20 Foreplay Techniques To Get Your Women Wanting More Even After 50
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20 Foreplay Techniques To Get Your Women Wanting More Even After 50

November 29, 2018 | Sex | By Amanda Johnson

If you want great sex then the foreplay has to be good. However, if you don’t know where you should start then here are 20 Foreplay Techniques To Get Your Women Wanting More Even After 50.

1. Give Compliments

At this age when women look at themselves they realize all the bodily changes that have happened to them – right from the greying hair to the sagging breasts. Hence there are moments when they feel a little uncertain about getting naked during sex. So, if the man spends adequate time complementing her and also telling her what he likes about her while touching her in those places, it does turn the woman on a lot.

2. Get Tongues Entwined

Kissing a classic. Men and women both like kisses – from the pecks to the deep throated ones and it turns them on a lot. But women of this age have a slightly different preference. If you think that you will quickly kiss her through the length of her body and be done with then think again. Women of fifty and smart and intelligent and can easily differentiate between quality and quantity. So take your time even before you touch her lips for the first time. What gets her on is the tongue play where her man’s and her tongues touch and hot breath passes between the two. It’s these moments before a passionate kiss that makes her really wet.

3. Use Lubricants

At this age, often, even if the woman feels turned on, she is still dry. Instead of telling her about this, she prefers it if her man uses a lubricant to get her wet. Playing with her clitoris while rubbing a lubricant or even giving her a nice oily massage will definitely arouse her adequately enough. The best way to massage a woman is to start with her feet – from her thighs till her ankles. Then shift your focus to the heels, the soles, and finally the toes. Being on her feet all day – both at work and at the house – gives her legs a lot of pain, and more so at this age. You want her to get more turned on? Suck on her toes once the massage is over and you will see how she begins to groan.

4. Stare At Her

Look at a woman deep into her eyes and it will turn her on. Gazing at a woman and touching the loose locks of her hair or even feather touches on her cheeks will make a woman of this age shut her eyes and feel the longing. The fact that you find her attractive and desirable even now is what makes her feel warm between her legs.

5. Licking and Biting Is Good

Women like it when they are bitten, nibbled, and licked especially on her nipples, on her earlobes, and on her belly button. This is where food also comes into the picture. If you want you could try licking cream off her belly button or melted chocolate off her nipples and watch her moan. You can even try the temperature trick here. Drop icy water or warm wax on her and she is sure to get all turned on.

6. Talk Dirty

Women like words. So, if you want her to feel totally turned on with what is coming up then tell her of your plans, what you will do to her, what you want her to do to you. Start right from the morning if you want by sending her texts all day and end it with “you are so sexy” when you finally have her in bed.

7. Dress Well And Smell Good

Women at fifty want their man to look good. So if you want to give her a good time in bed then dress smartly and smell good too. Women get a huge turn on if they like their man’s smell.

8. Watch Porn Together

Not many will admit to this because they feel that they might be scorned at, but women of this age are quite a visual creature and love to watch porn with their partners. This is often because they have been having sex with their partner for so many years that porn provides the excitement that they actually want in bed. But they don’t quite like to watch it alone but prefer their partners to be around.

9. Give Her Oral Sex

Women love it when the man goes down on her. The lubrication of the spit together with the massage of her clitoris makes her completely horny. Don’t think that this is an obligation on your part but think that it is an integral part of bonding with your partner. If you like it when she gives you blow jobs then you should be willing to do the same. Only then can the both of you be equally turned on enough to have a great orgasm. When you do start giving her oral sex, begin slowly at first. Directly stimulating the clitoris can be a little painful for women at this age. So start by licking the clitoral hood or the sides and slowly move to the spot.

10. Get Rough With Her

Yes there are women on this age bracket who like to be man handled a little. Being the boss at work and dealing with delegation of work and juniors all day makes her want to be given orders when it comes to sex. So, you could tie her wrists with your tie, bite her and give her a hickie, spank her butt lightly, pull at her hair, or even simply just catch her unawares and pin her against the wall and kiss her breathless. And once you do this, expect an on-fire woman after this for sure.

11. Indulge In Some Role Play

When it comes to role-plays woman at this age don’t really want their partner to dress up as someone, but they want to invent fictitious scenes. For example, it could be as two strangers who meet at a party or maybe as a junior at work. Indulge in such stories with her and see the anticipation building up within her.

12. Give Her A Massage

She does get tired at the end of the day. So, give her a treat by massaging her. Light scented candles and play soft music to add to the romantic mood. Remember that when you are massaging her, do give some extra attention to the spots that make her wet.

13. Play With Her Nipples and Clitoris

The nipples and the clitoris are two of the most erogenous zones for a woman. So if you want to turn her on then concentrate on these two spots. Suck on them slowly and softly. The sensations that she will feel will get her extremely turned on.

14. Dance With Her

Play her favourite song and dance with her. Hold her close to you and look into her eyes while you dance. Move your fingers down her spine and then softly hold her butt and pull her closer to you. When she feels your hardness, she won’t be able to hold herself back for long.

15. Cuddle Her

All that she needs is a lot of cuddling. Get into bed together and don’t aim for sex right away. Just pull her near you and cuddle her. Wrap her in your arms and allow her to rest over your arms. Slowly move your fingers over her face and her body. Soon you will find her eyes closed and hear soft moans.

16. Allow Her to Give You Pleasure

Yes, this does turn a woman on. If she is touching you or performing oral sex on you to turn you on, she gets wet herself. Watching you react to her touches to get a hard-on makes her happy and thus she gets hot herself.

17. Make Her Beg

Don’t say yes to having sex even if you find that she wants it. Make her work for it. Have that serious look on your face and see what she does to get you to give in. The effort that she has to put in for her pleasure will turn her on.

18. Don’t Touch Her Where You Should

Sometimes the anticipation builds up frenzy within her. She probably expects you to suck her nipples or stroke her clitoris. So, for a change don’t do it. Touch the other parts of her body. For instance stroke her thighs, kiss her neck, or even suck on her toes. Move your fingers very close to her favourite spots but don’t touch it. This will stimulate her greatly.

19. Compliment Her In Public

Your partner will love it if you paid her a compliment in front of others. It makes her feel good to know that you still feel attracted to her. Add a peck on her lips as a follow up. This display of affection will make her want to get closer to you soon.

20. Leave The Clothes On

Turn your woman on by stroking different parts of her body without undressing her. So, for instance, you could suck at her nipples from over her top or move your fingers to her clitoris from over the panties. Having barriers left between the both of you will heighten her pleasure. For a change, just lift up her skirt and go down on her instead of making her naked and then watch what happens.

There might be those moments when you just want to rip off each other’s clothes, but it is best to hold on then. Take your time, indulge in foreplay, and enjoy yourself before the final act because women definitely enjoy that a lot.

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