Ways To Keep Muscles and Bones Strong at 50+ For An Active Sexual Life
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Ways To Keep Muscles and Bones Strong at 50+ For An Active Sexual Life

September 15, 2019 | Health | By Jason Reid

As you age the bone density falls, and women, in particular, tend to grow a little from the waist as well. Lesser bone density not only means the chances of osteoporosis but also more aches and pains. During this age the muscles’ response to the brain’s signals also slows down. So, if you are into your 50’s and worrying about your bones and muscles then fret no more because ways exist by which you can still keep them strong enough to continue to have good sex with your partner.

Why Weak Bones and Muscles Affect Sex Life

When the bones and muscles get weak there is a lot of pain especially around the spinal area or in the joints. For women the hips also become a very susceptible region. When this happens most sexual positions become uncomfortable and you might find yourself shying away from it. Also, when this happens you have to be extra cautious so as to avoid any extra pressure on them else you might seriously injure yourself.

How To Keep Bones and Muscles Strong

Include Calcium In Your Diet

Of all the nutrients, the most important to protect your bones as:

  • Calcium helps to build the bone tissue
  • Lack of calcium affects sex drive due to irritability, headaches, and tiredness
  • Calcium creates a link between your hormonal glands and brain thus helping in arousal

At this age the recommended dose of calcium is 1,200 mg daily for women after menopause.You can find calcium in milk; other sources of calcium are leafy green vegetables and broccoli. If you are not getting your calcium dose from foods, then your doctor might ask you to have calcium supplements.

Consume Vitamin D

Vitamin D is needed for a good sex life because it promotes strong bones and muscles by better absorbing calcium into the body. It helps in improving your sex life also because it improves your mood and also will give your skin a glow. In men it is known to cure erectile dysfunction issues as well – something that seniors often suffer from. Adults usually need around 600 IU of vitamin D per day but after 70 years of age this rises to 800 IU per day. Sunlight is one of the best sources of it. However during winter the sun is not strong enough to produce enough of this vitamin and also with age the body produces lesser amounts of it. Hence, often, it is advisable that you consume supplements of it or get it form food like dairy products that have been fortified with vitamin D.

Consume Protein Based Food

Recent studies have revealed that protein also helps in calcium absorption and hence promotes healthier bones and muscles. However, one cannot just have protein – it is only when the right dosage of calcium is consumed that bone loss can be repaired and bone mineral density increased by the protein intake. The recommended amount of protein for a person over 50 is around 1,200 mg of calcium per day.

Add Variety To Your Diet

Different food brings with it its unique combination of nutrients. Hence don’t keep having the same diet every day. Rather keep changing the menu. For example if you have been having one kind of grain for long then change it and try others like quinoa. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, have different coloured ones as they all have different minerals and vitamins loaded in them.  Nutritionists swear by the fact that an array of different healthy food restores bone health far better than if you were to have the same food every day.

Exercise Regularly

Giving the body some exercise is important to maintain strong bones. For example, at your age if you can get yourself to do some exercise that puts a little stress on your bones and muscles then they will try to recreate themselves. Some of the best exercises in this regard is to lift weights like dumb bells and do deep knee bends and push-ups. However, you must remember that when you are beginning to do these exercises you should start slowly and not overdo them as else there are chances of straining the muscles of even breaking the bones. When you do to the gym it is best to frame a routine with the instructor based on your age and your body’s fitness level. He is likely to advice you to make a schedule so that different muscles and bones are focused on different days and not the same one each day, which will add excess of pressure on it then.

Start With Yoga

Yoga does not only have the ability to make you feel healthier and cure you of various ailments, but it can also give you stronger bones. Some poses that will help you are (and you can do them at your age as well):

  • Trikonasana
  • ArdhaMatsyendrāsana
  • ParivrttaTrikonasana
  • Vriksasana)

Age will bring about changes in the body. But, if you are careful and take good care of yourself by consuming the right kind of food and following an exercise routine then you can still look tall, youthful, and well maintained even if you are well past your 50s.

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