Older Women and Younger Men: A Match Made in Heaven?
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Older Women and Younger Men: A Match Made in Heaven?

December 19, 2018 | Romance & Relationship | By Amanda Johnson

We all are aware of the speculation that revolves around relationships built between older women and younger men. A huge percentage of the population react to this type of a match with incredulity and nastiness, a mentality that is truly the fault of social conditioning of the masses. From a very early age, patriarchy digs its claws into younger minds and shapes them to instantly reject the thought of women having a choice to explore a partner in a younger man, and men feeling attracted towards older women. The same group of people would have no qualms when met with an older man with a woman 20 years younger than him.

However, the couples in question beg to differ. Also termed as the “Mrs. Robinson Complex”, there are men who openly admit their attraction towards women older than them. The reasons for their preference make perfect sense and lift the veil of prejudice allowing us to see things from a logical standpoint. Many older women too, admit how they would choose a younger man for a partner. Pushing aside coy remarks such as “Boy Toy” and “Sugar Mama”, the world sees highly successful couples of this combination; take the example of French President Emmanuel Macron and his lovely wife Brigitte, Model Heidi Klum and her long-term boyfriend Vito Schnabel or Actor Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee.

What really makes these two individuals perfect for each other? Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why older men and younger women make a very good match, from both the partners’ perspectives.

From the Male Standpoint

Older Women Are More Driven Towards Their Goals

Men say that they are very attracted to this trait in older women, because of how sure footed they are when it comes to their career goals. Unlike younger women, they do not crave searching for a man in order to start a family but for true companionship. They work hard over their goals with laser focus, and their spines of steel make them a force to be reckoned with.

They Know Exactly Who They Are and What They Want

Be it personal life or relationships, a mature woman understands just who she is and what she wants her life to be like. They don’t have the time for unwarranted insecurities and self-doubt; they know they are worth everything they work for. In relationships, older women are financially stable and look for traits other than a man’s ability to support them. There is no place for scheming because they are honest from the get-go. Asking their partners to come as they are, they have no place for pretence in a relationship.  

Older Women Set Standards and Do Not Settle For Less

Ready to uphold and maintain their part of the bargain in a relationship, older women have standards that they expect their partners to meet. Instilling their belief into bringing equality to the table, they are ready to make commitments and sacrifices required for a successful and mature bond. Love, respect and mutual support are much more important than physical and materialistic standards to such women, and they are willing to tango with men who are ready to deliver on their promises. 

Older Women Are Lighter and More Playful

Willing to take a different approach to things and having a lighter spirit, an older woman is up for playful challenges and fun that younger women scramble away from. They are not afraid to scope out their choices, take their time and have some fun. For them, the understanding that life is too short to lose out on a great opportunity with a great guy in order to adhere to the society’s twisted rules about love comes with a certain clarity that demands total admiration. In bed, experienced ladies are doubly attractive in the eyes of these young men; they’re not afraid to teach the guys a new thing or ten about pleasure and how exactly they like to be pleased. 

Greater Emotional Maturity

More than often, these younger men have witnessed arguments among their male friends and younger girlfriends and wives over subjects that seem absolutely trivial. Men attracted towards women older than them seek for a certain emotional maturity than younger women naturally do not possess yet. Their ability to avoid conflict over things that are not significant to the health of their relationships says a lot. Such couples tend to know the difference between sharing thoughts honestly and blatant bluntness meant to hurt the significant other in the name of honesty. Avoiding the latter by building a deeper empathy for each other only arrives after developing a certain amount of emotional maturity.

From The Ladies’ Point of View

Younger Men Are More Sensitive To The Needs Of Older Women

Call it what you want, but there is a certain level of adoration that a younger man follows his more experienced lady with. The willingness to put aside his ego and pride and accommodate his partner’s needs is one of the most attractive traits in younger men. According to a few older women, older men tend to get impatient and cruel; a younger man is like a breath of fresh air because of his eagerness to please his lady love. 

Their Inexperience Is Refreshing

The charm of a man of lesser experience in the dating world is irresistible. Their boyish gestures make these ladies swoon. Flirtation with them can easily make the ladies feel lighter and weak-kneed. Now let us tell you, by inexperience, we do not in any way mean immature. Just the aura of a man who is not tainted with heavy skepticism and is bold enough to pursue his love interest openly with romantic declarations and true efforts is a plus point for younger men.

Younger Men Are Eager To Learn and Please

Younger men are always ready to go, and their stamina is much more superior to their older competitors. The urge to experiment with their love interest, not shying away from heated discussions and play-time such as sharing saucy pictures and messages at work, gifting each other naughty presents for later are few of the things older women find really hot in younger men. Moreover, they are very eager to learn what makes their lady moan, and what makes them scream. Not at all selfish in their desires, they love to give back more than they receive and aim to be the best she has ever had.

The “A-Team” Approach

Millennial men believe in having high ambitions and conquering those goals with their better half. On the other hand, older men are used to having a certain degree of control over their women, which isn’t acceptable anymore for educated, career-driven and modern women. They want to be with someone who can be a part of their A-Team: powering through life and achieving career-goals as one unit. This is achieved through a cycle of constant appreciation, motivation, and respect towards each other as a couple. An ambitious older woman is willing to push her younger partner towards the direction of improvement, thus helping him achieve success without the stress of a partner who does not understand priorities. 

The Willingness to Have an Open Mind

It is pretty easy to see that men who prefer their women more experienced have a different perception towards life. Their minds are open to the new, and they are willing to put themselves out of their comfort zones in order to make things work. When two people bring mutual understanding and an open heart to the common table, their relationship flourishes through ever-growing love. It is easy to be attracted towards someone older, but it takes a different level of commitment to constantly understand their maturity and outlook on things. A man who puts all his cards on the table is the keeper of an experienced woman’s heart.

So you see from the accounts of both the partners’ perspectives that they are sure of what they see in their prospective love interests. Societal opinion be damned, what matters here is the meeting of minds and an undeniable attraction that this “unconventional couple” has down to every check box. Such is their love that their happy glow is contagious. What can we say? We are definitely rooting for Mrs. Robinson and her newest Boy Toy. Fresh to look at because of their adoring gazes and playful whispers only for each other, such couples are certainly a match made in heaven!

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