Does Retail Therapy Work? 5 Real Benefits Of Retail Therapy For Seniors
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Does Retail Therapy Work? 5 Real Benefits Of Retail Therapy For Seniors

March 28, 2020 | Life | By Jason Reid

Does shopping make you feel better when you are in a bad mood? It sure does work for me and I do believe it’s a thing. It’s popularly known as retail therapy and like a celebration of sorts for the mind.

Retail therapy is the act of shopping or spending to improve one’s mood or make one feel better. It’s also known as comfort buys and has been common with depressed or stressed individuals. Retail therapy is although expensive however considered overall very effective.

Studies have shown that half of North Americans have admitted to engaging in retail therapy. The relevant sample covered 64% women and 40% men. Previous studies also revealed that 62% of shoppers had purchased something to cheer themselves up while another 28% had done so as a form of celebration.

Retail therapy works and is highly recommended for seniors who may be stressed or depressed. They are also the most likely to translate benefits to their physical and mental well-being. Studies also show that seniors who shop every day are 27% less likely to die over 10 years compared to those that shop weekly.

Benefits of retail therapy for seniors include

1. Helps In Transition

Shopping can help with an easy transition for seniors. Picture this, while shopping you usually are already imagining self use of the commodity being purchased. In doing so, you are visualizing a new life, change or event that helps moving on to something new. This feeling in effect is very therapeutic and great at anxiety reduction.

2. Dressing For Success

Shopping for new clothes excites us. Be it for self or someone you love. It has a way of psyching us up to happiness and confidence in life. We are conscious about being judged and dressing up does boost our personal ego. Retail therapy overall is known to build confidence, enhance life performance and leads to being successful in their personal endeavors.

3. Boosts Feeling Of Creativity And Aesthetics

Retail therapy isn’t limited to shopping and feeling a boost. Sometimes, depending on your choice of purchase enhances appreciation for craftsmanship and design. Especially true for art, hand craft and design and not limited to luxury and status alone. The boost continues to your senses and helps appreciate life while seeing it in a better light.

4. Relaxation And Escape

This is one very common effect of retail therapy. Be it window shopping, online shopping, pawning through racks at outlet malls, shopping helps you feel relaxed and escape from your reality. It is a proven mental freshener which takes you away from stress and real life problems.

5. Improves Social Connection

Some of us use retail therapy as a hobby. We tend to make new friends with similar leanings and common interests. Choice of products and brands of preference also have a role to play in these connections being formed. Social connections with friends old and new are always great for resolving loneliness, isolation and emotional distress. All of which could find roots in retail therapy making it an excellent remedy for seniors.

Retail therapy works and it’s highly recommended for seniors. It goes beyond just a small time boost does more than put them in a good mood, it could also be of great benefit, helping them live a longer and more fulfilled life.

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