Why LAT (Leaving Apart Together) Is Worth A Try For Seniors Above 50?
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Why LAT (Living Apart Together) Is Worth A Try For Seniors Above 50?

May 7, 2019 | Romance & Relationship | By Amanda Johnson

If your partner and you think that your relationship is falling apart or is even getting very routine then you must give LAT (living apart together) a try. Read on to find out more.

It Will Reduce The Boredom

Often a long term relationships start feeling boring. When two people have been together for years and know everything about each other everything becomes predictable and monotonous. This increases the chances of the couple drifting apart. If you are in such a situation then instead of choosing a divorce you should try LAT. LAT (living apart together) would mean while you will still be committed & together, yet you would not be sharing the same roof and so you would see each other from time to time. During the times that you meet, there will be inquisitiveness, conversation and possibility of a rekindled romance.

No Kids To Look After

The years that you have spent bringing up your children are now over. They are all grown up and living closer to work or have families of their own. This is the time to explore, seek thrill and adventure and you may wish to do it alone. Adventures like nude cruises, senior treks etc have become staid and exploring LAT as an option could facilitate these. LAT (living apart together) can be managed by either one of you moving out. Meet over the weekends and limit the time together. It’s great to think of an all new time of dating together. It might just bring back a lot of fun from the early years together. And this time you aren’t limited by the presence of small kinds in your life.

The Sex Improves

Be it physical reasons like menopause or premature ejaculation or sheer boredom of iterative sex, you are likely to start losing interest in sex. Instead of starting to look for other options, make your partner a “new” one all over again. LAT is one way you can do that. When you need to put in effort to be with someone the brain gets excited. This attempt will then make you start to look forward to physical intimacy with your partner once again.

It Will Give You “Me Time”

If you feel that all the work at office and then at home is getting to you way and you are left with no time for yourself then it is time to give LAT a chance. After years of being together, there might be times when you take your partner for granted and be stressed with demands, pressure, and expectations. If you are beginning to feel that way, then speak to your partner and move out for a while. This will give you a lot of time that you can spend solely by yourself. The feeling of independence also brings in appreciation for the connect you have with your partner.

Incompatible But In Love

Yes, you have been together for decades now and you love your partner dearly. But you also realize that you two are extremely different and so, with age, as the patience reduces, the fights and differences will make you both miserable. Instead of a separation, LAT provides a window where you remain together while being under different roofs. You thus experience staying away while remaining committed. It could save your marriage to help the both of you realize which option is better!

Communication Opens Up Once Again

When two people share the same roof for years, they get accustomed to each other. Having the other around always could be the reason for the distance between the partners. Conversations become mundane and are not given the importance that they deserve. But if one moves out, then you could start looking forward to catching up, talking and missing each other. When you talk and share, you become closer which is what you could have been missing staying together.

LAT (Living apart together) can make the both of you feel more appreciative of each other. If your relationship is going through a troubled phase, this is surely a way to get the bonding back into your lives.

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