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Benefits Of Living In Co-Housing For Seniors

February 27, 2020 | Life | By Lisa Smith

Co-housing is becoming a great go-to option for aging seniors. Although the phenomenon isn’t a new one, it has shown promise and benefit leading to an enabling environment for seniors. At the heart of co-housing is resolving or addressing the menace of social isolation. Other accrueing benefits include, great physical and mental health apart from general well-being. Here are a few benefits of living in co-housing for seniors.

1. Socialization

Co-housing gives seniors the chance to be part of a community that looks out for each other. Seniors in a co-housing settlement get to socialize by giving each other practical help and also an opportunity to get together just for fun. Looking out for each other in health or sickness is a norm. All of this creates a sense of belongingness and is crucial in combating loneliness and social isolation.

2. Supportive and Caring Network

Co-housing creates are a supportive and caring network for seniors where residents get to share resources, experiences, and knowledge among themselves. It is a great support system for seniors.

3. Less Expense and Cost of Living

When buying into a co-housing community, it isn’t just getting into a home of your own but getting access to all the facilities in a common household with shared responsibilities. Shared responsibilities also bring along lower cost of living expense as everything is paid for in a group and things are bought in bulk.

4. Reduced Burden on Environment

The co-housing scheme encourages the sharing of resources which is eco-friendly and reduces the burden on the environment. It encourages the preservation of open spaces, the growth of food locally, and saving energy that could have been consumed individually. It overall promotes responsible consumption as well.

5. Learning  from Different Cultures

 The co-housing scheme allows seniors from different cultures and backgrounds to come together and socialize. This process allows residents to pick a thing or two from each other cultures, ideas, habits and knowledge which is shared with each other. This encourages peaceful co-existence as well as cultural and religious tolerance.

6. Improving Self Esteem

Studies have shown that living in a co-housing system can help improve self-esteem in seniors. The constant interaction and socialization in co-housing environments can help boost self-confidence and help tackle isolation and loneliness which affects self-esteem positively.

7. Reduced Care Dependence

Co-housing communities tend to be built within walking distance of shops, schools, and mass transit lines. This encourages seniors to drive less and walk more often which is not only beneficial to their health but also to the environment.

8. Learning New Things

Residents of co-housing communities are a mixed multitude of individuals from different social, economic and professional backgrounds. Residents get to share experience, knowledge and past learnings which are different from individuals with vast knowledge in various fields.

9. Making New Friends

One of the major aims of co-housing is socialization among residents. In the process of socializing seniors tend to pick interest or likes for certain individuals and their conduct, building long-lasting and healthy friendships that are highly beneficial to their mental health.

Co-housing is highly beneficial for seniors. This offers them an opportunity to make new friends, have fun and learn new things while improving their mental and physical health. It also offers a great support network for seniors, helping them get through tough times and live a happier and healthier life.  It should strongly be encouraged for seniors, especially those living in loneliness and isolation.

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