7 Great Ideas For Sexual Satisfaction In A Lesbian Relationship
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7 Great Ideas For Sexual Satisfaction In A Lesbian Relationship

April 11, 2020 | Romance & Relationship | By Lisa Smith

Sexual satisfaction is a key to a successful relationship. Sex in a relationship seems to diminish in midlife, making a lot of seniors have little or no sexual satisfaction in their relationship. However, little is known about how lesbian couples fair during these times in their relationship, compared to their heterosexual counterparts. This is why we’ve come up with these 7 great ideas for sexual satisfaction in a lesbian relationship.

1. Get Active

Exercise helps in improving sex drive and enhancing sexual performance. Studies have shown that ladies are more likely to be turned on after exercise compared to those who haven’t exercised. It can improve strength and flexibility which also helps with sex positions to spice things up in the bedroom.

Doing it together can also help with bonding and act as quality time spent together. Not only does it help you go out often, but it’s also very good for your physical and mental health.

2. Wear Sexy Attire

Putting on sexy clothes or lingerie can help create the atmosphere or put you and your partner in the mood for great sex. Most people have preferences, so, it is advisable to know what your partner prefers and stick to that while spicing things up in the process.

3. Experiment With Toys

It’s a total myth that using sex toys means your partner isn’t good enough. Incorporating sex toys in your relationship can help spice things in the bedroom, increase orgasm functions, boost sexual desires and offer maximum pleasure and satisfaction in the process.

4. Try Strap – ons

Strap-ons are perfect for experimenting with sex tops and exploring your sexuality. It’s perfect for an intimate experience with your partner accompanied by intense orgasmic benefits.  Strap ons can be a fun way to incorporate new roles in the bedroom and also add rhythm to your lovemaking.

5. Be Naughty

Spice things up in your bedroom to get that maximum satisfaction you need from sex with your partner. Be a bit naughty with foreplay and sex. You can introduce butt spanking, lip biting, touching yourself and not just your partner, using ties and bondages, etc.

6. Get Sensual

Most people underestimate the power of sensuality in a relationship. Get physically closer to your partner, bond with her and increase your sexual desire for each other. One classic way to get sensual is by cuddling. You can also give her a sexy massage or a steamy bath.

7. Try New Sex Positions

In order not to make sex boring or less exciting, trying new sex positions can help improve sexual satisfaction in your lesbian relationship. Trying new positions can also stimulate different sensitive zones in the body, increasing pleasure and satisfaction. New positions that can spice things up in the bedroom include doggy style, big spoon, and little spoon, the lift, sit on top, side 69, scissors, etc.

Lesbian relationships are bliss, with sexual satisfaction, they can even get better. Do not let your age hinder you from trying new things and spicing up your relationship. Relationships are just like wine, the older the better.

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