20 Foreplay Tips To Drive Your Man Crazy After 50
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20 Foreplay Tips To Drive Your Man Crazy After 50

November 29, 2018 | Sex | By Amanda Johnson

After 50, it can be a little challenging for men to get aroused easily. Hence foreplay before sex becomes all the more important. Here are 20 Foreplay Tips To Drive Your Man Crazy After 50.

1. Striptease

Your man, after so many tears together, is probably grown used to seeing you naked so, instead, for a change dress up for him. Let him get thrilled thinking of what the night holds. Then get into the strip tease mode. The excitement of seeing you open your clothes slowly while you touch yourself will be a huge turn on for. You could even put on some soft music and groove to the tune as you remove the layers. For example, of you are wearing a spaghetti strapped dress, all that you will need to do is to slide off the straps so that your cleavage and your bra is reached a little. From thereon, keep going slow with the peel off and watch his expression change.

2. Sexting

This need not just necessarily mean sending him sexual messages on text. You could send him your nude pictures too, or slip in a message into his coat pocket or in his office briefcase or even write, “sex time” in his office diary and mention the time for which you have scheduled it. He is sure to keep waiting for the evening when he would be able to return to you.

3. Use A Toy

For this the timing has to be right. You will have to assess when your man is about to come into the bedroom. Minutes before that you will have to start playing with a toy. Watching you turned on due to the use of a sex toy will definitely want him to take over charge.

4. Whisper In Public

If you are at a party, you can start your foreplay game right then. You’ve got a few options here. Either whisper dirty words into his ears, or grind yourself against him during a dance, or touch him under the table, or open your high heels and play footsie such that you slide up your toes right till his upper thighs. He could be above fifty, but he is sure to cut the party short after these.

5. Give Him A Massage

At this age men suffer from all kinds of pains often, which result in the lack of good sex. So, you could definitely play masseuse and give him a nice massage. Not only will it be soothing and keep him well lubricated, but also by the end of all the touches in the various erogenous zones, he is sure to be adequately turned on.

6. Drink A Little

At the fag end of the day one wants to relax. What better than having a little drink? So, go ahead and pour your man a little wine. Don’t get him drunk such that he goes off to sleep. But just make him feel relaxed enough to concentrate on the sex that is coming up. Light fragrant candles and switch on some of his favourite music to add to the mood.

7. Take A Bath Together

Rubbing soap on your man in all the spots that turns him on while taking a shower together or just sharing space in a bathtub is another sure-fire way to turn him on. The water and the fragrance act as relaxing agents and your touches turn him on easily hence. If you want to be a little more adventurous then wear a sheer shirt and get into the bathtub wearing that. When a man sees a woman wearing something that is transparent he cannot hold himself back for long. Just don’t be in a hurry to start having sex right there in the bathroom. Take your time and indulge in the foreplay and hold back till you are back into the bedroom.

8. Kissing

Kissing never grows old when it comes to a foreplay trick. So, do spend some time in kissing your man. Start by the hot breaths near his ears followed by the licks on his ear lobes, then slowly move to his mouth, and follow it with kisses and tiny bites right down his chest to his manliness.

9. Don’t Wear Much

Go out in your dress without the panty. No one would know about it but you can turn your man in by revealing the secret to him right in the middle of that dinner. At home, you could go around in your robe nicely tied up and let him know that there’s nothing underneath that during the half time of the soccer match or maybe when he’s being some midnight oil reading the newspaper. If you are planning an evening in the bedroom, then one of the best ways to turn him on is to be in your sheer lingerie. Don’t buy anything that is difficult to take off and get yourself something that will show off your curves. Men love of this age love lingerie that is made of lace – it covers and yet reveals almost everything.

10. Relive The Past

After decades together, the both of you would know everything about each other. That can make sex a little routine. So why not pretend that you are strangers just for one evening? Experiencing the thrill of a first time is always a big turn on for a man. At this age men also like to reminiscence of the past. So you could also describe to him about the various firsts that you have shared with him. While you do this cuddle up him next to him and touch him on his arms, his stubbles, his chest, and never forget to look into his eyes as you do. It will get your man wanting more very soon.

11. Role Play

Men love to fantasize. So, if you want to really turn your man on then indulge in some role-play with him. It is best if you plan this both together and don’t suddenly spring a surprise on him. Men of this age enjoy thinking that he’s at a spa or he’s met the woman at a pub and is hitting on her. The more adventurous ones, however, want to be a superhero even now.

12. Take Nude Pictures

The two of you have probably seen each other a zillion times by now. But, doing something different can bring in the spark to the sex. You could thus wear your sexy lingerie and lie in bed and then hand over the camera to him and ask him to take your pictures. Give him some erotic poses that will turn him on and then slowly strip till he is clicking your nude pictures. He won’t be able to stay to just clicking for long.

13. Get The Webcam On

Here’s something fun that the both of you can indulge in. Get into two different rooms and start a webcam chat. Start normally and then slowly move on to undressing and fingering yourself. Catch him unawares so that the sheer shock of what you are doing would give him an immediate erection.

14. Give Him That Blow Job

Your man will get a hard erection if you went down on him. Experiment with different poses to give him a blowjob and your sex is defiantly going to be a passionate one. You could have him standing against the wall, sit at the edge of the bed while stands in front, or even allow him to kneel you down and hold you by the hair while he thrusts inside.

15. The Food Trick

Cut various vegetables into long pieces and arrange for a variety of dips. What can start as a very normal sharing of a salad bowl can end up in raw sex. You can take one piece and show him how you lick off the dip with your tongue. You could use the lick off trick with melted chocolate on your finger too. Watching what you do with your tongue is going to give him a good hard on.

16. Talk Dirty

Men like to hear their women boldly talk dirty with him. If you are just beginning then you might feel a little awkward but you will slowly get the hang of it. Touch your man, look into his eyes, and describe what you feel to him. Don’t feel shy and say those words.

17. Watch A Sexy Movie

Choose a movie that has hot sex scenes in it (yes, you might have to research this up a little from before hand) and watch it with your partner. Whenever those scenes come about indulge in touching him and you will soon find that the movie is forgotten about.

18. Sit On Him

If he is able to carry your weight, then playfully sit on him during a time when the both of you are relaxing at home. Sit so that you face him and then put your arms around him. Make your movement slow, but start grinding against him. Watch how he gets hungry for you after this.

19. Touch Him Where It Matters

At a party or at a restaurant together? You can start your turning on game right away. Don’t bother touching him here and there but aim for the jackpot. Run your hand over the main point and you will find it getting hard. The both of you might just land up in the washroom soon.

20. Board Games

So what if you are fifty? You can still play board games on a fun evening together. Just add the element of sexiness to it. For example, if you are playing monopoly, then one doesn’t win any money but instead gets a deep-throated kiss from the partner.

Ultimately, sex is not just about sex. The prologue is just as important and the more time you spend in foreplay the more sizzling the sex is sure to be. Now that you know these ten ways to turn your man on, I’m sure you can go have some fun.

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