10 Reasons Why Sex After 50 Is Much Better Than In 20s And 30s
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10 Reasons Why Sex After 50 Is Much Better Than In 20s And 30s

November 28, 2018 | Sex | By Amanda Johnson

Sex gets better with age – just like wine. All that you need to have is an open mind so as to adapt to the changes in your body. Here is why you can expect to have better sex now, at 50, than you did when you were 20 or 30 years old.

1. It Is Softer

By this age you would have been having sex with your partner for a long time and the both of you understand each other well. It is this bond that you share with each other that makes the sex a more affectionate one. In your youth you would probably be having sex that is more energetic, but now things will slow down a bit. This is because you realize that neither your body nor not your partner’s will be able to take too much of exertion. While this might prevent you from having sex in all kinds of positions, the understanding of each other’s needs will help you find positions that are both comfortable and yet hot. It is he good communication of this age that makes the sex a pleasurable and yet a softer one.

2. It Is More Experimental

At this age the woman suffers from vaginal dryness or the inability to have an orgasm quickly and the man can suffer from a premature ejaculation. Thus, now is the time when the couple starts to experiment so as to find ways by which they can continue to have sex that gives them satisfaction and is also comfortable. This experimentation is what leads to newfound excitement. This can be in the form of more foreplay, mutual masturbation, oral sex use of lubricants, use of toys, or maybe even a lot of hugging and kissing. These newer ways that one finds at this age is different and more interesting than what one did in his or her youth. For instance a research said that men get aroused more easily in their 20s because they reach their genital prime then. However their sexual prime, when their mind can differentiate good quality sex from the quickies, happen only when they are middle aged.

3. It Is Enjoyable Exercise

As one ages, the body begins to slow down. This affects one health adversely in the form of weight gain, exhaustion, rising blood pressure and cholesterol, and lower interest in sex. However, if a couple continues to have sex regularly they will be doing each other a great favour. Sex helps to improve the blood circulation in the body. This will not only alleviate vaginal dryness and help the man in getting a proper orgasm, but it will also help to burn a good number of calories as well. Sex, indeed, is an extremely pleasurable cardiovascular exercise that one can enjoy at this age.

4. More Foreplay

In your 20s and 30s you might have indulged in a lot of “quickies” due to paucity of time or even because you could have your orgasms quick enough. In your 50s this will not happen. The body takes longer to reach a satisfactory climax. You can begin to use this to your advantage by indulging in a lot of foreplay. Give each other massages, experiment with oral sex, or even indulge in lengthy kisses and touching. At this age sex is not just about the penetration, but all the fun and comfort that comes before it.

5. You Have More Time

By 50 you would have already achieved what you had to in your career and maybe thinking of retirement. The kids would have also grown up and left home. So, now is when you have a lot of free time at hand. As a couple you can just enjoy sex with a more open mind and with no pressure of time. By now the household demands are fewer and so sex can happen leisurely on a weekday morning, while on an extended vacation, or in he afternoon simply because you took he day off to be with your partner. Basically, at 50, unlike during your youth, sex can happen just about anytime that you are in the mood for it.

6. No Fear Of Pregnancy

This is definitely a huge boon of having sex at 50. As a woman you no longer have to fear conception because by now you would have hit menopause. So you can forget about those pills once and for all. It is an advantage for the man too, because he no longer has to bother about using a condom. Sex can be free and independent of any protection anymore. However, if you are the woman who is having sex with someone new then do make sure that the man is using a condom so as to avoid any chance of an infection which your body is quite prone to at this age.

7. More Confident To Choose The Right Person

In one’s youth a broken relationship often makes us get into another one on the rebound because we are feeling vulnerable and lonely. Often the choices that we make are not the right one which causes greater heartbreak. At 50 one is more stable in the mind. He or she has the confidence to wait for the right person with whom the vibes are right and so is not in a hurry to have sex and complicate matters unnecessarily.

8. More Confident Of The Body Image

Unlike in the 20s and 30s, by the time one is in the 50s, the person is more confident of the way he/she looks. One overcomes the insecurities about ones body and so during sex there is no anxiety. Also at this age one would have tried many things when it comes to sex. So, when it is actually happening he/she is able to articulate his needs better and this helps in making it more fun and satiating.

9. Lower Inhibitions

In one’s youth one often thinks what would happen if one gets caught or what would the partner say if a certain wish is voiced. With age this subsides. So, if at 50 if you are in a monogamous relationship with your partner you are less likely to have the inhibitions that you might have harboured in the past. Now you might be alright –

  • Having sex in places you have had sex before like in pubs, in the car, or maybe in a public toilet
  • You don’t feel shy telling your partner how you want to be touched
  • You are fine playing around with toys or even masturbation
  • Enjoying the art of oral sex
  • Indulging in dirty talk with your partner to make it more exciting
  • If a position is painful you don’t hold back but speak up so that it becomes enjoyable for both

10. Less Stress

When one is young there is the stress of making ones career, pressure of starting a family, unwanted pregnancy, lots of house chores, fear of getting caught etc. All this piles up when it comes to having sex. If not always, often the mind is thus not at peace, and this affects sexual performance. At 50 all this is no longer there. With a mind that is no longer preoccupied, the sex that happens is far better and a hotter one.

Now you know why you will be having better and hotter sex than you have had in your youth. So don’t keep your partner waiting any longer. Stay relaxed and go have some fun.

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