12 Reasons Why Senior Men Avoid Dating Senior Women
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12 Reasons Why Senior Men Avoid Dating Senior Women

November 28, 2018 | Romance & Relationship | By Amanda Johnson

When senior men are seen with younger girls then many often look down upon such a couple. But there are reasons why senior men choose younger women rather than being with someone of their own age. These reasons are not all fair but they are true and the examples are right there in front of you. Calista Flockhart is 22 years younger to Harrison Ford and Humphrey Bogart is 44 years older than Lauren Bacall.

1. Younger Ones Are Prettier

With age the external beauty of a woman does fade. No matter how much she takes care of herself, there is a distinct difference in the appearance of one who is 50 versus one who still has youth on her side. Men, hence quite naturally get attracted to the smooth skin, the better figure, the perky breasts, and the flowing locks.

2. They Make A Man Feel More Desirable

Older men prefer younger women because they feel more desirable, or so their minds tell them, when a PYT is his arm candy. When he touches a youthful body he feels as if he has got his youth back and it is an adrenalin rush for him.

3. The Expenses Are Lower

Men are intelligent creatures. They realise that a girl in her 20s or 30s would demand things that are less expensive than what a woman of his age would. For example, for the former he might have to pay for her rent, her cosmetics, and eating outs at good restaurants. On the other hand, a mature woman is likely to ask for long and luxurious holidays and maybe even a portion of his property!

4. They Get Attracted To The Innocence

Watching a young girl sitting and talking in the phone, dancing around the garden with a water pipe, giggling while buying lingerie makes a senior man feel attracted towards her. He knows that a woman in her 50s will be more serious. At this phase of his life he looks forward to some mirth and gaiety and hence gets drawn to youth.

5. Is In Command Of The Situation

If he were with a woman of his own age there is always the chance of ‘who knows better’ thus leading to squabbles and difference of opinions. He does not want to get into that anymore and often chooses peace of mind over a power game. He knows that if he is with a younger girl, she will look upto him and take advice from him instead of trying to portray that she knows better. Such a girl massages his ego well. This sense of power that he can wield over a girl years younger to him attracts him to her.

6. Feel More Sexually Energetic

With age men develop various medical issues that often hamper their sex life. However, they feel that if they are with a younger woman then her energy, her freshness, and her willingness to experiment will make him feel more sexually active. Hence, if a man is getting over a divorce or has lost his partner and is looking for company once again, he often gets attracted to a younger girl.

7. Will Be Able To Teach Her In Bed

An older woman would know as much about the art of sex as the man. Thus, sex time might not ever give him the chance of teaching one who is unaware of different positions. With a younger person this chance does exist. Hence men want to be with the younger lot. It allows him the chance to teach her about sex. It is the naiveté and inexperience that draws him to her.

8. Older Women Let Themselves Go

A woman in her 50s is likely to have stopped caring for herself. While it is true that internal beauty is important, the first attraction happens because if the external beauty. Thus when a man sees a woman in her middle ages who has stopped taking care of herself with respect to skin, hair, clothes etc. and has fallen prey to alcohol, sluggish lifestyle, drugs, bad eating habits etc. he does not want to be with her. Instead, a younger girl who looks far better is what gets his attention.

9. Younger Ones Are Not Workaholics

A middle-aged woman is likely to still be at the prime of her career. Hence she would be engrossed with her work most of the time. On the other hand, by this age, men often start to think of retirement or at least start to lead an easier life that is not too stressful. Women in their 20s are more sprightly and not workaholics. They are more eager to have a good time in life. This is what attracts senior men to the youth hence.

10. Middle Aged Women Have Unrealistic Expectations

Women who are in their 50s have a lot of expectations from their man. Many times this is unrealistic as well. For instance a woman wants her partner to be her equal in terms of career, status, personal status, and financial well-being. Men find this to be a turn off and instead get drawn towards the younger ones who don’t bother too much about these aspects.

11. Men Want Temporary Sex

A man at this age does not always look towards female companionship because he wants to marry her and start a family all over again. He often looks for temporary fun and a whole lot of sex. He knows that if he dates an older woman there is a likelihood of her wanting more from the relationship sooner or later. Hence he steers clear of this age group and instead chooses to be with the younger ones who are more willing to leave things at just “fun”.

12. Fertility Attracts Them

Men who are looking for marriage once again in their lives gets drawn to the youth because they know that it is only the young who will be able to bear children from them. Middle aged women, on the other hand, by this age have reached menopause and do not have the ability to have children anymore.

Yes, these reasons cited above are all not justifiable. However, they are reasons why men make the choice of being with women far younger to them.

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