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Finding Your Purpose In Life After 50

March 31, 2021 | Life | By Dr. Anubha Walia

Many amongst us spend post-teen ages right up to 30 years contemplating the purpose of life. What we want to do, what others want us to do. What others ponder about us and how we want to appeal to them. We try to compare ourselves with others and vaguely determine our life scenarios based on the environment. But as time goes by, we mature. Our happiness is found in small aspects of life, real things rather than imaginative aspirations.

The Theory

An influential theory developed by Ego Psychologist; Erik Erikson talks about the different life stages observed with aging. In each of these stages, the person comes across either a predicament or conflict that will help the person to move forward to the next stage.

Around 40 years of age, we face the seventh stage of this influential theory, mid-adulthood, and conflict between stagnation and generativity which usually continues till about 65 years. Generativity has been explained as a concern for moving to the next stage of psychological development. It is the reason behind our agitation for the future. And it becomes the root of the constant thought around the life question of “what is my purpose?”

As per this theory, if we are successful in completing the stage either by facing conflict or predicament, we can easily develop some new strengths and skills that will prepare us for the next stage.

What Is My Purpose

While Google search provides a large database of articles, news clips, and guides for “what is my purpose”, it is ironic many of us still remain confused about this topic after 50 and struggle through it.

Research has established the importance and found that purpose in one’s life is very significant to the well-being of the person. People with a sense of purpose in life, live longer and find happiness easily. It also gives strength to face crucial circumstances with better results.

So the real question is why some of us are still feeling hopeless and struggle every day with finding a purpose after 50? Previous circumstances, personal losses, or tough times such as the ones today could be the reason for despair and lack of purpose and hope of a bright future. All of which leads to unhappiness.

The Solution

Here are some suggestions which could help you move forward with finding your purpose

  • Start writing all the interests that you have never tried and take action on them because when you write what you feel or what you want, you’ll feel good and would like to give it a try for your satisfaction.
  • Change is the only thing that is constant in one’s life. Come out of your comfort zone and see things differently. A kick of action will change your thinking!
  • Start networking and talk to people. Ask them about things that interest them, their hobbies and purpose, and why they manage them. Once you start knowing them, you’ll find yourself in a different maze and you start pursuing your interest.
  • Take the time and make it perfect. If you’re waiting for the perfect time then I think there is no such thing. You might make some mistakes, but it is meant to happen, and mistakes make you do the right thing.
  • Make the change a journey by itself and see the purpose or interest evolve.

Today’s situation is different from the time of our parents and grandparents. We are actually in charge of our lives and can try many things out through the change process. Finding the purpose of life after 50 could mean a vastly different experience, something which could be worth all the effort you put in today. So embrace the change and realize who you are or what you wanted to be and be ready to find a solution in your well-deserved happiness.


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