Having sex is good for male health after 60 years of age.
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Why Having Sex Is Good For Male Health After 60 Years Of Age

December 26, 2018 | Health | By Amanda Johnson

Sex and exercise after sixty tag along the mantra, “you do it for your health”. We know you think there are several things you can’t do like before, but there are also several things you can do. Below, will discuss the benefits of you having sex, the most common problems encountered by men during sex, and a few tips to help you!

Why Having Sex Is Good For Male Health After 60 Years Of Age?

A Glance Through The Society’s Judgemental Lenses

The societal stigma about the seniors having sex, or not having sex comes from the younger generation. They might not do it intentionally, but the way they think affects how senior citizens perceive themselves. They may feel guilty for having an intense sex drive at an age that others assume is used to pay attention to social work and gardening.

Older, The Sexier

Older men are much sexier than the younger generations can comprehend. In fact, there is nothing stopping you from feeling good about yourselves.

For starters, they are free from most of their obligations as they are retired, their kids have grown up, and they have experience to know their bodies and the opposite sexes too.

Why You Should Have Sex

Now, sex is not about procreation but recreation.

Just like exercise, sex should be a part of your usual routine because it is good for you. If you’re not already engaging in regular sex, you should start now. Here are 5 reasons for you to keep yourselves active between the sheets.

1. Sex Helps You Stay and Feel Youthful: Sex as a physical act does you a whole lot of good, including keeping you looking youthful. Senior Men above 60 who have intercourse regularly look much younger than the ones who don’t. The rush of hormones that you get upon an orgasm includes the Human Growth Hormone or HGH that helps you look youthful. The rush of oxygen that floods your body, too, plays an important role in giving you a glow by boosting the flow of nutrients to your skin hence having sex is good for male health after 60 years of age.

2. Boosts Your Immunity: Engaging in sexual activities at least four times a week has added benefits in the form of giving your immunity a much-needed boost. You will start noticing how less often you catch a cold and flu; this is because having sex encourages the circulation of Immunoglobulin A or IgA, an antigen that helps fight seasonal and perennial virus attacks in your body.

3. Action in Bed is Good Exercise: A good romp in bed is as good as running a marathon or your daily jogging exercise. The movement keeps your bones and joints healthy, your muscles get a good stretching and your balance is tested too. With all the blood pumping through your system, muscle tissue and cells are promoted to grow and renew themselves. And these are exactly what your body needs to stay in shape and look like the silver fox you are! 

4. Experience Better Moods: Having regular sex is known to put a certain bounce in your step. You’ll feel good about yourself and will have in a lighter mood. Hormones such as dopamine are a bit difficult for your body to manufacture and circulate heavily, which makes men over 60 to be stressed and more prone to depression and anxiety. Experiencing regular orgasms will keep your hormone production at its best, resulting in an overall improvement in your moods. These improved moods will help you boost your confidence and self-image; every man deserves to feel good about themselves.

5. Have a Healthier Heart: Your heart is made up of muscle walls that tend to weaken with age and lack of proper exercise. Sex can help you keep your heart healthy as the act gets your heart pumping in the literal sense due to physical exertion and emotional thrill. You should ignore the news of people suffering a stroke mid-coitus; research says that men who engage in sex thrice a week after 60 years of age have a lower chance of having a heart attack!

6. Improved Sleep Cycles: Post-coital bliss isn’t just a phrase because it has science backing it up with facts. The body of a male to gets its dose of oxytocin, which helps you to relax and slip into an uninterrupted slumber. Sleep cycles are very disturbed and short after the age of 60, and engaging in intercourse will definitely help you sleep better.

7. Rekindle Intimacy and Bonding: It so happens that you change as you age. Your mind and philosophies are constantly evolving, and in the rut of life, you forget that your significant other is changing too. This leads to two partners drifting apart emotionally as the years’ pass. Having children and raising them gives you no time for intimacy, so the pattern continues even when they move out. Well, lovemaking sessions on a regular basis are known to increase the depth of bonding you two have for each other. It brings you closer through the intimacy of thoughts and actions. Learning about each other’s bodies and caring for their pleasure will help you stay close and live a life of growing love.

8. Reduce Your Chances Of Dementia: Dementia is a mental illness that starts its onset symptoms in the 60s. Research shows how indulging in regular sex and physical activity can reduce your chances to contract dementia. The hormones released while you have sex restore and maintain the health of your brain cells and neurons, hence having sex is good for male health after 60 years of age.

9. Combat Stress and Tension: Sex is a wonderful outlet for stress. The intimacy and pleasure will have you feeling positive in no time. Try fun positions that you can, laugh and smile if you feel like it. Sex isn’t always intense and sharing a light moment during the act will ease off your stress and tension.

Battle Your Health Concerns

1. Blood Pressure: A spike in blood pressure due to heavy sexual activity is a common problem. You’ll want to make sure that you give yourself time to rest up and take any medications if prescribed. Sex may get your blood pumping too hard, so make sure to take breaks when you feel the pressure making you uncomfortable. 

2. Impotency: Erectile dysfunction and impotency also are issues that men above the age of 60 face. It takes longer for men to get an erection but your partner can help by using their hands or an oral stimulation. You can discuss these concerns with your sexologist and come up with medications and alternatives to maintain your erection and increase your chances in case you’re trying to parent a child with a younger partner.

With all that’s been said in this article, we hope that you don’t shy away from exploring your carnal side, no matter what your age is. A good sex life can change a lot in a person by making you feel more upbeat, energetic and happier. Age is indeed just a number, and you are as old as you feel in your heart and mind.

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