Corona Virus Scam Alert For Seniors: 6 Important Tips On How They Can Dodge Them
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Corona Virus Scam Alert For Seniors: 6 Important Tips On How They Can Dodge Them

June 6, 2020 | Life | By Amanda Johnson

The corona virus poses new threats to seniors every day. Some of those threats come in the form of the disease itself, and others are from the hucksters who are trying their best to scam elderly people out of their money. You need to be aware that predators are trying to prey on the elderly and are ruthless. None of this is meant to scare you, but to educate you about the dangers you face during this pandemic.

Popular Corona Virus Scams Include

Here are just a few of the scams that you need to keep an eye out for Fake cures that claim to either cure or protect you against the virus. Masks that offer protection that is far too costly. Investments in things such as silver coins that are supposed to keep their value even if the dollar becomes weak. Some people are asking for donations to charities that don’t exist. Fraudulent home test kits that are supposed to detect the virus.

How to Avoid Being Scammed

Perform background checks online to make sure the company is legitimate. Ask for a phone number where you can call them or ask if you can do a video chat online. During these times, don’t give your money to any company that isn’t backed by large interests. Shopping at Amazon is okay since you know they are a world-renowned company. The site or person you’ve never heard of might not be so trustworthy, and you’ve got to consider that before making a purchase.

Knowledge is Key

Try to read up on who is scamming and what they’re up to. A quick search of Google News will produce the type of results that you’re looking for. Every day new articles being added to the internet that talk about the tactics these scammers are using. Be leery of anyone who is on social media, pretending to be someone you don’t know. Stranger danger is a real thing, and you can’t be too careful in the middle of a pandemic.

Get Acquainted With Corona Virus Fraud Prevention Tips Online

The tips are put there to save people like yourself the heartache and devastating loss of your money. Let’s face it; there are bad actors right now portraying themselves as saviors. You need to be on the ball, and that’s what these tips set out to do. Be on your toes at all times, and don’t allow the criminals to get the better of you. Follow the advice posted online and make sure you check back often to see if there’s any new information.

Staying Alert

Don’t let your guard down for a second. It doesn’t matter how flashy the site is or how friendly the person on the other end is. You must be aware at all times that there are people who are more than willing to screw you out of every dollar in your pocket. If you aren’t careful, they will take everything that you allow them to.

Verify Before Signing in With a Trusted Individual

You might turn to a neighbor or a friend when in doubt about a company that you’re considering buying something from. It would be best if you had someone you can count on to help you with these things. Run it by them and see if they think what you’re about to get into is legit or not.

Fraudsters Online and Social Media Fraud

Some might expect that social media is full of frauds. After all, you’ve probably heard of stories of men pretending to be women and all that kind of stuff. Don’t think that just because someone talks nice or they have a fancy website that they aren’t frauds. It doesn’t cost much these days to have a fantastic looking website created. Fraudsters are more than willing to invest money and time to make you believe they are honest people.

Be Supportive and Sensitive After a Scam

You’re more than likely going to come across someone who has been scammed. When you do finally meet up with someone, who has been devastated by a scammer, make sure to be supportive. It’s easy to think that you wouldn’t have fallen for the same thing, but you never know. Sometimes people react differently during stressful situations, and you’ve got to be understanding and help them get through it.

Above all Else, Take Care of Yourself

There are a million different reasons why you’ve got to stay focused. The main reason is that there’s a deadly virus going around. Put your health front and center, and don’t fall for any of these scams. If you’re having difficulty finding masks or hand sanitizer, ask your local pharmacist or call your doctor and ask where you can buy some. Don’t fall victim to people on the internet who will either sell you fake products that might hurt you.

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