Overcoming Loneliness with Couch Surfing as a Host
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Overcoming Loneliness with CouchSurfing as a Host

December 19, 2018 | Life, Travel | By Amanda Johnson

There are seniors, elderly couples & people in 50s and 60s who open up their homes to travelers as Couchsurfing hosts. This has been prevalent for years and it is one of the great ways to overcome loneliness which is prevalent in seniors and old age couples especially after 50 or 60 years of age. If you are wondering why you should be a Couchsurfing host to travelers then here is why you should do it.

Share Your Travelling Experiences

Those who globe trot are often on the lookout for fellow travelers who can share stories of their own travels. So, if you have visited many places and looking for a company to share them with and to show off all your collected souvenirs, then becoming a couch surfing host is for you.

Learning Something New

When we meet new people then it always becomes a learning experience. So, if you play the host to couch surfers you are likely to learn from them – their language, the various nuances of their culture and maybe even a few traditional dishes popular in their country.

Find A Friend

Leading a lonely life can be extremely depressing. So, if you think you need a friend then opening up your house to travelers could prove to be an avenue to start new friendships for you. The close interaction that you will have with your visitors might just lead to a bond that will last for a lifetime.

Keep You Abreast With The World

With age, for various reasons and circumstances, one can get confined to the home. Turning into a couch surfing host will then allow you to come across people who will constantly keep you abreast with the happenings of the world. Yes, the television and the newspaper are always there, but these things will never able to beat the fun of human company.

Hearing Stories Of Others

You might be living a luxurious lifestyle and enjoying your life over wine and caviar. But, the whole world doesn’t live that way. When you allow strangers to come and stay with you, you will hear plenty of stories from them. Those that deal with how they overcame hardships, about their adventures during travel, or maybe even their other couch surfing experiences.

Family Experience

At this age, it is possible that you are lonely. Maybe the rest of your family is not staying with you and you could do better with some human company. Couch surfing would offer you a lot of good in such a situation. You will find not only solo travelers and couples coming over but even family with kids. With little ones roaming around the house it would make you feel quite happy and content.

They Will Make Your House A Home

When you invite couch surfers into your villa you don’t charge money from them. This part is true. However, you will find that these travelers start helping you with the cooking, the cleaning, and the gardening of the house. Maybe they would even run errands and help you with your grocery shopping. Even though you might have house help for the chores, doing the housework, at times, with new people might be fun.

With so many advantages, you might be tempted to open up the doors of your house very soon. However, before you do so please remember that there are many kinds of people in this world. Verify the ones you invite into your own personal space so that not only do you know that they are reliable but you are also comfortable with their personalities. This said it is time to turn into a couch surfing host and experience something new in life.

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