I love the way I smell of you after sex”.

6. Be Careful With The Abuse

Not everyone likes abusive language or to be called names during sex. Also, some men like their genitals to be called what they are clinically rather than other names. So, here is where you need to know your partner well enough so that you don’t use any word that the is not comfortable with.

7. Get Your Tone Right

You cannot talk dirty if you are going to be giggling or having a stupid grin on your face. Neither will it make any sense if you will murmur the words or speak in a nervous, squeaky tone. To keep the moment right you have to speak in a tone where the voice sounds thick with desire. You could also touch your man and whisper it into his ears. Never forget to look seductively at him when you talk. That makes a lot of difference.

8. Speak Slowly

When you talk dirty with your partner don’t be in a hurry to complete the sentences. Says it a notch slower and watch how his facial expression changes to one of hunger. It will help you to test out the waters as well. If he likes it keep going else you can stop or say something else.

9. Look At The Body Part

If you are speaking about a certain body part then look at it and touch while you speak about it. There is, for instance, no use saying “I like the way those stubbles feel on my skin” while you are looking down. Instead touch the stubbles with your fingers to show him you like the feel.

10. It Is Not An Essay Competition

In your effort to impress your man don’t get into never ending paragraphs of talk in sentences that have needless flowery words in them. Instead keep it simple and direct. That will hit him the best and have the most effective result.

11. Know His Trigger Phrases

As you spend more time with your man and experiment with the words you will realize that there are certain phrases that always turn him on. For some “Fuck me now” might work while for others it is possibly “Do it to me”. Once you know what gets him on, never forget to use these when you start your talk.

12. Tell Him How You Feel

If you like what he’s doing to you and it is arousing you then let him know about it. “You have got me so wet” or an “I’m going to come now” is definitely going to be encouragement for your man to make you feel even greater delight.

13. Don’t Feel The Pressure

Don’t stop the enjoyment and start thinking of what you have to say next just because you are on a talking spree. You will lose the moment totally. Doing the dirty talk doesn’t mean you feel the pressure to say things all the while. If the moment just brings out a moan from you, then let it stay that way.

14. Start Slowly

If this is something that you have never done before with your partner before then take baby steps. Don’t suddenly over do it lest it freaks out your partner. Also, ideally start it in the bedroom till you gain confidence. You can then, of course, take it outside too. For examples, a whisper into this ears while you are the pub can be quite sexy indeed.

15. Be Subtle

Not always do you have to be explicit. Being subtle and even romantic can blow your man’s mind away. For example if you are at a party, you don’t need to tell him directly what you want to do with him at that moment. Rather, a grin and a feather touch on his cheek with a “I can’t wait to get back home” will have a greater impact.

16. Say Only What You Want

When you are talking to your partner, don’t start to think what it is that he wants to hear. Rather focus on yourself and on what you are comfortable with. Tell him about what you feel and what you want will turn him on more. The more acts that you try to put on; the worse it will become So, stay normal and natural.

17. Don’t Be In A Rush

If you are nervous you might find yourself trying to finish the dirty talk soon by rushing through the process. That won’t work at all. Rather, calm your nerves a little and go slowly. For as long as the foreplay starts, the talk should happen – even if it is intermittently. You will have to be yourself during this time and not put on a show.

18. Texting Works

If you find that you are unable to speak the words during the act and you are more comfortable reporting to just moans, then do the dirty talk over chat. You could send him dirty texts instead. If you are unable to compose the right ones, you can even find naughty ones on the Internet to start things of. This will get your partner waiting for the evening indeed.

19. Talk Of Your Body

Men like to hear partners talking of themselves. The boldness that this depicts is what turns them on. So tell him how you feel when he goes down on you or caresses your breasts. Describe to him how your body is responding to him.

20. Slow Down If Needed

Sometimes when the sex gets really passionate even men want to just focus on that and not really any words. Don’t keep trying to talk at that point. You need to enjoy the moment and so give in to it.

Nothing is actually dirty talk when it comes to sex with your partner. So stop thinking that it is offensive or laughable. Rather, go on and use these tips to indulge in some erogenous talk with him today.

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