Guide for 60+ Women Attracting Young Male
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Guide for 60+ Women Attracting Young Male

December 19, 2018 | Romance & Relationship | By Amanda Johnson

The acceptance of an older woman dating a younger man is slowly but steadily growing. If you are in your 60s and want to date a man who is younger to you, here is what you need to do.

Open Up Your Mind

If your mind is not open to the possibility of attracting the attention of a younger man then you will never manage to do so. Human beings have the ability to covert what they think about into reality. Hence if you want to date a younger man, you need to have the mental frequency for that. If you can do this you will find that you are able to meet his frequency as well.

Be A Partner

Yes he is many years younger to you but that does not mean that you try and act like his mother. He is your partner and not your child. So avoid the want of giving him advice all the time. Maybe take a step back and let him sort out issues on his own at times – like a man. After all he needs to be with the woman in you, not the mother.

Look After Yourself

If you look like an old woman you will never be able to attract a younger man. So exercise regularly, eat healthy food, and visit the salon. Only when you have that youthful look will the younger lot want to be with you.

Dress Well

The kind of clothes that you wear should be smart – not too old and not one where you appear to be trying to overdo it. So don’t try and portray yourself as the college kid or try to come across as the sex siren. Instead, try to remain elegant as that shows that you are in control of yourself. Wear clothes that highlight your best features and don’t try to over accessorize. Your aim should be to flaunt but not go overboard. While doing your makeup too keep it sensible and classy. After all you want to look sensual and glowing – not caked up.

Be Creative

Young men always like women who are adventurous and high-spirited. So if you want to catch a younger man’s eye you need to show that you are energetic and creative. If you already have someone maybe you can go climbing or horse riding together to take things forward. If you are one who is looking for someone then you could enroll in a dancing class or start our morning jog at the park. These are places where you can spot the young man you are looking for.

Let Him Take Charge

Maybe you are better settled in life and maybe you earn far more than he does. Yet, don’t offer to pay for every mean that you go for once you start going out with a younger man. Allow him to pay instead. Men like it when they can take care of a woman.

Be Flirty

If you are with a younger man you might get the urge to show him how much more you know when it comes to being naughty and sexy in bed. But, hold back a little. Instead bring on your flirty side where you can show a little and then let him take over. A man enjoys nothing more than to show his moves.

Maintain Your Dignity

One reason why younger men get attracted to older women is because they think that women of this age are self-confident, can hold their own, and need no babying. So, do keep that going for yourself. Don’t try to turn yourself into a whiny teen that falls all over the man just to get his attention. Rather, show that you have a lot of things that you look forward to. Your love for life is what will make you attractive to him.

Don’t Be Reckless

Even if the man is younger, it does not mean that he supports the fact that you are being reckless. So, don’t try and do something that is inappropriate for your age and is dangerous. For example, even if you drive the best car in town, just because you have the lad beside you don’t start driving rashly just because you think that he might get excited with it. The youth today are quite rationale and pragmatic.

Have A Positive Body Language

If you spot a young man whose attention you want to catch, you just have to have a positive vibe about yourself and that starts with your body language. If you are going to sit in one corner with your glasses on thinking that you are too old for this, then you will never catch his eye. You don’t have to act coy and over-inviting, but you can always have a smile on your face or sit a little more casually while you drink that coffee.

Don’t Talk About Your Family

Please don’t bring in your ex-husband or your kids into the picture. He is a young chap and possibly just starting to have fun. Keep the family details out of the talks when you are just starting out with him. Keep things light and more fun instead. Remember that he is looking only for excitement and not all the gory responsibilities that he might have to bear in case the relationship turns out to be a long term one.

Play The Waiting Game

If a younger man shows interest in you don’t immediately fall all over him. Hold back a little and play the waiting game. Take a little time to understand if your wavelengths match and what exactly he is seeking out of the relationship before you give in to his conquest.

Don’t Get Possessive

Understand this – younger men like their space. So, when you start off with a man who is years younger to you always allow him space and don’t get extra possessive about him. Let him also go out with other friends and have a life of his own.

Now that you know the tricks of how to get the attention of a younger man, go ahead and get it. It doesn’t matter if you are sixty and he is just entering his thirties.

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