10 Ways To Combat Social Isolation At 50
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10 Ways To Combat Social Isolation At 50

March 19, 2020 | Life | By Amanda Johnson

Social isolation is not only dangerous but also shockingly common these days. It has continued to increase as the population of senior adult’s increases. With this in consideration, social isolation should be tackled and handled with uttermost attention especially for 50 and above folks. Here we have a few ways to combat social isolation at 50.

1. Maintain Good Health

The first step in combating social isolation is being healthy. A sick person won’t be able to carry out any social activities. A sick adult above 50 has a very high probability of being socially isolated. Maintaining good health will keep you active and agile enough to socialize.

2. Residing In A Welcoming Neighbourhood

Residing in a welcoming neighbourhood with nice people around to check on you, build connections and relationships will not encourage and help combat social isolation.

3. Make New Friends

It is important to make new friends if you are battling social isolation. New friends can help tackle the urge to be isolated when you are feeling down. It is important to socialize, talk to strangers, smile at strangers, and be nice to people you come across generally.

4. Having A Strong Social Support

Having a strong social support system is very critical in combating social isolation at 50. Cultivate a relationship with supportive friends, family, and co-workers as they play a very important role in your life and will help you not to feel isolated.

5. Develop A Friendship With Technology

Technology can be very instrumental in combating social isolation at 50. It isn’t necessarily about the number of connections you have on these digital platforms but the quality of these connections and interactions. With quality connections and interactions you can develop friendships and relationships which you could lead to friendships outside these platforms.  This will help combat social isolation.

6. Join A Community And Social Groups

Rather than being alone and feeling isolated, you can join the community and social groups to help you reach out to others and engage in conversations and activities with other people. You could join choir programs, take part in social activities or even volunteer your time to community projects.

7. Find A Hobby

Hobbies are very helpful and therapeutic in combating social isolation at 50. Pursuing a hobby will help you meet new people and also keep your mind and body busy. You can participate in art and painting; join music clubs or even book clubs.

8. Co-Housing

Co-housing can help provide a platform for individuals to socialize and promote neighbourliness, combating social isolation. It provides an avenue for shared experiences, tight bonds and deep conversations which will greatly improve the physical and mental wellbeing of its occupants.

9. Having Access To Transportation

Having access to transport can facilitate social connections which will help combat isolation. Communities and neighbourhoods with good transportation facilities will help bring isolated people into community life and encourage social participation.

10. Getting A Pet

Getting a pet is a very good way to combat social isolation at 50. Having pets can prompt you into engaging in healthy and social activities such as getting exercise and going outdoors. It helps improve social connections, decreases loneliness and isolation and provides great social support.

In as much as social isolation is very common and increasing rapidly, it can be combated and curbed if necessary actions are carried out. We as individuals, our communities and the government have to come together and work for hand in hand to help tackle the issue of social isolation today.

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