Honeymoon In The Wild After 50
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Honeymoon In The Wild After 50

August 27, 2019 | Romance & Relationship | By Lisa Smith

Honeymoons are profound memories, getting to know your significant other and the wild adds the extra zeal to the whole affair. Honeymoons in the wild could be the perfect setup for couples over 50 and Lets50 tells you how to make it work.

Stepping into the wild creates a perfect environment for deep reflections. You leave behind the tall buildings, the sound of traffic and the city life in general to embrace the beauty and serenity of nature, away from work and relationships to focus on nature the beautiful trees, the sound of the birds singing, the scent from flowers and the shining stars at night. Add to that the honeymoon, going wild in the wild could be nothing short of an adventure.

First thing to consider when making plans for this wild life experience is the perfect destination. You aren’t allowed to pitch a tent just anywhere; there are designated destinations for these sorts of things in most countries. Just like choosing a destination for a honey room for regular and younger couples, same applies to those above 50. It all boils down to unique preferences, priorities and selecting experiences and activities close to your heart, some might prefer a luxury type scenario for camping while others might prefer to keep it simple, exclusive or a remote wilderness.

Things that are essential when setting off to have a wild experience will need planning. Basic requirements include having a tent, sleeping bags, fire on the camp site, clean drinking water, flashlight, basic medicines and first aid kit with bite medicines; weather check for the period you’ll be staying, a map and a compass for people going without a guide. Your tents should weigh less than 4.5lbs-6.5lbs.

There’s so much to be explored while on a honeymoon in the wild asides from the beautiful and serene environment and creatures living in the wild. It could be the perfect fantasy place to have some time alone with your spouse. Talking, clicking, gaming or having the fun of your life besides the camp fire right under the stars is sure going to be a  romantic experience.

While you are on a honeymoon in the wild the added benefit is Forest Bathing . While you work on each other, nature is working on you with its healing and rejuvenating touch.


1. The Right Destination:

The location could make or break the experience. Choose what you prefer as a couple from river banks to hilltop meadows close or away from habitation. Remember the farther you are from settlement the more difficult it is to get emergency help. At a river bank the sun block will be a necessity and if you are hiking, keep it easy.

2. Adrenal Rush:

The thrill of the wilderness, being one with nature and the feel of letting the animal instinct take over, it could be bliss. Hearing the wild, the cracking sound of the bonfire or the flowing river all should set in the right mood for great times together.

3. Yearn The Destination & Enjoy The Journey

Isn’t it obvious that you are out to explore and the journey is included. Weather you drive, hitchhike or use a commute, plan your stops keep the weather in check and have your entire trip memorized.


1. Fresh Air

The wild is filled with lots of trees which will mean cleaner air, more oxygen and all the benefits of Forest Bathing if you happen to be in one. The breath of fresh air alone releases serotonin from the extra oxygen. Research has also shown that fresh air improves blood pressure, digestion and also the immune system.

2. Improved Moods

Taking a trip to the wild tends to make you seem happier. Research have shown that spending time in the open exposed to sunlight helps release melatonin. Melatonin makes you feel calm, relaxed and a little tired, easing your mood and allowing you to cope with stress.

3. Exercise

This is one of the most important health benefits of being out in the wild. A lot of physical activity, hike, perching the tent etc are carried out while in the wild and a lot of calories are burnt in the process. Exercise also helps keep ur heart and lungs healthy. Be mindful if you have any known health issues to not be excessive.

4. Sunshine

Sunshine is actually good on your skin when not exposed to in excess. Sunlight provides vitamin D, which allows the body to absorb calcium and phosphorus.

5. Sleep

After the activities of the day you sleep quite comfortably because of the serene environment. Keep an insect repellant handy though. Sleep helps body processes, improves cardiovascular system, reduces inflammation and helps the body stay alert. Many have reported better sleep cycles after spending time in the wild.

6. Fresh Food

Fresh food is available in the wild, from fish to fruits and vegetables are all available for you to try. Be mindful that all fruits aren’t palatable and you should have enough supplies of your own.

Honeymoon in the wild isn’t just fun and relaxing for couples over 50; memories that will last a life time are created with added health benefits.

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