marrying a younger female is a good idea for a 60+ Men
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Why marrying a younger female is a good idea for 60+ Men

December 26, 2018 | Romance & Relationship | By Amanda Johnson

Marrying someone younger than you at the age of 60 may raise a lot of eyebrows, but there are redeeming points as to why you should give it a chance. Read our take on older men marrying younger women, what to look for and what to be careful of.

Why Marrying A Younger Female Is A Good Idea For 60+Men

Younger Women Present a Breath of Fresh air in Senior Men

Younger women can be mature mentally. Yet their age brings an aura of lightness in your life. They are carefree and will help you live without your fears. Living with a younger woman will teach you new things every day about yourself and bring out the boyish smiles and flirtatious side in you. 

They Can Make Excellent Parenting Partners

Younger women biologically are at their most fertile and usually are of the mind to start a family. They will be at the peak of their health and hence could easily carry a baby to full term without complications. Scientific research has noted that males over 60 pass their experiences and acquired skills to their heirs if they procreate late; this means you too, would genetically be pairing up to make a very strong and healthy progeny.

Your younger wife will make an excellent parent to her step-kids as well. They are much more open to the concept and responsibilities of raising your kids from a previous relationship and would happily help in every aspect by making real efforts to bond as a family.

In case you want to adopt a child, younger women have so much potential, patience, and energy to smooth the rough paths that parents are faced with adoptive children at times.

Be Ready To Enjoy Smoking Hot Sex

Younger women are very adventurous in bed, open to fulfilling erotic fantasies and have a lot of kinks yet to be explored. With the right partner, they will flourish to their best possible version of a vixen. Your experience in her eyes is extremely attractive and she will be willing to learn what new games and toys you’d like to introduce to her. Sex between an older man and younger woman is like two people catching up. You’d show her everything she’s been missing and she will revel pleasuring and being pleasured by a man who knows exactly what he’s doing. Role-plays, kinky gifts such as handcuffs, sex toys, and vibrators will keep your sex life more than active.

You Will Feel Younger Around Your Partner

Believe it or not, you will feel more youthful and useful around a younger woman. She won’t treat you like an old man but as an equal. You will notice her involving you in the things she does, which is closer to her age. Going through such motions will give you the feeling of inclusivity and acceptance at an age where everyone is trying to take work out of your hands and make life easier for you. She will look up to you as a partner and a husband and will also expect you to step up to that role. You’re only old if you think you are, and your lady love won’t let you think about it. It would be a welcome change when she would look up to you as a provider and counsel; your conversations will be about the both of your lives and keeping things moving at the pace of love. 

You Might Have Fun with the Power Play

Since this type of relationship is unconventional, you will face a degree of power play, which several men enjoys. There’s nothing sexier than watching an ambitious woman with fire in her eyes. She looks up to you for advice, at the same time she’s younger and more ambitious than older women. A lot of older men enjoy a relationship where they perform the old school roles of being the providers and supporters. Since younger women are driven yet inexperienced, they will turn to you. You can mold them into a better version of themselves because of your experience. This will have a continuous exchange of power and dominance between the two of you, which could be fun if treated like play time. It sure will keep the relationship spicy.

What to Look For in A Potential Wife 

Maturity and Genuineness

These two traits will take your relationship a long way. You would want to be with a woman who is young and mature so that she can understand that with age comes the loss of flexibility in thoughts. You can count on that maturity of hers to be by your side and support your decisions, correct you without being condescending and question wrong choices by being open. A genuine personality is hard to find with the advent of social media and photo shop. Having realness to her will help you both come to the proverbial table just as you are. Love is worth a shot, right? 

A Nurturing Heart

If you think you can make a marriage work with a younger woman who is only fixated on her career at that moment, you’re wrong. The boss ladies are not in alignment with what you would need out of a marriage and it is best you don’t scope them out. Since the dynamics of your relationship are not quite like the others, you will have to focus on finding someone who is ambitious but would also like to be home with you and enjoy life. Since it’s your phase to wind down and relax, considering your finances are solid and future planning done, you would be home a lot or traveling the world. Marrying someone willing to spend a life time without sacrificing ambitions will be wonderful. Young woman old man relationship is a boat which needs to be sailed in a synchronised manner.

Red Flags to Keep An Eye Out For 

Catfish Scams

We are sure you must know all about scammers and catfishes. They seem to be made for you, can offer everything you want from a young wife and then rob you. Keep an eye out for women who love the game of cheating older, gullible, “lonelier” men (their words). You want to be in love, but not mugged while at it. If anything seems too unreal to be true, it is because that’s probably the case. Make sure you conduct a proper background check no matter how much you want to trust the person. 

Prenuptial Agreements

It may cause a certain discomfort to think about it, but this is probably for the best. If you come from wealth, discussing a prenuptial agreement makes a lot of sense. We all enter into marriage hoping it lasts forever, but as fate would have it, some aren’t meant to last. If things doesn’t work out, the last thing you need to worry about is losing 50% of your wealth. Sit together with your attorney and discuss the particulars of your prenuptial agreement well before you tie the knot.

Love finds you at your best and your worst, and at any age. Now that you’ve read about the outcomes of marrying a woman younger than you, we wish you marital bliss. Put your heart on the line and go get her, tiger!

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