15 Reasons Why A 60+ Woman Should Marry A Younger Man
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15 Reasons Why A 60+ Woman Should Marry A Younger Man

November 29, 2018 | Romance & Relationship | By Amanda Johnson

If you are a woman of over 60 and hesitating whether you should tie the knot with a younger man, then you must read this. Here are 15 reasons why you should go ahead and marry a younger man.

He Will Give You Attention

Men generally like older women. It is one of their fantasies to be with a lady who is older than them. So, if your partner is younger to you then keep him for he will give you all the attention that you have been craving for.

You Can Play The Adviser

If your man is younger he will look up to you for advice in various fields of life. You have a great many more years of experience and that will come in handy when you tell him the right from the wrong. Instead of being with a man where you are always at loggerheads trying to prove who is the more logical and knowledgeable one, you will, instead, have one who will always be looking up to you.

Men Like Being Looking After

If your guy wants to be with you because he wants some extra doses of pampering and looking after then he is for keeps. Your age will allow you to not only keep him grounded when he wants to act rashly, but you will also be around to take care of him when he feels a little discouraged and lonely.

He Is Free

At this age, if you want to marry a man who is of your age, he is sure to come with his family in tow. If you don’t want this kind of baggage then choosing a younger man is the right decision. They are young and free and won’t have grandkids, kids, and ex wives coming along with them.

Energetic In Bed

A man of your age would probably be suffering from various age related issues when it comes to having sex. But you are marrying a younger man, be ready for a lot of experiments, fun, and an active sex life because he is full of stamina.

He Will Work Towards Impressing You

Unlike a man of your age, who could not be bothered about wanting to impress you all the while, the younger one will. Studies have shown that when a younger man is with an older woman, the hormones within him work in such a fashion that he always works towards looking his best just so that the woman thinks highly of him. Now, wouldn’t you like to have a man around you who is always putting in an effort to look good?

He Is Ambitious

An older man would have probably already achieved what he had to and now is looking forward to living a lazy and retired life. On the other hand, a young man would still have his ambitions intact. His enthusiasm would rub off you as well and want you to look forward to life all over again.

He Will Make Plans That Are Fun

Just because you are 60 you do not have to sit at home with your spouse and read a book. If you marry a younger man, this for sure won’t be happening. Instead you will find that he makes plans of more adventurous holidays and parties at pubs. It is time to start living to the fullest once again.

You Can Be Childish Again

Life is not about being serious all the time. If you have a younger man as your partner you can look forward to more giggles and laughter doing things that could be downright silly – be that snacking on chips while playing video games all evening or listening to music that you have never heard. A young man in your life will definitely help you to embrace your younger self again.

The Sense Of Power

Since he might still be at such a position in his career where he has not reached the zenith yet, you will probably find that you become the primary bread earner of the family. This will give you a sense of power that you might have been missing on. The fact that he might looking up to you as his role model should fill you with a lot of self-confidence.

Make You Feel Sexy

He will look up to you because of everything that you have gone through in life – be that relationships, raising kids, or your career graph. Since he will look up to you he will pay you compliments that you would have not heard in a long time. With his words he will make you feel good and sexy about yourself once again.

You Will Slow Down

If you have been living your life on the edge, the younger man will make you slow down. When you have the partner who wants to learn from you, you will check yourself in case if you have been, say for instance, excessively smoking and drinking. You will find, that now, you are instead making and of morning walks and a better diet.

Reduce Your Pessimism Levels

Younger people have a more optimistic attitude towards life. Even if they fail they don’t sit and wallow in self-pity. With age, once tends to lose belief in oneself. So a younger man will definitely bring in positive vibes in your life and you will feel more hopeful towards what lies ahead in future.

You Will Be More Active

At 60 one might just want to spend the weekends at home. But with a younger husband you can forget that. More often than not you will find yourself indulging in more activity. This could be sports, joining a hobby class together, taking dance lessons, or getting home chores done together. No matter what it is, the active lifestyle will make you healthier.

He Won’t Mind A Role Reversal

If you are earning more than him, there will possibly be moments when he needs to concentrate on the home front so that you can attend to your work. A man of your age would probably never agree to this. But a younger man, will be more open to this idea as long as he doesn’t begin to feel that you are taking advantage of him or not showing respect towards his work.

When a woman marries a man younger to herself finding acceptability can be a little challenging. However, if you are in love with him then do not give up on this relationship for there are many positive reasons why marrying a younger man is a good decision.

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