One Night Stand After 50 With A Younger Male
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One Night Stand After 50 With A Younger Male

December 19, 2018 | Romance & Relationship | By Amanda Johnson

We have progressed so much and yet there are so many women who back out when they find that a man who is younger to her in age is showing interest in her. The real reason of holding back is usually our mind telling us things which impedes a positive decision. So, if you are someone who has the chance of hitting the bed for a night with a younger man, we suggest you to go ahead. In case your mind is still unsure about it then here are some things that might help you to decide.


It Is In The Mind

Evolution has been such that women have always sought out men older than them as that means that the man is more stable both mentally and financially. Hence, when she finds a guy who is younger to her showing interest, she curls up. If you find yourself doing this maybe it is time to let go of the barriers that your mind holds. In fact you should rejoice that the youth still find you so attractive. Don’t push the young lad away brashly because you can’t decide.

You Actually Don’t Like ‘Young’

Some women prefer a face that looks manlier and a chocolate-boy look turns them off. So, if a forty year old looks kiddish she will steer clear of him but if a younger boy, who looks macho enough, eyes her, she just might be getting wet between her legs. If you fall in this category, then if a young guy hits on you it is most likely that you will be disinterested. This is more because of his youthful face rather than his age. In such a situation you might as well not take the matter to bed because he has already turned you off.


Are you shying away from that one-night stand with that cute guy in his twenties because he’s immature? Or, because conversations with him could be childish? Or, is it because he likes to play loud music and get sloshed over beer while you prefer Mozart and wine? Well, if he is crushing on you while all you feel is irritation, then stay away. But if he can talk of things that are meaningful and wants to do things that will make you happy, then what’s stopping you from having an action packed night with him?

You Believe In Love

Do you belong to that school of thought where casual sex is not a done thing? Do you need to be in love before you give your body to someone? In that case, avoid this. Don’t indulge in the one-night stand – not with the young fellow and not with anyone else because the guilt that you will suffer from after the act will eat into you for a long time. Remember to stay firm and don’t get talked or pushed into it.

Is It Fear

What’s keeping you from hopping into bed for a night of steamy sex with that young guy? Is it the fear of rejection at your most vulnerable moments? Maybe a part of you feels that you aren’t at your best shape and looks others envied when you were younger and are shying away? Please don’t get into this auto-rejection mode. Not all men are looking for young and shaped women. If you feel a connection with him and you are in the mood for some fun, go on and show your groove.

Lying About Your Age

Are you ashamed of how old you are? If you are nodding your head in the affirmative then you got the wrong track dear lady. There is no reason to lie about your age he already finds you attractive so indulge in the fun without self doubt. Young men who like older women have their reasons be it the maturity, experience or escaping the childish nag. As for him thinking whether you will be good in bed or not, given your age – well, go on and show him what you got.


Teach The Sexually Inexperienced

It might just happen that when you are with the lad and into the act you realize how inexperienced he is and hence he lands up being too bothered satisfying his own needs rather than yours. This might spoil the entire activity that you were looking for. After all you didn’t plan to be a teacher to him – even if it’s just for a night. On the other hand, if you are the kind who likes the naive ones who you can teach, you might have a lot of fun educating him on moves he never knew existed.

No Relationship Baggage

This one-night stand with this yummy boy is just for a night. No whining and no relationship baggage once the sun rises. If you are not looking for a serious relationship, this should be a good opportunity for you to take on. You can have the fun and yet not worry about the future.


Stranger Anxiety

If you don’t know this young fellow it could be that your mind is signaling you to be beware. After all, the world isn’t the most predictable is it. Anything that raises a flag such as disease symptoms or glances to your bag or wallet isn’t to be ignored. So take your time deciding and keep your guard up. Don’t worry if things don’t pan out on the first few instances. Our advise is to be safe than sorry.

What If He Spills The Beans

Maybe the guy pursues you to win a friendly bet and spills it all and sundry. These are instances which are bothersome and could be hindrance for many. We suggest you look for someone trying too hard and if you catch some tell tale signs, bailout. It’s best to take precaution, talk to the fellow and assess the situation logically a little before your hormones take over.

You Don’t Get Aroused

After 50, due to hormonal changes, you might find it difficult to get wet. You could use lubricants to ensure the pleasure isn’t interrupted. There are patches and topical gels also which would help you get your hormones working better. Also be careful on the sex positions especially if you are starting after a gap, lest you hurt your back or your knees.

You Get Caught

Hooking up with a boy for a night is surely not going to go down well with your family and friends if they find out. So, do be careful with where you decide to shed your clothes and take caution to check out the place before starting off lest it emerges as a prank.

Don’t Share Your Number

It’s just for a night. If the two of you have just met, you don’t need to share your family history, where you stay, or even your contact details with the chap. Once the night is over each is expected to go his/her way. So, do have a good time and be a lady but maintain your distance. It is okay to remain a stranger.

Now that you know what you can expect during a one-night stand with a younger man, go on and plan your youthful date tonight.

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