Tips For A Better Sex Life For Women Over 50 With Diabetes
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Tips For A Better Sex Life For Women Over 50 With Diabetes

April 14, 2019 | Health | By Jason Reid

Diabetes at this age will not only affect you physically but you will often lack the urge to have sex with your partner. It does not mean, though, that it cannot be dealt with. Here are the Lets 50 tips for a better sex life for women over 50 with diabetes.

Common Problems Associated With Diabetes

Some of the most common issues that senior women over fifty face when suffering from diabetes are:

Vaginal Dryness

High levels of blood sugar makes the blood vessels of the vaginal wall quite hard. This makes the vagina dry.

Arousal Issues

When the tiny blood vessels that bring blood to the nerves become hard due to diabetes the nerves reduce or stop feeling. This makes the vagina less responsive to touch.

Vaginal Infections

When the blood sugar levels go awry then the vagina becomes more susceptible to yeast or urinary tract infections. This causes a lot of itching in the vaginal area which can make sex quite uncomfortable. Don’t disregard the signs of such infections and consult a doctor right away so you get proper and timely treatment.

Feeling Depressed

Diabetes can affect your mood as well and you might find that you are feeling depressed quite often.

Weight Gain

When the blood sugar levels go up due to diabetes you are likely to put on weight. When you look at yourself in the mirror, the reflection that you see might make you feel low and could affect your levels of confidence. This translates to shyness and lack of sexual desire.

How To Improve Sex Life

Control Your Blood Sugar

One of the foremost things that you must do so as to continue to feel active and happy is to keep your blood sugar level under check. This would not only be restricted to the medicines that your doctor prescribes but also proper nutrition and regular exercising. There are many yoga poses that will help you to control your diabetes as well. Make sure that you monitor your blood sugar levels daily and also visit your doctor for regular checkups.

Incorporate Sugar Into Your Act If Needed

If you have diabetes and you are experiencing a low sugar level during sex then it is likely that you will feel extremely low and tired. This spoils all the enjoyment. So, you should firstly check your blood sugar level before you start off. If you find that it is very low then snack a little. You could also add fun to your sex by adding ice cream and melted chocolate during your sex sessions.

Don’t Over Plan

While it is good to plan the sex escapades so that you have done all that you need to do about your diabetes management before the sex starts, but never over do it. Sometimes just go along with the flow. You can always check and monitor your glucose level after the session is over.

Lubricants Should Be Used

As we age, the vaginal lining not only thins but also starts to get drier. When a woman over fifty also develops diabetes, the dryness becomes more pronounced. Hence use of lubricants is advised, as this will avoid any pain in your vagina. In fact, you can regularly use a vaginal cream and not just restrict it to using it when having sex.

Use Massage Oils

As mentioned in the above point, diabetes together with age can lead to extreme vaginal dryness. Massaging each other, as a method of foreplay, is not only a great arousal technique, but also the oil will help lubricate your vagina. Make sure, however, that you don’t oil inside the vagina as it can lead to infections. These are to be used on the wall so as to lubricate it and keep it feeling elastic. This will prevent any pain during the time of intercourse.

Get Creative

When diabetes affects you at this age, it can prove to be difficult for you get an arousal. This is when your partner and you need to spend enough time with foreplay so that you get turned on. For this you can watch or read erotica, cuddle and kiss, take a shower together, exchange naughty texts, use toys in bed etc. If you find that you are getting an orgasm from the foreplay, don’t hold back. Women have the advantage of multiple orgasms any which way – they don’t have a refractory period like men do.

Give Up The Drinks

If you belong to that group wherein you feel that you get aroused only when you have had a few drinks, then it is time for you to think again. If you have diabetes and you drink then your blood sugar levels will come down very quickly. So, drinking, most definitely, should be avoided.

Talk, To Deal With The Depression

One of the effects of diabetes is that when the sugar levels drops you are likely to feel low. This is when you should talk to your partner, your close friends, or even your doctor. The more you open up, the freer your mind will feel. This will help you to relax.

Visit A Doctor

If you feel that you are not being able to deal with your medical issue then don’t shy away from visiting your doctor. Not only will he be your counselor but he will also be in the position to give you some expert advice on the kind of treatment and medication that you should start off with so that your sex life does not get hampered and you continue to get orgasms.

Using A Tube With The Pump

Many feel that keeping the insulin pump attached to the body during sex hampers with the movement. For this you could, on the advice of the doctor, disconnect it during this time after you have taken a rapid-acting insulin shot to protect yourself during this period. After the sex is over you can check your sugar level and snack a little if it’s dropped or take an insulin shot if it’s high. If you don’t want to disconnect the pump you can attach a long tube to it – with this you can move around more freely. If you have a steady partner you should let him know where it is attached so that it does not get pulled accidentally.

Diabetes needs a different way of life but with monitoring and little planning you can continue to have a great sex life.

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